High School Debut Wallpaper: A Walk to Remember

Kazune Kawahara, High School Debut, Haruna Nagashima, Yoh Komiyama Wallpaper
Kazune Kawahara Mangaka High School Debut Series Haruna Nagashima Character Yoh Komiyama Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello there minna XD
this is my entry for Vector-Wallers ANIWOOD contest

I made this wall based on the DVD coverof my favorite movie "A Walk to Remember"
the characters are from "High School Debut" manga :D
actually both stories are kind of a similar ^_^'
1.The girls are not popular at all & they experience love for the first time.
2.The guys are popular, they fall in love with the girls & do whatever it takes to make them happy.

back to the wall :D
as as you can see I've vectored the characters from thisscan :D
I tried to give it a CG look & I love how it turned out XD
I've painted the bg from this scan :D
I know that the trees are not looking good at all ^_^' but I really did my best -_-

this wall took my about 2 or maybe 3 weeks & I've used over 300 layers :)
I hope you like it ;)


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  1. temarigenius May 06, 2008

    Wow... Another perfect art from you... -_- Now I shall stare at this wallpaper *_*
    Yay~ This is really worth the long wait, and I actually though that it'll take ou longer to finish this wallpaper~ But then, you are my master~ What can I say? XD
    The vector is perfect and the background is cool~ And I see what you mean by the tree kills ^_^'
    But then they turn out good~ Maybe your secret technique did work XD

    Anyways~ Good Luck on the Contest! >_<

  2. Angi Retired Moderator May 06, 2008

    nyaaaaaa it looks so cute
    i like all the colorful thing, everything is colorful XD i like when walls got that vivd colors in
    really happy scene
    like it a lot
    nice work Sin-chan

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 06, 2008

    Very colorful and beautiful wall,
    I loved it at first glance.
    Great painting and vectoring as always,
    very nice lighting as well.

  4. Sakura-Dust May 06, 2008

    You'll have my vote X3
    This is awesome, your painting skills never cease to amaze me and I like the character design. Her mouth is a little too wide but I love the make-up <3
    Overall, it's a really nice wallpaper.
    (btw, my favorite is your Risa|Otani wall, make more LoveCom when you feel like it ^_^')

  5. erikamirou May 06, 2008

    I really love how it came out :) The painting job is just awsome and the vector is just great!
    I always loved Haruna and Yoh XD they make such a good couple! XD

  6. YoruAngel866 May 06, 2008

    omg, this is WOW!
    omg they are so lovely, whole background is lovely, and i l;ove whole scene!
    also, coloring of their hairs are great. superb job nee-sama and good luck in contest...

  7. Omone May 07, 2008

    good luck on the contest..
    the background fits the couple very well..
    and we don't have to talk about who good it is...
    you know you are awesome and so the wallpaper looks..

  8. dslassey May 08, 2008

    Go Sinever! Daaang, you're awesome. Your painting skills really impress me. (wish I could do what you do T_T).
    Good luck in the contest! ^^

  9. minamiyukihimenonaka May 08, 2008

    Amazing CG touch! + + + !
    Totemo hontou suteki desu! I think your trees aren't bad, you don't have to worry about it. Nice smile, nice hug!
    Well done!

    Good luck for the contest!^^

  10. Elyvania May 10, 2008

    Koukou debut <3 I looove this manga (I have been reading it for 2 years O__O wow) I love this wallpaper it's incredible, maybe it's because the story it's great or because the characters are cool (I love Yho). Anyway... thanks for making this.... you made my day brighter :D.

    And you did a perfect job Sinever :).

  11. Kairi-Hearts May 10, 2008

    koukou debut! <3333
    ok...^_^' it's just so rare to see works from this lovely manga! you've just made my day XD
    the vector work is good, the CG look is definitely pretty. you are so talented, sinever-san ^^
    the painting is lovely. the trees don't look weird at all. much better than mine X-P
    good luck with the contest! ;)

  12. monicayurie May 11, 2008

    You're back with a lovely piece!
    Once again your wall is very beautiful and neatly done.
    I don't think there's anything wrong with the trees. As a matter of fact, I think the background looks pretty nice and the scene you've created is just perfect for the vector.
    It's another fav!
    Kisses... :)

  13. Hanahanoiday May 11, 2008

    Yeeea they looks so happily together,very nice couple in love, i love simply wallpapers in love and romantic.I like this idea from every one something to nativity new wallie.This is all very nice vectored,i have not more words.

  14. Hana9112 May 11, 2008

    Wonderful ^_^ Koukou is >3 njamm.

  15. silverdragon May 11, 2008

    I must say that I like this manga a lot and it was in need of some good wallpapers! I love the way you make vectors from manga, they always look so smooth :)
    All in all the atmosphere is so good! It makes me happy from looking at it XD It makes me think of summer vacation walks :D
    Great work XO

  16. Erdbeermilch May 12, 2008

    Great wallie. Your vectoring is great, I really like your subtle use of texture and their glossy hair XD.
    Very pretty and cheerful entry.

  17. MoonFangs90 May 16, 2008

    OK...not sure what happened, I'm using this as a desktop background for some time, and now I notice that I haven't commented, or faved it...Gomenne
    I really love it, i is absolutely gorgeous and absolutely lovely...what else to say when its on my desktop?!

  18. o0Beginner0o May 20, 2008

    ahoy there ;P woah, details details, this looked fun to colour but at the same time over kill lol always enjoy looking at hair lines :D

  19. EuforiaAmuritaNatsumi May 24, 2008

    Really cool
    The CG is very great
    You're Amazing,nee
    I like this wall

  20. xAnime4Lifex Jul 06, 2008

    Adorable. I really like the painted look to the vector couple. And the background...amazing! This is one of my all time favorite wallpapers.

  21. ning Jul 07, 2008

    AWESOME! *drool*

  22. riku1212 Jul 20, 2008

    oh i love this manga. *_*

  23. inume27 Nov 02, 2008

    Wow...it's beautiful...It looks so vibrant ...

  24. chibimisao Nov 15, 2008

    Yay another Koukou Debut wallpaper! I love this. The way you vectored this image is really amazing. It's so smooth and clean. I also love the background. Although the trees looks like it needs more shading, it's still very nice nonetheless. *Faved*

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