High School of the Dead Wallpaper: Survival of the Fittest [W]

Shouji Sato, High School of the Dead, Saeko Busujima Wallpaper
Shouji Sato Mangaka High School of the Dead Series Saeko Busujima Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Whee, first Highschool of the Dead wallpaper on MT/AP! Full-view, please!

(LOL, did I spell the title right?)

It's been 2 months since my last submit. I went through a walling block and then accidentally got a job so I didn't have time to work on anything >_<

Finished the Saeko vector months and months ago but didn't know what to do with her. Today, I sat down and told myself that I would finish it. So I'm submitting this for the contest at dark-wallies.

This is also an entry for vector-wallers's Welcome to... ANIWOOD! contest. My entry is based loosely on movies like "Dawn of the Dead".
The zombies (ugh... zombies... my 3rd worst fear) in the background are from other HsotD scans, Resident Evil scans and some Google zombie searches. Mostly from HsotD scans.

Time: 6 hours
Layers: 43
Listening to: Fall Out Boy's cover of MJ's "Beat It" XD
Textures from DA, blood brushes from devART.

More resolutions at EDD!

EDIT: Wow, it's A LOT darker outside of Photoshop x_x Sorry about that!

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  1. anji May 04, 2008

    That's not just dark, it's creepy XD lol
    Colors and texture match well together to form this atmosphere. I like the work you've done.
    Too bad, the zombies are just too creepy to put on my desktop XD
    Good luck with the contest!

  2. dslassey May 04, 2008


    This is fantastic. I know this sounds weird, but I'm actually loving the zombies (they look so awesome XD).

    Very nice job! This is gonna be hard to beat in the contest. :B

  3. Sinever May 04, 2008

    cool wallie :D
    the zombies at the back are very well done & I like zombies Chloe-chan XD
    I cant believe that our tough mod is afraid of zombies X-P
    anyways well done & good luck ;)

  4. 4n0th1n9 Banned Member May 04, 2008

    Saw this vector you made on EDD, loved it!
    Manga is amazing, so are some of the scans out today.
    This is quite interesting to say, Saeko Busujima's so out of place in those clothes...
    I think the lighting was well done above her, and that being said, it also made her stand out from the rest of the wall color wise.
    Well done, but being not fond of zombies, you decided not to make it too realistic?
    If it was more toward the "real" or even the edit from the manga, it would have taken more time, and been even better.
    Anyways, good job, and good luck with work.

  5. MoonFangs90 May 04, 2008

    Love it, love it, absolutely love it!
    This is really fantastic work. I really love textures on the background and the blood, brushes are good, they are making the beautiful combination for the background and good luck on contest. :D

  6. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator May 04, 2008

    Wow, I never thought I'd see a HotD wallpaper :D And a vectored one too! The atmosphere is really sinister here, you captured the exact feeling of the manga (plus I'm scared of zombies too XD) Textures and brushes help create that eerie effect of a post-apocalyptic world and Saeko looks dangerous! Favorite from me, please keep up the great work and good luck! :)

  7. temarigenius May 04, 2008

    Awesome! The vector is totally perfect!~ :D
    And you vectored the zombies? Those zombies are creepy >_<
    But then, they made the mood creepier which I guess fits the story of the series XD

  8. YoruAngel866 May 04, 2008

    well it's little bright, but whole atmosphere and everything is dark,so it's perfect dark-wallie....good luck in contest!
    also i like umbrella and vectored zombies, they are perfect. i like add of texture too...excelent job i say.
    The Most Darkest One highlight on dark-wallies

  9. Milkiyo May 04, 2008

    epps..I wouldn't want to be caught in THAT situation.
    I like the fan/umbrella thingy :D
    hehe..I can tell one of the zombies is a female 8d

  10. rubenz May 05, 2008

    o.O this is awesome, i really like the zombies at her back :d

  11. Mario2 May 08, 2008

    Awesome wall! :) +fav

  12. chubbykitty May 09, 2008

    Whoa Chloe! It's so creepy and awesome at the same time o__o Awesome vectoring like always!

  13. Erdbeermilch May 12, 2008

    Lol at first I thought this was supposed to be something Lady Snowblood related ... then I noticed the zombies. XD
    Great vectoring the girl looks shiny and pretty while the zombies look dark and creepy, I especially love that zombie foot on the bottom.
    How can you pose so casually with an army of zombies behind you. o_0

  14. flyindance May 13, 2008

    master piece
    I'm freaked out

  15. SALLY1993 Nov 26, 2008

    oh! this wallpaper is a little bit scary but it's very well done!

  16. crimson-blue Oct 09, 2009

    GREAT!...another your fu*king great job!..
    as expected from you...>.<...
    finally I can grab a high school of the dead wallie...
    with perfect tone I ever seen...>.>...
    thx a lot for sharing this one!..
    have a nice day ^.^

  17. mammonlovesmoney Nov 18, 2009

    The dangerous both beautiful girl and the zombie... It is a class

  18. VILLALS Mute Member Dec 02, 2009

    woooow is very very cool yeah ...nice.. ^_^

  19. Erato Feb 09, 2010

    Gorgeous pic! Thanks for sharing

  20. thebeyonder Mar 20, 2010

    sexy...and deadly. i wouldn't ask her phone number

  21. NST1980 Apr 09, 2010

    Excellent, thanks for sharing.

  22. aqito May 13, 2010

    i want to read the comic again! but in www.onemanga.com it's gone! i'm going to cry! TxT

  23. ilikecutegrls Jul 06, 2010

    looking at this wallpaper, i just now want to watch a bunch of yakuza and zombie flicks

  24. qins Jul 08, 2010

    awesome job.................absolutely great!

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