Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: ~Serene Reverie~

Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, C.C., Vector Art Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Lelouch of the Rebellion Series C.C. Character Vector Art Source

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Tadaaa! This is my ever-first vector-wallie XD
Yey! I'm so happy that I've finally made one :)
This is also my entry to the wallie contest at code-geass-knights...which is also the ever-first wallie contest that I'll be joining *LOL*

Duration: About 3 weeks. Actually I've started doing this I think March 31...but then I stopped for a while. And then worked on it again then stopped again. I saw lots of really great wallie entries already posted at the group page and I was like "OMG! I don't think I'll stand a chance against these wallies!". I wasn't suppose to continue with this wallie but then I thought "It's OK...at least this'll be an exciting experience for me." So here it is!
Layers: 95 layers
Hardest part: That would be CC's hair. Vectoring long-hairs isn't just my thing ^_^' but I did try my best.
Scan source: Minitokyo
Background: Got my inspiration from Gundam Seed...the part where Lacus sings in her Shizukana Yoruni music video XD I just love those windmills ;)

Ok, I know that there's a lot of flaws here...sorry about that.
I'm really kinda new with vector-wallies ^_^' so I just started with something quite simple for the whole wallie's idea.
Hopefully, I will improve as time passes....
Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it <3
Oh, and pls FULL VIEW! XD


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  1. temarigenius Apr 23, 2008

    Yay C.C!~ =D
    The vector is nice... But then lines are way too thick...
    The background fit, but then it seems like it lacks something...
    But then~ Nice job ^^
    Good Luck in the contest =3

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 23, 2008

    Very nice job on the vector, it looks great.
    The bg could use some more work though, it
    looks incomplete.

    The windmills are nice, try adding a darker shade to the bottom
    of the blades to make it stand out more. Theres not
    enough shade and it looks just plain white.

    The clouds are nice but I think you should put them
    like lower or more on the side, give it some open space
    to make it look more spread out like actual clouds.
    And also don't use the same brush over to make clouds,
    it's look unrealistic and weird :\ There are great clouds brushes in

    As for the rail more depth would be better,
    add some gray to give it a bar look and maybe some texture as well.

    Hope this helps, don't mean to sound harsh
    and of course Good Luck in the contest.

  3. KaoruMikagami Apr 23, 2008

    wow nice well done!

  4. aozoraskies Apr 23, 2008

    Hey Lunariha! Ooh another Code Geass chara's vector.. Well, while I love the colours, yes, like temarigenius says, her outlines are too thick, and at some points, though not that obvious, a little, just a little ...jagged.

    I think that it would have looked better if the bg wasn't so light looking as compared to her..

    Follow Kitten's advice and shade the windmills and fix the clouds. The top center cloud looks okay but the rest are odd.. Sky could use a bit of gradient? And sime tree tops so it doesn't feel like she's hanging?

    How about something scattering to give a feel of wind? I mean, like petals or leaves... then again, your clouds will have to match.. I recommend some long strips of windy clouds. And maybe some sunlight.. you can find tutorials for rays at paint-o-rama, try the moonlight one by Maplerose, though of course, with a slightly warmer colour..

    I like the bars' design, but they do look a little flat.. If you could give them a sort of gilt look that would be cool! ^.^

    Well, hope this helps!
    See ya! And oh yeah, this is really late, Happy Birthday! I said this at RFL but I don't think you read it..

  5. MapleRose Retired Moderator Apr 23, 2008

    Nice vector, but like temarigenius said, the lines are a bit too think and bold. Maybe instead of using pure black, use a softer colour like dark brown.

    The windmills is a nice idea, though the lines on them are also slightly dark; since they're in the background, they should be more faded to show distance, so using maybe a dark blue or something for the outline will soften it a bit more.

  6. royaldarkness Apr 23, 2008

    It looks nice, but the lines are way too thick and bold, like others have said before me.
    Overall you did a nice job though :)

  7. YENESIS Apr 23, 2008

    kawai! c.c.-sama looks so beatiful and very nice!
    a is cool i love c.c.! you wallpaper is precious!
    Wonderful! very very cute!

  8. Aiira Apr 23, 2008

    And you said you were a disaster at making wallpapers.. *I read it somewhere* XD...well..your not really a disaster..your just like me when I try to create wallpapers..but mines are all low quality..XD

    What can I say in this wall..it's really nice..I really like the idea of the windmills since her hair is basically flowing..^^ and she looks so peaceful in the image..

    But the lines are really thick ^^..but overall it's really nice ^^

  9. sakuraclyne Apr 24, 2008

    So nice..... but like most of them said the lines are so think^^

  10. Faqir Apr 25, 2008

    it's nice. the bg seems incomplete but it fits well enough. and your vector is great except for the too-thick lines. but that's just my opinion. :)
    overall is very good.

  11. selemental Banned Member Apr 25, 2008

    It's awesome! And wow is that our banner! omg! :D *1st time seein it*\
    I luv this vector! I so wanna wall it! >_<



    btw~! that's my fav character besides Lelouch! <3

  12. marigoula Oct 26, 2008

    i love it!

  13. rumiko23 Mar 20, 2009

    very nice! never seen this before, thank you!

  14. SeoNarang Mute Member Nov 17, 2010

    gently but also very attractive ... it's a wonderful wallpaper .... you work very factor ..... good luck ..... A good day will come to you

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