Blade of the Immortal Wallpaper: Kill Anotsu

Hiroaki Samura, Bee Train, Blade of the Immortal, Makie Otono-tachibana, Rin Asano Wallpaper
Hiroaki Samura Mangaka Bee Train Studio Blade of the Immortal Series Makie Otono-tachibana Character Rin Asano Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yay it's finished, my entry for Vector-Waller's ANIWOOD contest.This wall was really fun to make, basically because I love the idea <3
First I thought about making a Casablanca movie poster version with TRC's Syaoran and Sakura but that seemed kinda lame and I'm not really a fan of the series. I'd just read through the new Volume of Blade of the Immortal in the bookstore that day so I settled for that series and Kill Bill after browsing through movie posters on the net. I think it's a good choice because:
Hiroki Samura and Quentin Tarantino = Foot fetish?
Actually I should use Anotsu's first name for the title but "Kill Kagehisa" sounds just so very dumb I think.

To fit the art of the original movie poster I chose different scans to vector, the images that were colored I had to convert to monochrome first then I posterized the colours down to a total of ten and started vectoring after that I smudged the different shades to get a smoother look. The whole wall took about 3 days because I kinda slacked off at the end.
The characters were chosen rather carefully and I tried to make their backgrounds and personality fit a little with the originals. (long description ahead :D)

Rin (scan here): I guess it's pretty clear why Rin is the bride here, even if she doesn't kick ass like Uma Thurman does she still has her personal Vendetta background going and is after all the heroine. However I actually have my doubts that Rin will go through with her revenge, if you want my tip for the ending of BotI, I think Manji will get over his sistercomplex, they'll marry and have a bunch of cute kids. rofl

Makie (scan here): Has like O-Ren in the movie her own personal revenge background, both had probably a rather nasty childhood as well, furthermore I think both are rather sympathetic characters. Makie's kimono pattern was taken from Patterns.

Shira (scan here): The thing about Shira is that it's an insult to be compared to him, even really nasty characters will never manage to be quite as despisable and psycho as him, believe me while reading the manga you'll find yourself thinking "Gosh Shira, just die already!" whenever he pulls one of his sick acts. Doesn't help that I can't quite remember Sidewinder's role in the movie but if he burries people alive the comparison is not even that farfetched.

Araya (scan here): I hate Araya, he's not as bad as Shira but still completely sick in the head. Well I'll just say he and Vernita were both in retirement and... the kids were watching. I wish there had been a good scan of him without mask on.

Taito (scan here): Actually a swell guy, he kind of fit the masked guy on the original poster, his girlfriend to-be was called O-Ren while the Crazy 88 were O-Ren Ishii's guards, that's good enough for me to use him here. When I imagine Manji spanking him with the blunt side of his sword that really cracks me up XD and on a side note I hate his anime style hair (so very much).

Doa (scan here): Probably Doa is not a sadist like Gogo but she still does her best to jump into battle for stupid reasons, they're cute little gitls that will kill you without hestitation. I still like Doa though she's actually a nice girl and has one of the best lines I've ever read in a manga "Isaac? Can't pronounce that. I'll just call you Isaku." XD

That's about all there is to say I guess, hope you enjoy this wall a little and didn't run off at the sight of my lengthy description.

This April, go for the kill.

vector-wallers theunderappreciated

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  1. Sinever Apr 21, 2008

    what an entry XD
    girl you gave the perfect example for the contest XD
    as for the wall :D
    I love how you've vectored & painted the characters :D
    they all look awesome XD
    well done & good luck ;)

  2. Sabbathiel Apr 21, 2008

    Great entry!
    It's sure awesome! Brilliant concept and really really good expression.
    Good luck!

  3. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 21, 2008

    Ha ha! When I first saw this I thought 'uh oh, another low quality wallpaper. Why did it have to be Blade of the Immortal?!'

    But now I'm glad I looked again! It's great! I never thought I'd see Hiroaki Samura's work vectored! Let alone to such fine detail! It really did look like the manga art at first :D

    This is a great work, with a great sense of humour too! I'm so glad that someone has made such a tongue in cheek & worthy BotI wall. Thanks! XD

  4. MapleRose Retired Moderator Apr 21, 2008

    Haha awesome! Love the vectoring, and the greyscale of the characters with bold colours of the text and background :D

    Good luck on the contest :)

  5. bromithia Retired Moderator Apr 21, 2008

    Haha, agreed with Saikusa. The thumb-nail does this wallpaper no justice at all. :D It looks nice close up, though. Good work!

  6. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator May 03, 2008

    Now that's some serious vectoring there :o I'm still in awe, even after 30 minutes after seeing this. What can I say, amazing work! I really don't have words to describe this, the shading is absolutely perfect, not to mention the details! Good luck in the contest! (I'm so going to get owned XD)

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