Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: BrokeBack Geass [Yup...I'm not kidding]

Lelouch of the Rebellion, Suzaku Kururugi, Lelouch Lamperouge, Collaboration Wallpaper

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Collab between me and the wonderful MapleRose <3

So, you thought I was done poking fun at characters?
Wrong, after being a fan of Code Geass I took a turn
into the bully road and snapped on a few characters who
looked weird to me, but wait theres more....

Maple and I once again joked on the image
of lulu and suzu with the horses so much I decided to
wall it, now I know I said I wouldn't make any more but
hey it's a humor wall so let it go.
Maple did the mountains in back and I did everything else,
she also helped with lightening and suggestions for the characters as well.

Together we made madness >3

For those of you who don't know why it might
be so funny let me explain: There originally was a movie
called Brokeback Mountain about two gay cowboys...
making sense now?
So when me and Maple saw this image it flashed
into our head and there you have it the anime version of BBM.

So luluxsuzu fans rejoice for I wall this to bring
your dirty pleasures to life.

More Resolutions at: EDD!

Textures by: DA!

Bordered it to make it look more like a movie cover.

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Browse Lelouch of the Rebellion Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. MapleRose Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2008

    You know I love this Kit-chan :D You did a great job fixing the scan ^^

    *highfives* I may never look at those two the same way again XD

    .. hmm, I wonder when this movie will be playing XD

    Lulu: *pulls at his collar* Ah it's hot out here
    Suzu: Yeah I know. Are you gonna take that off then?

  2. ASH-Hikari Apr 11, 2008

    Lol, you've done it again Kitten-chan. I can't stop laughing XD
    Wonderful work anyways, it all looks just great :D You too, Maple-san~
    But I'm still laughing XD

    merged: 04-12-2008 ~ 05:37am
    Omigosh LOL @ Maple-san's comment XD

  3. YENESIS Apr 11, 2008

    lelouch & suzaku on horses! is soo pretty beatiful!
    thnak you lelouch is so very cute*-*

  4. Fran Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2008

    This is made of pure win.
    It's definitely a great collab! Maple and you did an outstanding job.
    I'm huge fan of this move (I've seen it like...10 times?) so this is love for me.

    And hell yeah, luluxsuzu....<33

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2008

    Did I mention XD ?
    Too funny! *adds to EDD*

  6. DarthTofu Apr 11, 2008

    LOL! brilliant. i've been blinded.

  7. musinglibertine Apr 12, 2008

    LMAO! Oh gosh, if only someone would make an episode about it!

    I love the colouring done for this!

  8. zaira Apr 12, 2008

    aw! i like that scan! they are so cute and friendly XD too bad
    we can't see that anymore in R2..oh well at least Lulu's back with his
    geass again! XD
    The wallpaper is nice! i like the grasses becoz they look like painting :D
    th mountains is good too though it need some textures but its still ok without.
    the lighting is nice! i like it! since it changed the colours of the scan.
    The scan used is totally nice though there some rigid extraction in Suzaku's part
    i think you can see that in his polo but overall love the concept! ;)
    and the story behind this! LOL its really funny! XD
    double love for widescreen version and +fav!

  9. sailorchiron Apr 12, 2008

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it. I can am SO okay with LuluxSuzu...

  10. moonlight-shawdow Apr 12, 2008

    oh dear god i love it cause it would be like the est fan fiction story ever><you people are genius.
    luv the BG love the brightness and texture is just lovely and ur title is perfect and gives u a laugh

  11. KaoruMikagami Apr 12, 2008

    nice.but i wonder why lelouch make a arrogant face

  12. moonescape Apr 13, 2008

    XD That seriously made me laugh. XD Though I gotta admit I think I can kind of see what you mean about the title with this wallaper.

    Nice collab and sorry there's not much to say. :(

  13. royaldarkness Apr 13, 2008

    LOL that really made me laugh XD

  14. Cagari Apr 14, 2008

    What teh heck

  15. Katkoota Apr 17, 2008

    wow amazin' wallpaper from both of ya i love everythin' in this wallpaper the background is NICE and the colors and the textures and the vector is good too , good job :D
    +fav for sure ;)

  16. dutch Apr 18, 2008

    -0- Y Gay 5555+

  17. Devildude Apr 18, 2008

    Delicious gay men riding horses. The awesome has heightened to extraordinary levels.

    OH SHIT, what have I said?!

  18. eternally-asuka Apr 19, 2008

    lol @ MapleRose comment lol i love it! specially the background is so smooth! and the scan x3 love the texture

  19. CosmoStar Apr 21, 2008

    This looks simply perfect! That's nothing else to say! Amazing!
    Congratulations for you and Maple-san! ^^

  20. Milkiyo Apr 21, 2008

    hahaha...nice idea.
    love the softness of the mountains! :D

  21. Carmen May 02, 2008

    Wonderful job...
    They look so cool...

  22. onewingedsoldier May 08, 2008

    I just *have* to fav this now...it's TOO awesome! XD

  23. Tsunoh May 24, 2008

    oh g----------- BROKEBACK * dies laughing*

  24. LauraLeia Jul 08, 2008

    Haha! Love the title, and of course, the picture! Wonderful job, thanks for sharing! :)

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