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Finally, Finally, Finally Finish it!
** jump around! **

This vector took me about a month of work.. i started it a day after my birthday.. so.. on March 12.. and finish it on April 10
First, i use about two weeks for the outlines, and another two for the color, but finally it's finish!

This is a special vector for me.. is my first Shape Vector made with Adobe Photoshop CS 2. I want to dedicate it to a person here in Minitokyo. This is specially for who taught me how to make this kind of vectors.. This is a gift for you, ASH-Hikari - chan ^^ So.. this is the result of my learning..

This is the original Scan i use for it.. LITTLE SCAN
an old picture i have in my own CCS picture collection. It was little, so, it make it harder to vectorying, but, i also think that this is the meaning of making vectors.. to repair an odd image ^^ kyaaaaaaa...

i like it so much! (L)
My first one... (L) waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
I know that i must improve, of course, it's my first attemp in shaped vectors, but i have fun making this picture, and i really want to try another more difficult after this one...

Some numbers of this vector:

60 are the Shape Layers for Sakura's outlines
24 are the Shape Layers foe Eriol's outlines
52 are the Shape and normal Layers for Sakura's color
47 are the Shape and normal layers for Eriol's color
21 are the Shape and normal layers for the Background
03 are the adjust layers for total color levels
Total: 207 Layers

.PSD size: 81.3 mb

Original .jpg file size: 4.87 mb
Original version dimensions: 3200 x 2177

Minitokyo .jpg version size: 1.94 mb
Minitokyo version dimensions: 1850 x 1259

The best: make Sakura and Eriol's hair and Eyes
The Worst: make the shapes in the background

The name: "Royalty Times" becauase Sakura and Eriol's wearing is just like the ones people use in the time of princes and princess for the middle age.. ahhh.. that cute and big dresses... the crowns.. everything looks just like a dream.. and also, i think that Eriol wants to dance a waltz with Sakura, when he took her hand like he do in the picture..

Any comment and fav will be very, very apreciated!

Hope everyone will like this Eriol and Sakura picture!

Kisses and Hugs!

_-* Sakura Hime *-_ (Julieta)

vectory sakura--cb ClampFans

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  1. Enternal Apr 11, 2008

    Wow! This is wonderful! It's colorful and crisp. Great job!

  2. kwoklim1234 Restricted Member Apr 11, 2008

    yup,nice and good job :)

  3. Tuala Apr 11, 2008

    Woww! This is an awesome vector work! ^^ Great lines...great color...<3

    Sakura is absolutely adorable nOn Thank u very much for share it! I love it^^

  4. chrisp Apr 11, 2008

    i am sure this will be in the elitegallery!this is awesome!
    the lines are thin...perfect!
    the colors are beautifull!
    just great!
    love it >.< +fav

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2008

    This is not only a daring image to tackle, but it is also an absolutely superb vector with shocking amounts of detail! Kudos!

  6. himura088 Apr 11, 2008

    Pretty! I like the details and effort u had put into this wonderful vector!
    Thanks lots for it! :)

  7. kashikosa Apr 11, 2008

    Tsu... I almost missed this... The vector is simply splendid - you gave it depth, the colouring is precise the lineart had to be a pain, but you made it look great. The soft shading works nice and overall this is amazingly accurate and the composition is well done! Wonderful job!

  8. schwindelmagier Apr 11, 2008

    Wow, so this is the vector you were talking about? Amazing, it looks brilliant. I guess ASH-Hikari-chan has to teach me, too, because it looks breath-taking. The colors are all so nice, the outlines are neat, the bg looks fabulous. I am amazed that you managed to vector such a small picture. I know that such kind of work is hard *points at last vector* ^.~

    +fav +fav +fav

  9. ASH-Hikari Apr 11, 2008

    All I can say is WOW. This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm almost speechless! Tackling such a tiny picture and turning it into this work of art is just stunning. And your first time using shapes...just wow. It sure doesn't look like your first time!
    And this is dedicated to me? Aw, thank you so much! <33 I adore it, it's a wonderful piece of art. I'm glad I could help.
    I especially love Sakura's hair, you gave it so much depth with the different colours and whatnot. The outlines and colours are all good and neat and I like your extra use of patterns.
    Overall I'm just really amazed at how great this came out. Great work :D

  10. Hanahanoiday Apr 12, 2008

    Yeah i agree with ASH for this befit only big WOW and an applause.From so little picture is so beautiful vector creatured?So are you amazing,these kingly laces are total perfect vectored.I havent nothing what to say,only one awesome job!

  11. Dream24 Apr 12, 2008

    So detailed its absolutely amazing. Great colouring. Awesome work!

  12. dslassey Apr 13, 2008

    Wow, beautiful wallpaper! *.*
    Making something that looks this great from such a small scan must've been hard. @_@
    Really lovin' it. ^^

  13. drastikhate Apr 16, 2008

    Love your work on the fine details =D

  14. YumeSangai Apr 28, 2008

    I love this imagem, Sakura is really beauty!

  15. machimiko May 04, 2008

    I love this~! When I saw it I was like *squee!* ...It's so pretty!

    I've always been wanting a nice version of this picture, because the scans of it either have a line in them or are too small, so I thank you very much for creating this vector.

  16. koitoame Jun 08, 2008

    Ooooh Suteki! Thank you for making such a nice vector! ^_____^

  17. kunogi09midori Jul 13, 2008

    *This work is very breath taking. I really adore your vector skills and patience. You changed a lot of the colors. CLAMP's coloring is usually very light but in this vector it's more bold. The back ground color and the characters' colors are equally matching in tones.*

    *One more thing... where's Sakura's blush? In my copy of the picture she have a light pink blush. In a situation like that a blushing Sakura-chan is so cute. Anyway, you did a very gooooood job.*

  18. kumiko121 Jul 29, 2008

    like it so much!

  19. kozemaru Nov 16, 2008

    So lovely! I love this picture, but only if it was Syaoran..... and not Eriol....

  20. rumiko23 Dec 07, 2008

    Very nice! a hardly illustration to find! Thanks for sharing

  21. skrayukari Jan 22, 2009

    oooo pretty!
    sakura and eriol ^^
    very very beautiful
    thank you!

  22. lalala23 Feb 04, 2009

    This is so lovely! *-* I really like all of the pastel colours... and the details! Wow! The lace and the jacquard curtains are +10 awesome!

  23. anamika Mar 26, 2009

    It's lovely, awsome & perfect. The vector part had been so beautifuly. Every thing is just cool the colors & the lines. Thanks for sharing this with us. +fav ^__^

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