Junjou Romantica Wallpaper: Pure-Hearted Romantica?!

Shungiku Nakamura, Studio DEEN, Junjou Romantica, Suzuki-san, Akihiko Usami Wallpaper
Shungiku Nakamura Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Junjou Romantica Series Suzuki-san Character Akihiko Usami Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Proudly announce... my vector number 70! I finally finish compiling and numbering all my vector... kinda hard task for me, since I lost some of it. And I must say that some of the vector not posted here in MT, and my first 4 was deleted by me (and I don't have the originals too. I lost them during my hard disk failure few years ago), but since I already re-vectoring the outlines, it was included in the lists ;). I'll post the one's not posted here at my DeviantArt account later.

About Vector:
Layer's: 95
Time: I forgot ^_^'
Easiest Part: sofa & cushions
Hardest Part: Suzuki-san (a.k.a the BIG BEAR)
Original Image: LadyDarkmoon-san

Phew! I managed to finished this vector just in time. Right from the start it's been my intention to finished it BEFORE Junjou Romantica anime airs (there's few more hours left >.<), and I did it! Although I must admit, that it's been delayed few times already. First time when I decided to repair the Suzaku I used in this wall, then I continued to made a new layout for my Suzaku fanlisting (still not done! -_-)... urghh.. and the lists go on. Anyways, about the vector.. I had no troubles with Misaki & Usagi-san, BUT! the real deal is Suzuki-san :sweat: Making those small spiky fur drives me crazy... I won't ever vector Suzuki-san again! X-P Oh, I added the patterns on their ribbon too (the original images doesn't have one). It might look flat, but I decided to leave it that way. Oh yeah, I also change the sofa/cushions color. The original color look... well not suitable with the background I made, thus I change it to red. It's more vibrant, and I love it.

About Wallpaper:
Layer's: 25
Time: I forgot ^_^'

Okay, let me be honest. I don't have any reference for the background. I didn't vector it from any image. It's something I made using my imagination. So.. if it's look weird, forgive me. I just didn't want to overly made them. Hey! it's a bachelor living room, there's no way I can made a frilly curtain or something. That's totally uncool! X-P Anyways, the transparent curtain is something I experimented. I know it was supposed to end where the door does, but I kinda like it this way :nya: And hopefully the curtain doesn't look girly too X-P

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  1. kashikosa Apr 10, 2008

    OKay... I'm gonna sound not the way I actually planned...
    FINALLY! Do you have any idea how long I waited for you to finish this vector?! I wanted to see it so badly T_T. And it's worth the fullview (lol saw it on AP XD). Fatastic work on Suzuki-san (he is my niban, do not badmouth him) The vibrant change in colour is refreshing, the bg is also good (lol@bachelor's place ) sweet work with the patterns, the composition is nice XD Plus... well... I love ShungikuNakamura's works *drool*

  2. YoruAngel866 Apr 10, 2008

    yay for junjou!
    vector is splendid and i love the colors

  3. Sakura-Dust Apr 10, 2008

    XD I love the furry effect on the teddys.
    It's really cute.
    The guy in the left isn't that handsome, but the kid is really cute!

  4. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2008

    I love all the details and colors! Great wallpaper!

  5. Kairi-Hearts Apr 10, 2008

    yay! i've been waiting to see this one finished! >.< (wow vector number 70? congrats! :o)
    it's great you submitted it before it airs (all left to do now is to wait for the raws XD)
    love the vector! <33 misaki is so adorable in that img!
    it must have been frustrating vectoring suzuki-san but it looks great! :3
    the background doesn't look wierd, it looks so pretty! And I sooo love the color change of the sofa XD

  6. Fran Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2008

    You finally submit it! I was waiting to see it!
    It's...wow...splendid. I love the colors! and the teddy bears are adorable, Suzuki-san is pure love <333
    The background is fantastic too.
    Plus it's Junjou Romantica, the manga is so cool and the anime will surely be amazing too.

  7. kimiya Apr 10, 2008

    The vector is beautiful! Nice on the eyes. :) And Junjou Romantica fits in perfectly^^
    Nicely done! :D

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2008

    Love the vector! Very neat and soft and the bg is awesome. Nicely done!

  9. Sinever Apr 11, 2008

    I really dont know what to say :D
    your vector is excellent & the teddy bears are...... >_<
    well done its an *excellent* highlight XD

  10. MoonFangs90 Apr 12, 2008

    Background looks really great, vector is neatly done. coloring is perfect, bears are beautiful with so many details and with such a great texture on their ribbons! I really like it. Great job! :D

  11. temarigenius Apr 12, 2008

    Totally knew this was yours!~ :)
    I really want to watch the anime now >_< Sakurai~ Is ep 1 out already? >.<
    Anyways, your vectors are always so awesome! So clean and nice!~ And this is your 70th! Wow! o_0
    Usagi-san looks so cute~ Of course Suzuki-san too~
    I totally love the Suzuki-san you vectored >_< So furry! bet it took forever do it!
    Oh yea, the background is great! No reference!? You are truly amazing~ The way you made the curtain is cool XD

  12. Hanahanoiday Apr 18, 2008

    Ohh these are soo attractive guys,mainly this latter with the big bear,he has beautiful look in face,i want him rather eat too with the bear XD,no.. im kidding.But really is this wallpaper to eating,very lovely vector,background is simply but pretty!

  13. valequant Nov 15, 2008


  14. Tainaka Jan 29, 2009

    Beautiful vector!
    I love usagi and misaki
    Thanks for sharing

  15. nyiragongo Jan 31, 2009

    this is uber cute!

  16. yen420 Feb 21, 2009

    Whee... a junjou wallie! I love this. Hmm.. I think it's safe enough to sit on my office desktop. Right? Er... unless... Bah.. whatever, am gonna use it! Thanks

  17. animeild Jul 14, 2009

    WoooW! is so cute and awesome! thx for upload!

  18. rebeccafuji Sep 18, 2009


  19. mbeckley Sep 25, 2009

    So kawaii! Great job. Saw two seasons of this series. Loved it.

  20. Teeela Oct 25, 2009

    Thank you for such beautiful scan, I really like this.

  21. RainbowColouredCupcakes Nov 24, 2009

    Awwwww...so cute.
    I'm so jealous of misaki-kun for stealing Usami-san away from mee >.<
    haha jokes but I LOVE USAMI MORE THAN MSIAKI!
    anyways GREAT VECTOR! -thumbs up- :D

  22. whirligig Jan 01, 2010

    LOVELY WALLPAPER! I love it so much!
    Because I love junjou romantica and i love misaki-kun!

  23. Haganne Feb 14, 2010

    Suzuki-san!Misaki! very cute *-*

  24. ArianaCh Feb 20, 2010

    its pretty nice! ??? ------------------------------------------

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