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Another vector for kazemon's AMV! :)

This vector was really easy to do, and it took me about 3/4 hours to finish XD
First of all, the outline... i hate doing outlines! XD That's why most of them are a little jaggy ^_^'
Then the coloring: the colors are the same as the other vector-wall of Sakura XD

Outline: 1 hour and a half maybe...
Coloring: maybe 2 hours
Easiest part: i guees the coloring ^_^'' as usual XD
Hardest part: her collar XD
Most fun part: dunno! XD
Most anoying part: HAIR! I hate Sakura' hair! >___<

I hope you like it! :)

P.S.: school started again so i'm a little busy... so sorry if i don't reply your comments and/or favs -__- So, I thank now for all the favs and comments that i'll get (if i get any XD )

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  1. christabel92 Apr 08, 2008

    wow,another image with Sakura looking so evil...
    It's really cool...I like the collar and here eyes...it's a cool piece of work ;)

  2. abul Apr 09, 2008

    i like it waaaaay better than the egg one and u know how much i loved that one ^o^
    its absolutely beautiful and i always loved ur colouring ;)
    great job and its a fave ;)

  3. x-lawss Apr 09, 2008

    Very nice XD
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. CuteSherry Apr 09, 2008

    Nice vector! :)
    Kazemon is sure to be super happy with it for her AMV ^__~
    Keep up the good work!

  5. beyondmeasure Apr 09, 2008

    I am so freaked out by this vector...

    ... this is sure to give me nightmares...


  6. KiyanaIkebana Apr 09, 2008

    This vector is so beautiful and great! I love is so much!
    Very good job and work! +fav

  7. Arya3087 Apr 09, 2008

    Pretty nice!
    I especially like how you did her eyes! :)
    And I hate Sakura's hair too, It's the hardest thing to vector EVER! XD

  8. YamiSakura38 Apr 09, 2008

    WOW~~ I love all your vectoring works [especially for Sakura]! I agree with others... her hair is specifically hard to grasp when it comes to coloring it "naturally". But you seriously master it so well XD XD
    But the eyes for Sakura are a bit freaky o_0 I know you are trying to protrayed how "dark and numb" she has turned to but the not visible of pupil is really scary

    Great work! Can't wait to see more of your new work~~ ^__^

  9. Kazemon15 Apr 09, 2008

    :o Wow, seriously, wow. It looks even more darker than the original scan! Just...wow! lol.

    I'm speechless yet again! I am in your debt, Erikamirou-sama! XD

    If you did this one with great excellency, I can't wait to see how you'll do the CSyaoran holding the bloody feather one! :o Wow...everything you color has such awesomeness to them!

  10. chrisp Apr 09, 2008

    she looks so...mysterious!
    great job!thank you!

  11. Yamionpu Apr 10, 2008

    Omg I'm scared
    *runs away*
    (but great vector)

  12. Kairi-Hearts Apr 10, 2008

    you know what I think of this! ;)
    *in a hurry here, gomen XD*

  13. sallyfolks Apr 16, 2008

    oh Sakura let me hug you! poor her this arc was amazing

  14. eternally-asuka Apr 19, 2008

    wow sakura looks devilish! x3 lol not all the time you get the chance to see her like this! lol love it! this is the oficial dark sakura side! Nice vector and good luck with the classes! lol i know how killing some they are! >.<

  15. midnightbluemoon17 May 27, 2008

    it's sooo cool!~! i'm in awe!~ ^-^

  16. dewicetoni Aug 13, 2008

    I'm lost..... Soooooooooo scary and creepy sakura-chan. But i love ur work.It's very neat and nicely colored. Thx for sharing!

  17. clampy Oct 17, 2008

    oh I've seen this in Kazemon15's AMV and now I was searching for it here ^^
    this is so breathtaking awesome! fav* you do such a wonderful job!

  18. sarahfolle Nov 13, 2008

    una domanda...Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

  19. xamasillo Nov 29, 2008

    waaaa ta genial O.o

  20. ogami21 Dec 09, 2008

    wow she looks creepy hehe thanks for sharing though

  21. Shimazaki Jan 14, 2009

    a really great vector work the expresion of her face is very nice so youve done it very good with the eyes and everything

  22. KingdomofHearts Jan 16, 2009

    whoa scary sakura O.O

  23. yukka-kino Feb 23, 2009

    such expression

  24. AriaHime Feb 28, 2009

    Ah, poor Sakura. It's a good vector, though.

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