Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: In the Darkness of the [K]night

Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, Suzaku Kururugi Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

~Suzaku Vector Project #9~

A late birthday gift for moonfangs90. Okay.. I know that I told Kriss that I'm gonna use project #10 for your birthday gift, but somehow.. there's a change of plan. If I used project #10 instead, I wonder when you'll get your birthday gift! So... yeah. Here's your gift! Hope you like it!

About Vector:
Layer's: 42
Time: I forgot ^_^'
Easiest Part: None
Hardest Part: re-constructing the covered part x_x
Original Image: HERE

Okay.. Officially dead (again!) x_x Did you have any idea how hard it is constructing the covered part? I'm kinda regret it choosing this image. First, I'm struggling on his cloak. Since there's an emblem on his cloak, I had to be careful.. so that it was placed rightly. And that part alone.. I had to re-do it so many times I actually forgot! I hope that look okay X-P Next problem should be the one covered by Li hair's (more specifically on Suzaku white uniform that had strings, and all the way to his thigh). Urghh.. even now I still think it look a bit weird >.< Other than that, I'm satisfied with the result! Maybe I should say... "YATTA!" Ehehe.. anyways, I think I've said it before. I'm SUCK at reconstructing, so if you spot any weirdness or that should have been done instead of this, feel free to tell me. I'll try to fixed them, and if I'm happy enough.. I'll post the vector later.

About Wallpaper:
Layer's: 17
Time: 4 hours

Okay, I cheated. The background used here is actually for another Suzaku wallpaper. I made them like 1 month ago, but I'm not happy with the image I used.. so it was kept instead. When I wanted to made a wallpaper using this Suzaku, I thought it'll look good on it.. so I did >_< Added few more stuff and bam! Here's the final result and sorry for the simple-ness ^_^' Well, more like I decided to keep this as simple as I can ;)


EDIT: Okay.. I'm finally done repairing Suzaku. You can get the vector HERE. Honestly, I like the result much more than the previous one. Also, I made some changes on the wall too. It's a bit bright than the previous one ;)

vectory celestial-luminesse vector-wallers dark-wallies negaraku code-geass-knights

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  1. abul Apr 03, 2008

    oh the vector is simply great :)
    everything's neat and clean and i DO nderstand how hard is reconstructing an image >.<
    about the wall....
    well its kinda typical with the sky, sea and grass...
    the sky looks too 3d [like a 3d game again XD] and the grass is kinda flat/dirty :x
    but still, i admire your reconstructing ;)

  2. Kairi-Hearts Apr 03, 2008

    oh it's simply great!
    you did great on the reconstruction. the vector is just awesome ^^
    the bg may be simple but it's pretty. it fits suzaku XD
    keep up the great work eeva-san!

  3. YoruAngel866 Apr 03, 2008

    this is like WOW!
    absolutely goregous vector, splendid reconstruction and job on wallpaper. I love the fairy lights, and the grass covering him up. Keep the great work girl!

  4. temarigenius Apr 04, 2008

    You finished #9! One more till #10! *_*

    Aww... Suzaku is alone in the cold.... >_<
    Anyways, I think you did a fabulous job in reconstructing the scan! I am totally amazed on how you reconstructed it! You are a reconstructing genius! *_*
    About the background~ I think that it's nice~ I really like the grass. I think I'll never be able to make grass... x_x

  5. MoonFangs90 Apr 05, 2008

    OMG thanx soooo much.... Suzaku....:D Don't think I didn't noticed, i did but Kriss wass sitting on the comp whole the time and when I asked her she would say: Just a minute please, and her minute would lass a hour or more and then because of anger I wouldn't sit on comp...So soooorrryyy for commenting now... I really like it and it is beautiful.And Kriss didn't told me anything about project #10....anyway, thanx so much its really wonderful

  6. airi87 Apr 05, 2008

    great! thanks!

  7. Jusrecht Apr 09, 2008

    Like usual, awesome *_*

    I love the vector, background, everything. This is #9, yes? One more! ^o^

  8. limeic May 29, 2008

    i finally understand how hard it is for you to reconstruct the image after viewing the original scan. OMG, his whole cloak is missing!
    i'm amazed at how you managed to draw the whole billowing, blue & yellow piece of cloth and it doesn't seem out of place :)

    as for the wall, a rather simple background with the lights, but it seems to convey how lonely Suzaku is.. feel like hugging him >.<

  9. aisaka-sama Dec 11, 2008

    Owh awesome Suzaku-kun !
    He's cool..

  10. Raizen625 Dec 20, 2008

    i never did like him as a knight of rounds.

  11. rumiko23 Feb 23, 2009

    Wow! he's so cool in this picture, thanks!

  12. hikmat Apr 20, 2009

    thx bro

  13. lisse88 Jun 01, 2009

    Kya! Suzaku! Love that outfit!

  14. rebeccafuji Sep 18, 2009


  15. meghdeepray Nov 22, 2009

    good pn - knight of darkness

  16. Daimacuro Jul 29, 2010

    As hatred in this traitor of junk....hate you quite Kururugi Suzaku

  17. LightSorrow Aug 27, 2010

    Thanks for your contribution, Great wallpaper =D

  18. SHIKIAKI Mute Member Sep 11, 2010

    great work
    i like this ~~~~~~~

  19. Vercetty Oct 12, 2010

    Thanks for the sharing ! ^^

  20. chubbychibi08 Oct 31, 2010

    he looks so sad.. (sigh) cheer up Suzaku or Arthur will bite you.. mwahahaha... peace!^-^

  21. saya0715 Jan 01, 2011

    nice... thank you so much for sharing ^_^

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