Sola Wallpaper: Dancing in the Moon Gray

Naru Nanao, Studio Nomad, Sola, Matsuri Shiho Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Studio Nomad Studio Sola Series Matsuri Shiho Character

2048x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Aaahhh,I made it
I hope the result can be better
but maybe this is still not enough yet
But I hope everyone like it
and fav it(hehehehe just kidding but But I wish it) :) :) :)

Thank you for all everyone support,so I can finish my SOLA
this matsuri is my present for Minamiyukihimenonaka
I hope she not give up from Vector
sensei,please don't give up ^_^ ;) ;) ;)

Ps:if you have a time,you can visit minamiyukihimenonaka(http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/334940/)
and write a comment or Guestbook in her userpage
because She is need our support.she said to me that she want to quit from vector because no one support her(only me and ASH-hikari she said).she always have a negative thinking(so when she give a title and her avatar is look so sad and lonelly)
I don't want a vectorist to give up and make a art without a joy and happiness
my support is still not enough
so I need help from everyone

(sorry if I talk to much and have many request,but that is only if you have a time like Im said in the beginning)hehehehe
I just want everyone to happy when they make art or when they saw art
the end Thank you again for everything :) :D ^_^' X-O

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  1. Kheren Apr 01, 2008

    this is a really cute of matsuri
    mmm,I like very much
    by the way,Who is the minamiyukihimenonaka?
    but I will take a look like you suggest
    And I hope you will create an amazing wall again

    Could you be my friend? if you like

  2. Khurang Apr 01, 2008

    Very good picture
    You really have a potential right?
    I like it
    Thank for sharing

  3. Raida84 Apr 01, 2008

    Very smoth and nice in the dark

  4. Ransaa Apr 01, 2008

    You are so kind
    this is your gallery but you still want the other to help your friend
    I like your kindness and this is a really beautiful Matsuri

  5. saaan Apr 01, 2008


  6. minamiyukihimenonaka Apr 02, 2008

    sankyuu snsei,you so wise. I'm lost in my vector way, i'm not sure can finish my latest vector this week for some reason. That's fine with me with suffered condition like that. I'll keep try, even may take very long time. Thank you for your assist, and i love your matsuri wall.

  7. temarigenius Apr 02, 2008

    Ahh~ Rei!~ ^^
    Another great wallpaper from you~ >_<
    You vectored Matsuri right? I really like he soft colors you used~ =D
    The background is great too~ Bring up the mood~ XD
    Great Job!~
    Also please tell minamiyukihimenonaka to not quit because she has amazing skills! >_<

  8. TrueTears Apr 02, 2008

    Your great wall make me cry
    and you cherr minamiyukihimenonaka,right.You are so sweet

  9. U17th Apr 02, 2008

    i like this matsuri

  10. Renewalrene Apr 02, 2008

    so smooth
    I really like this
    thanks for sharing

  11. Minawo12 Apr 02, 2008

    Good wall
    Really nice and smooth in the dark

  12. Kamikazukaede Apr 02, 2008

    long time no see
    so your sensei now in the trouble of mind?
    and you want us to take her back,Right?
    you are so kind,umm
    i like your heart who also want to give anyone a happiness
    and Thank you for create a great SOLA Wallpaper
    I like it so much

  13. Tsukasadouru Apr 02, 2008

    Wow.is really smooth and nice wallpaper and also a great moment of yaka

  14. pooolj Apr 04, 2008

    very cute nice job

  15. lifeistimeon Apr 04, 2008

    looks so sweet

  16. LadyNebulaStar Apr 05, 2008

    You did a really great job on this wallpaper. Everything is so perfect. Keep up the wonderful work! ^_^

  17. Hiroki168 Apr 07, 2008

    Great Job!
    the combination of the designs and colours are perfect and soft..

  18. Azuushaku Apr 14, 2008

    Kawai darou
    all of your wallpaper
    is fantastis
    keep on that way,okay!

  19. Ririiisu Apr 19, 2008

    Very good wall
    I like matsuri in the night
    this is expose her yaka

  20. cayetanita Mute Member Nov 04, 2008

    this is a beautiful picture

  21. Demetrio200 Jan 16, 2009

    its very great the image, congrats for the nice work ^^

  22. denitoo Apr 13, 2009

    Good picture I like it :nya:

  23. enriquex60 Mute Member Oct 18, 2009

    esta bacancisima (^___^)! tiene un ambiente divertido y melodico

  24. ikari0101 Apr 18, 2010

    i love matsuri,thank you.

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