Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Whatever, I'm going to Athrun's

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full View - damn editing

Vectors by: Eeeva <3

Textures by: DA! Desktop Anime

For the contest at: gundamseed-angels

Ok well damn after working on this I don't even want
to type but anyways this one was a week and a half wall...
you might wonder why since the vectors aren't mine but the bg
was a brain split for some reason.

I actually intended to make this a Shinn wall but I got
tired of trying to blend him and decided to go for a more
refreshing look that a vector gives.

Maple helped me so much with her advice as she
usually does so it was as if we made it together,
after messing with Kira and Lacus, placing them everywhere
and switching up the sides we deiced that it was better for them to stay
like that.

I didn't want Lacus right behind Kira
so I put her behind the grass to give the look that she's
sitting and singing, Kira who looks like he really doesn't give
is placed that way to show him going down the hill....hence
the reason why the grass is up to his waist.

Lacus doesn't have a shadow on the wall because she's
not right in front of it, she's sorta in the middle so her shadow
wouldn't be visible to us since it would be on the ground naturally.

Title Explanation:

Ok since some of you are probably wondering why
I named it that let me explain...
Maple and I believe Kira really doesn't give a rats ass
about Lacus, (KiraxLacus fans hold your fire)
because in almost every scan he just looks uninterested in her,
or angry or sad but anyway in this particular scan that
Eeva vectored he looks like he really doesn't care about Lacus.

So me and maple feel he'd rather go over to
Athrun's and hang out then listen to Lacus sing.

Poor Lacus.... :\

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  1. ASH-Hikari Mar 28, 2008

    Lol XD
    "Whatever, I'm going to Athrun's"
    That is just so lol XD
    Nicely done on the wall, although I can't take it seriously now that I've heard your title explanation XD
    Good job, love the colours.
    I really have to hurry up with my entry, I haven't even started yet. I've tried 3 or 4 ideas but none of them have worked...

  2. SakuraShirayuki Mar 28, 2008

    Ash-chan is sooo right! It's just LoL XD
    it's great nevertheless!

  3. kashikosa Mar 28, 2008

    For A GSD hater such as myself the title made me look at this. (I loled hard - this was ingenious XD) The scene reflects totally the title and I LOVE it! Fabulous concept and great work...
    Lol now that I read the description and I look at the work Kira really has that 'Whatever' look on his face and Lacus looks like she's straining to keep his attention XD XD XD
    Fab job, great wall, I love this!

  4. Fran Retired Moderator Mar 28, 2008

    As Kashi, I'm also GSD hater, so I really like the idea of this.
    The atmosphere you created is really cool, very clever and yay for Kira.
    Excellent job!
    You know, I'm willing to see different styles from you.

  5. royaldarkness Mar 29, 2008

    LOL that's really funny XD
    Excellent Kira, forget Lacus, go to Athrun's X-P
    Anyway, good job!
    Looks fantastic :D

  6. moonlight-shawdow Mar 29, 2008

    haha lol kiras dissing lacus *ROFL*
    but i like it i rly do.
    ha ha im still gigling
    good job.good job.
    ur styles never stop amazing me^^

  7. saphira0589 Mar 29, 2008

    Haha, this is a unique take on the scan. The idea of Kira going 'Whatever' at Lacus is refreshing. XD Really neat vectoring too!

  8. Devildude Mar 29, 2008

    In before Kira Jesus Yamato and Athrun gay comics.
    Awesome statement, I support this wallpaper.

  9. sailorchiron Mar 29, 2008

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the explanation. Yah, I'm and AthrunxKira fan myself, but don't the boys marry the girls at some point? Great wall, Kit.

  10. Aiira Mar 30, 2008

    I love the title and the explanation..
    and yes even though I am fan of kira and Lacus this is also awesome ^^
    I like the way you positioned the two and the background is real nice ^^..
    I really love it ^^

  11. BlueZeroStrike Mar 31, 2008

    Awesome wallpaper^^
    I like the title because it fits how Kira seemingly treats Lacus in the series, which is more like a close friend than a girlfriend/lover :(
    I also like the colours are. They seem to be bright and vibrant. Great work^^

  12. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2008

    *saves and adds to EDD* I'm baaack... >D

  13. Akira-san Apr 10, 2008

    Well, he looks like more "geez, this song is damn boring"... T_T
    btw, one day I'll try to draw they at least kissing to make justice, the autor of gds just screwed up this couple =(

  14. patsj Apr 25, 2008



  15. matrempit Nov 16, 2008

    most apt title. Can't remember seeing Kira looking ecstatic in any of the pictures showing him & anyone other than Athrun. So, yeah, thanks for this wallie. Cheers

  16. LastClyne Nov 09, 2009

    So beautiful
    thank you for sharing

  17. YamiNoTenshi16 Nov 29, 2009

    Kira... *drools* I wuv you, Kira! Hope you'll vector another Kira and an Athrun, please? ^^

  18. usermenot Mar 11, 2010

    Very cute pic. Kira is soooo sweet.

  19. Randyly Oct 28, 2010

    thanks nice wall paper ^^

  20. badboybod Jan 25, 2011

    Kira Yamato is very cool ,thank you for sharing XD

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