Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: .:Just a Simple Walk:.

Lelouch of the Rebellion, C.C. Wallpaper
Lelouch of the Rebellion Series C.C. Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Entry for : code-geass-knights contest

First of all....I fail!
Second is big-description warning! Please read it if commenting
Code Geass work from me again~
Duration: March 22nd - March 27th

Outline: 9 hours
Coloring: 11 hours (not sure...)

Outline: 5 hours (I hate perspective....XD)
Coloring: 5 hours + 3hrs for ''painting''

Total: 33 hours

Most Difficult: The background! But mostly the trees! T_T
Easiest: The vector!
Fun Part: I always have fun when vectoring C.C. plus I liked the original concept of the wall

Original Size: 7760 x 5180
PSD Filesize: 235,7 MB
Layers: no idea... but they were more than 600
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Credit: Scan: Here! | Textures: DA!

Other Versions: Clean
1600 x 1200 : Clean | Texture
I'm going crazy! This is probably the most difficult and complicated wall I have ever done! And the computer...soooo slow...>_>
I vectored C.C. from a wallpaper at the official Lost Colors website. The quaility wasn't bad, I've worked with much worse images. The vectoring was pretty easy. I can say I am proud of myself :D
(I might submit the vector later if many people ask for it)

I had an idea for the background. I wanted to recreate the Ashford Academy so I used a lot of references. I did the stairs and started painting the grass. But then I failed! (if anyone can help me painting grass I'll love you! XD) So I just used PS's default grass brush and made my way with it.

I did the building, which was like, hell! I even wanted to paint some bricks on it but I was too tired of it! I can't see that building in front of me anymore! I just added noise to make it less plain.

Then, the trees! Oh, the trees! I also started painting them but the outcome didn't please me, probably because the grass wasn't painted either. So I just left the trees like that (they even reminded me of Van Gogh's paintings....yea..I was that crazy!) Horrible trees I know >.<

I also did the same for the clouds. Just added brushes instead of painting. I have problems with my right wrist (ever since last year) so it is always hurting me and working on the computer just adds more pain, even more than drawing. I need to let it rest a lot, so I can easily tell you that this also made me give up on painting more this wall (have I told you how crazy I was getting with the wall? XD)

I asked Erika for opinion along the way and for the title. She mentioned how C.C. couldn't be seen and stuff so I ended up with ''Just a Simple Walk'' as in she's forbidden to do something so simple as that (even though she does...X-P)

This is the final result. I want to hear your opinions on it, if there are flaws (I know there are), how can I keep improving,etc...
Thank you for reading this loooong description ^^

Hope you like it~
sakura--cb celestial-luminesse vectory code-geass-knights timeless--rain vector-wallers

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  1. LilLaoRyo704 Mar 27, 2008

    Lol yay your done, looks awesome, love C.C, and the background you did looks great!, +Fav!

  2. YENESIS Mar 27, 2008

    omg is beatiful my C.C. is very precious and the wall is wonderful!
    auper kawai wall of C.C. !

  3. FrostyWolf359 Mar 27, 2008

    Great attention to detail, and very good and high quality vector. I think the trees look pretty good. Remeber this is anime, if things look photo-realistic they can look out of place. Well done!

  4. chrisp Mar 27, 2008

    this looks great!amazing vector!and the bg is really fantastic!
    i can see your hard work!the vector is neat and clean
    really cool!
    have no more words to describe my fastination!
    must fav it >.<

  5. erikamirou Mar 27, 2008

    ahah you mention me in your description! >D I allways have so much fun reading your descriptions, it reminds me how I follow this work of yours. As I said to you before, the vector is beautiful, wonderful outlines (way better than mine XD ) and lovely coloring. The background kills me. It's really good and it maches really well with the vector.That building looks just awsome! *_* I think C.C. was a good choice, even though I think that if it wasn't C.C., probably people wouldn't like this wonderfull work after all. C.C. is a great character but it doesn't make this work more beautiful. I so glad you did that way and this is a personal fav :)

  6. BlueZeroStrike Mar 27, 2008

    C.C. looks cute^^Wish someone would make a collectible figure out of your vector of C.C.^^ Everything just works well together. Well done^^

  7. Fran Retired Moderator Mar 27, 2008

    Neat vectoring! The super thin outlines reminds me of Ash's .
    The building looks fantastic! But I gotta point some things out, like the stairs, they look kinda flat to me, and the default ps grass brush doesn't work out pretty well.
    But! The trees are just wonderful <333
    Keep it up!

  8. schwindelmagier Mar 27, 2008

    Holy shit! Awesome, breath-taking... the words for this wallie's description are captured in my throat.
    This is... plain awesomeness. Your vector skills are amazing. C.C. as well as the background are very, very, very well done. Must fav
    +fav +fav +fav

  9. temarigenius Mar 27, 2008

    The vectoring is perfect. And I think that the background looks good too.
    It's okay if you use brushes, that's what brushes are for anyways~ ^^
    I think that the Ashford building and the stairs is nicely done~ :)
    And hey!~ You only used 5 days! It's amazing!~ =D
    Don't worry about anything, it looks nice~ ^^

  10. BlackSponge Mar 27, 2008

    So beautiful.
    As a C.C. fan I commend you on your excellent work.
    Also I like walls where much effort has been placed to achieve perfection.
    Well done!
    So cute and beautiful C.C. is.....

  11. Aiira Mar 27, 2008

    AWESOME wallpaper of C.C
    I love the view..
    I love the scan that you used ^^
    Very nice Kairi-san ^^
    I LOVE IT !

  12. ASH-Hikari Mar 27, 2008

    Kairi-chan, let me tell you, this is far from fail!
    First of all, awesome vectoring. Looks flawless as if you used a high-res scan. You definetely should be proud of yourself ^^
    Now the background. I <33 the academy building. It looks awesome, so well done. I can't believe you did that; you make it look easy XD Stairs are also good!
    I don't have much problem with the grass either. Maybe using a non-default grash brush would have added something but the result wouldn't be too different. Good job. (How to paint grass? This isn't the first time I've heard this question. If you ever find out let me know XD).
    I love the trees! There's nothing wrong with them; they're actually pretty cool looking ^^ Like the fence too.
    Which leaves the clouds. I'll admit, my least favourite part of the wall. But I think it's just the placement of the clouds that bothers me. Which really shouldn't, since in real life clouds are always different.
    Well that's all. And overall I think this wallpaper is a success :D Great work!

  13. Scampi Mar 28, 2008

    Love the wall and vector! Let me tell you that I don't have the patience to vector buildings in perspective, but you do and you did an excellent job at that. The trees are not a bother at all, but in my opinion the grass is too realistic to the wall itself. I know a lot of people don't want to vector grass cause it takes to long. Keep up the good work!

  14. zaira Mar 28, 2008

    ok! the scan used is totally cute! XD
    i like how you vector C.C and of course it is a one of the cutest pose of C.C XD
    the outlines are just great as ever + the sharpness and its cleanliness fits almost everything in
    your vector so no prob in that part. Now lets go to your background! :D
    the building is really well done! i like the vectory style + the window glasses :D the stairs are good too ;)
    next is the clouds! man! great job on the placing of the clouds ;) but maybe you add some stuffs like birds there since there are part which are empty, next is the fence! i like the fence so there is no problem with that ;) next is the trees, well wonder if you paint that or you use some scan/stockphoto?
    but hey i like the coloring, an lastly the grass, well i'm not fond on the grass since the brush used is to overuse OX and the coloring doesnt contrast the trees so maybe you can make the coloring sames as the trees or make it a little darker, well i guess i can understand you using that brush since its really hard to paint grasses ^_^' but overall love the vector and its perspective view ;)
    great job and keep it up! XD +fav!

  15. Lariel Mar 28, 2008

    Great quality, I love the way you vectored her hair. I particularly love how Ashford looks -windows are my weakness- but the sky looks empty- it would have been greater if you had something in addition. :) Nevertheless, it's amazing, so a fav alright.

  16. abul Mar 28, 2008

    this is fantastic kairi-chan!
    i absolutely adore the vector [damn, if i saw the pic earlier - i'd vector it]
    the background is great too and the trees are lovely :)

  17. xKai Mar 28, 2008

    ahhh C.C. pretty coloring and vectoring work done there ^^


  18. milla-chan Mar 28, 2008

    WOw, i just C.C. pose on this thing, she looks awesome :D
    and the colors on this wallie is really good too.
    and brilliant piece of work :) thanks for sharing ^_^

  19. KiyanaIkebana Mar 28, 2008

    OMG! Lovely wallpaper! XD
    The vector is so excellent! I love the background too!
    Totally great and beautiful! Very good job!+fave

  20. Fenafir Retired Moderator Mar 28, 2008

    Excellent job re-creating and painting the backgrounds, it must have been insane for you and so you deserve a pat in back. The vector looks superb, sharp and clean. I see no faults in the academy and its looks really really fantastic. I actually like how you made the grass and trees, they look fine. The first thing that caught my eyes was the colors and everything fits and matches perfectly. The only thing that bothers me is the clouds, they look too realistic for this wallpaper and the way its placed looks odd. Like it doesn't match the perspective of this wallpaper. Other than that, its one fine looking wallpaper with a huge amount of effort and time put in it and I praise you for that. Keep up the great work!

  21. KaoruMikagami Mar 29, 2008

    wow nice.i like C.C.

  22. Sinever Mar 29, 2008

    absolutely gorgeous XD
    the vector & the background is awesome :)
    well done its an *excellent* highlight ;)

  23. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Mar 29, 2008

    Sugoiiii! You are awesome in vectoring! XD
    C.C. looks beautiful with her pose and hair flying around. :D
    Splendid work! Looking foward to your next work.
    +fav. Arigatou Gozaimasu! :) :)

  24. Omone Mar 29, 2008

    you thought you fail? are you insane? it's an awesome wallpaper! (normally i don't like those code geass wallpapers- to much of them ~~)
    the vector is neat and clean - perfect!
    and the background is just awesome. I mean just look at the building.. its awesome!

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