Spice and Wolf Wallpaper: .:Spicy Wolf:.

Kikuko Sadakata, Spice and Wolf, Horo Wallpaper
Kikuko Sadakata Mangaka Spice and Wolf Series Horo Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Duration: February 1st - March 22nd
Outline Horo: 6 hours
Outline Background: 4 hours
Coloring Horo: 1 hour
Coloring Background: 10 hours
Total: 21 hours

Most Difficult: All the little details took me some time plus all the painting work
Easiest: Coloring Horo
Fun Part: Painting the wood and adding lightning/shadows to some parts

Original Size: 8011 x 5109
PSD Filesize: 329,8 MB
Layers: +850
Programs Used: Adobe Photoshop CS2
Credit: Scan: Here! | Textures: DA!

Other Versions: Clean
w00t! I can't believe I finished this! I started in Feb and after outlining Horo's face and hair I dropped it. I was so lazy to finish this but yesterday I was sooo bored I picked it up again. XD

You can notice the changes in the outline. Everything except Horo's face, arms and hair is made with thin lines. That's how my vectoring is right now. The lines are getting thinner...

Everything was going okay until I noticed that things were looking too plain if I did it according to the original scan. So I decided to do it my way.
The books, for example, had no shading at all, so I did it myself. I also did other things like adding shadows and lightning to the area around the candle. And so on...(though I don't know if you can notice it since the original size is so big, things were probably lost in the resize process...)

And then...the wood! The part where I had more fun and also more trouble. The original scan just hints that it's wood by the use of color but it was so simple I decided to paint it. I didn't read any tutorials or such, I did it through the experience I have with the smudge tool in coloring drawings in PS. I think it looks okay. I was a bit troubled that some parts look rather different but since it turned out good I'm fine with it.

Finally, I added textures to make the wall a bit more lively. I have such a hard time picking up the textures to use ^_^'

So, I apologize for the long description. I'm just happy with the final result ^^ One of my best works I think.

Enjoy! C&C always welcome ^.^
*Please full-view. I put a lot of effort in this one!
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  1. erikamirou Mar 22, 2008

    yaay you finaly finished it! and you already know what i think about this one XD
    It looks soooo soft and the coloring is so smooth :)
    love the little details XD XD

  2. Odaril Mar 22, 2008

    Very good =).
    All the details o.O

  3. YoruAngel866 Mar 22, 2008

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! i wanted to vector it too!
    anyway i love your vector and i love how you did the books.

  4. ASH-Hikari Mar 22, 2008

    Yatta! I've been waiting for this one for quite a while! I'm so glad to see you finished it! :D It looks absolutely wonderful! Your added details are just awesome! This is a flawless piece of work ^^ Will definetely be on my desktop after I crop it to fit! Wah I'm so happy about this~ My favourite Spice & Wolf image ^^

  5. zaira Mar 23, 2008

    oh ho! its Horo! :D she's really pretty for being a wolf :D
    well i just like how you vector almost everything! even the background you vector it too! XD
    i like the sharpness of colors + the cleanliness of the vector.
    the outlines are just great since there is no rigid lines.
    the best part of this is the textures used in the bg but i much prefer if you
    used the texture to Horo too! XD and it will be perfect :D
    double love for the widescreen version ;)

  6. Sinever Mar 23, 2008

    awesome vector :D
    its very good & the textures added a wonderful touch :)
    keep it up ;)

  7. KiyanaIkebana Mar 23, 2008

    OMG! It's totally excellent!
    It is so neat and clean! I love it! +fav

  8. abul Mar 23, 2008

    great vector, wallpaper, everything's great :D

  9. temarigenius Mar 23, 2008

    Hey! It's Spice And Wolf~ Been wanting to watching this anime~ XD
    I think that the vector and the background are all perfect. I'm glad that you changed the scan, it looks better this way~ ^^
    Really great work~ Beautiful! =D

  10. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 23, 2008

    Beautiful and clean, I'm such a fan girl
    for your vector works kairi <3

  11. Lariel Mar 27, 2008

    It's surprising this isn't in the elite gallery yet.
    It's smooth, neat, and nearing perfection. +fav. :)

  12. chrisp Mar 27, 2008

    yea i am surprised too...why is it not in the elite gallery?
    this wall is fantastic!the vector is so clean and good!
    really cool!arigatou >.<

  13. Omone Mar 29, 2008

    wow this looks so cute and awesome.. i like the changes you made.. very well done..

  14. AnimeHungry Apr 06, 2008

    Quote by Omonewow this looks so cute and awesome.. i like the changes you made.. very well done..


  15. Hujisaki-Yamato Aug 16, 2008

    Its Horo! I really loved watching Spice and Wolf and Horo was always my favorite always so spicy like the title haha. Anyways, this looks amazing! +fav

  16. PIKACHUNYA Oct 31, 2008

    Sugoi! ^_________^

  17. angel26278 Dec 15, 2008

    awesome art ^^
    I love S.A.W ^^ and Horo looks awesome
    she looks very innocent

  18. LuaSerena Jan 09, 2009

    She is cute or sexy.
    What is your opinion?

  19. Japguy Apr 11, 2009

    sweet, love the anime, but I think she looks sweeter in manga, thanks for sharing:]

  20. Evangelynn Aug 01, 2009

    Spicy xD She's lovely =)

  21. abelini4 Mute Member Aug 09, 2009

    lindo wallpaper

  22. legendso Sep 09, 2009

    This image is great thank you;)

  23. TSUJIWAKI Sep 25, 2009

    Great picture,thank you very much for sharing

  24. Misterdarkness Oct 02, 2009

    great scan, thanks!

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