Air Gear Wallpaper: Pure Heart of Rose

Oh! Great, Air Gear, Kururu Sumeragi Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Air Gear Series Kururu Sumeragi Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hello minna I create this vector to express my thankfull for all of you who always support me
I want to say Thank you for that
and happy White Day
this is thanks giving from kururu
I want to say thanks for Temarigenius
"thank for taught me"
and for Minamiyuki -san, I want to thanks again to you,you are my sensei(so don't act like I is your sensei,Okay!)
and for Ash-Hikari I want to present this wall for you,actually i want to create Noe vector for you but I afraid the result is not well again like my first Noe
and I want to say Thank you for invite me in your True tears Fans Group
I wanna be like you who can create a grete vector and wall(BG)

sorry again if my inglish is not well yet
I don't want you all missunderstand,so if there are some mistake of spelling in my english
I deep apologize to you
and If my vector is still not well yet I apologize again,specially if my BG is still bad
huhuhu T T
because Im still learn to vector art
and still don't know how to create a great BG like all of you
but I will learn again
once again thank you and happy white day

:) :D ;) :hmpf: T_T :) :D XD T_T

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  1. temarigenius Mar 14, 2008

    What a nice wallpaper with a great vector~ ^^
    Haha~ It was fun teaching you, but then I thought that my teaching is confusing XD
    Happy White Valentines Day to you too~ ^^

  2. Jhelek Mar 14, 2008

    what a beautifull Wall
    I really like this
    thanky you
    and happy white day too

  3. magun Mar 14, 2008

    waah kururu
    this is very cute kururu
    great job

  4. Sunteru Mar 14, 2008

    the Background is cool
    like a crystal

    merged: 03-14-2008 ~ 08:19pm
    the Background is cool
    like a crystal

    merged: 03-14-2008 ~ 08:19pm
    the Background is cool
    like a crystal

  5. Guranrundiru Mar 14, 2008

    really great

  6. tendoumichi Mar 14, 2008

    So lovely

  7. Tsukasadouru Mar 14, 2008

    is my fav chara
    and this is is very good
    and blue rose is perfect

  8. komugimiyuki Mar 14, 2008

    Great;the blue of rose and kururu
    is look so cute
    happy white day too
    thanks for sharing this wall

  9. soshitesora Mar 14, 2008


  10. rhymerhy Mar 14, 2008

    is like a shining star and rose in the blue color

  11. Hanede Mar 14, 2008

    What a such beautiful vector!
    I envy you >0<
    The background so cool! Blue tone and spark effects makes vector very nice.
    You paint Kururu perfect! Make me forget that it's white-black manga before! (Umm...Kururu hair's is pink, isn't it? But I think yellow-gold is proper for her, don't you think? ^^)
    The vector is great! *Two thumbs up d^^b*
    I hope that your skill will development. You'll be the great vector creator one.
    And finally...Happy White Day too. =^^=

  12. Buriichi Mar 15, 2008

    Happy white day too
    ^ ^
    good vector

  13. Raida84 Mar 15, 2008

    Very good

  14. Ransaa Mar 15, 2008

    What,a beautifull wall with vector
    so GREAT

  15. kestaa Mar 15, 2008


  16. saaan Mar 15, 2008

    sutekki da yo ne
    Aoi no bara

  17. Saibaa Mar 15, 2008

    you have a potential to be a great vector
    so I think you can't say that you still bad
    I think this is a very good job

  18. bak77 Mar 15, 2008

    Thanks for good job
    I you not a bad
    you can create this wall
    I very like it

  19. girugamerushi Mar 15, 2008

    What a beautifull image
    thank for create it

    merged: 03-15-2008 ~ 12:44pm
    What a beautifull image
    thanks for create it

  20. shochiisa Mar 15, 2008

    Very cute
    I fall in love with this wall

  21. buraakku Mar 15, 2008

    Very Good wall
    Notice me if you create your new wall

  22. ayakashinaito Mar 15, 2008

    Good job
    very prety gool Kururu-chan

  23. goondora Mar 15, 2008

    I so like this

  24. lagggan Mar 15, 2008

    Blue and bright

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