Naruto Wallpaper: Dark Highway [W]

Masashi Kishimoto, Studio Pierrot, Naruto, Kisame Hoshigaki, Itachi Uchiha Wallpaper
Masashi Kishimoto Mangaka Studio Pierrot Studio Naruto Series Kisame Hoshigaki Character Itachi Uchiha Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Half Copy/paste from AP

Full-view, please! Thumb looks like crap D:

- Scan: here (the quality is horrible, don't download it). I re-did the outlines then smudged/re-painted the scan. Mostly smudged. I was feeling lazy XD
- The main lighting is coming from behind us (the viewer). That yellow light is fire.
- My rain sucks, I know (for some reason, my CS3 freezes whenever I use Motion Blur, so I tried uninstalling CS3, re-installing CS2 (which I used motion blur with success), uninstalled CS2, tried downloading a different version of CS3, only to find out that motion blur still doesn't work D< I should have just kept the rain Kitten made for me ;_;)
- Second Naruto wall this month. The other is here
- The story behind this wall goes like this: You're walking down some rough trail in the woods when you see two dudes sitting by a fire (that's what that yellow light is). They spot you, get up and look at you like they want to use your intestines as lovely scarves! What now? Do you stand and fight (and die) or turn and run (and die)? To cap it all off, yay... it starts raining...
- Textures from DA!
- Thanks to Kakashi-sensei for helping me out with the bushes.

More resolutions at EDD

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 08, 2008

    Can I just steal the good looking dude and run?
    (he can eat me later if he wants XD)

    I love the bushes and whole rain scene, don't
    have much of those walls now and days.
    Great job, I like this one better actually.

  2. x-lawss Mar 08, 2008

    Men, this is so good XD
    Itachi and ...... What was his name? Anyway they look so cool!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Erdbeermilch Mar 08, 2008

    It looks really neat, reminds me of that part in the manga when it was actually raining. Great bg and I don't think your rain sucks.
    I'm maybe just a evil fangirl but to me it looks like Itachi is about to undress (sure they were up to something lol), so I'd probably make use of their confusion and run.

  4. kashikosa Mar 09, 2008

    Yay, you decided to Upload this here after all! Fantastic painting, as I said before the rain does not suck, Itachi looks absolutely gorgeous here.
    Oh, and since I'm supposed to die anyway, I would just stand there and look XD

  5. Sinever Mar 09, 2008

    another fabulous naruto wallpaper XD
    it looks like a high resolution scan because its very neat & clean XD
    the rain is looking awesome :D
    well done ;)

  6. YoruAngel866 Mar 09, 2008

    Absolutely cool scene! Absolutely great wall! i love the rain!(it's good dont worry) perfect vector and everything.threes are great too! Excellent job!

  7. Piccolobear Mar 10, 2008

    Love the background, it looks SO much better in fullview compared to the TN. Wow, that must have been annoying, uninstalling and reinstalling etc CS3 does weird things to me, too. Like it won't let me open png files for some reason... O_O [Then it's GIMP to the rescue :D]
    Anyway, nice wall ^_^

  8. abul Mar 10, 2008

    oops how could i skip it ^_^'
    i already commented on ap so...

  9. revsrhman Apr 05, 2008

    Awsomeness to the max!

  10. MoonFangs90 Apr 06, 2008

    hey great job. I like it.

  11. ROSEANA Apr 09, 2008

    Itachi! Oh my god..It's very nice wall..i like rain on this wall.. very beautifull..
    Thank you^o^

  12. rei09 Apr 10, 2008

    wow love it

  13. flyindance May 19, 2008

    great title
    suit the wallie
    dun wori, the rain is fine
    nice wallie of naruto
    1st time seeing u doing naruto

  14. cynderfire Jun 05, 2008

    Cool! It looks awesome! Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  15. supersillious Oct 26, 2008

    wayyy this looks great no not frosted flakes.
    i like

  16. laila-san Nov 03, 2008

    axcelente imagen de itachi y ........!.arigato

  17. r4z Nov 16, 2008

    my favourite pair of akatsuki! nice

  18. SALLY1993 Nov 26, 2008

    wow! itachi is awesome! :D

  19. ismiy Apr 02, 2009

    they'r my favourite pair of akatsuki thugs too, r4z. Nice work chloe chan

  20. LinkAlchemist Aug 20, 2009

    Great Naruto wallpaper! Thank you very much for sharing! ^^

  21. zaha1 Restricted Member Oct 12, 2009

    mind blowing itachi

  22. kestrel Nov 21, 2009

    omg itachi is soooo hot... dunno why he

  23. foreverLawliet Dec 27, 2009

    Very nice! Love it. Did a really great job.

  24. Yoline Jan 25, 2010

    KYAAAAa Itachi-san *-* (It' the Way of Kisame calls him *-* -shaushaus *die*)
    I Love him, Won This Wallie is amazing, Awesome, good, very good *-*
    I love it *-*

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