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Kyoto Animation Studio Clannad Series,Visual Novel Nagisa Furukawa Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

*"Excellent" Highlight in vector-wallers


Happy belated birthday Omone-chan! Finally XD This wasn't your original present, but this one turned out better. Well you're an old woman of 20 now...but I will be too in a year or two XD Anyways I hope your birthday was wonderful and that all your years to come will be great ^^

This scan of Nagisa was so beautiful, I had to wall it. I did actually vector the full scan, but cropped it for the wall. The vector was fun and straightforward. The dress and hat have some coloured outlines.

Then the wall. I spent ages trying to make a decent looking grassy field, but all my attempts were pure fail -_- So I went in search of a scan I could use as a base, and used this Shinkai scan. Honestly I didn't change it too much; just the colours, a bit of cleaning and a few added things. The mountains I did in the same way I did them in my First Snow wallpaper, except they turned out much better this time! I really think I improved with the mountains, and they were fun. The clouds are mostly a scan that I painted over. My own painting sucks, so I always seem to be painting over something. I added a few little leaves and stuff flying in the air. I wanted the wall to be kind of simple, and open, with just a bit of scenery. Oh, and of course there's some lighting effects....because I love lighting effects XD

The wall is called "Inspiration" because for a while I couldn't bring myself to vector, but the scan of Nagisa completely inspired me, and I couldn't help but vector her :)
Original Scan: Nagisa - Windy Field by ASH-Hikari

Well, that's all! Not much else to say except I hope you like it Omone ^^ All support is appreciated!

Alternates: Clean | Textless
1600x1200: Normal | Clean | Textless

Vector Stats:
Time: 15.5 hrs
Layers: 30
Original Size: 3490x5045

Wallpaper Stats:
Time: 5 hrs (for the finished product; I actually spent a few nights)
Layers: 20 (after merging)

Total Time: 20.5 hrs
Total Layers: 50

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Browse Clannad Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. KiyanaIkebana Mar 04, 2008

    Wow! This wallpaper is beautiful! Nagisa looks lovely! I very like it! :)

  2. abul Mar 04, 2008

    haha >:D
    first to comment and fave >:D

    HOLLY TIT! >.<
    damn damn damn damn!
    ur better than me in painting OX the mountains [ur right] are soooo awesome
    clouds, grass, water, leaves.... everything's just perfect! X-O XD
    no srsly, nee-san, this is probably my fave work of yours ;)
    ah and i understood immediately why its called inspiration [u told me 3258230958643 times that this scan inspired u for vectoring again XD]
    omone-san is so lucky to get this as a present T_T
    but stained glass is cool too >:D
    and the vectot is flawless [as always ~_~]

    awesome job and a fave ;)

    hey i wrote so much XD

  3. erikamirou Mar 04, 2008

    aaaawww sooo lovely! >w<
    The vector is just wonderful! (as usual :) ) love the background and great job on the mountains! they look so much better now! :) wonderful job on the grass too! the scan you used is just great! and the cleaning is wonderful!

  4. Devilet Mar 04, 2008

    You're unbelievable O_O
    This wallpaper is amazing, I thought this was yours cos I remembered you were going to vector this scan~

    I hope you get lots of attention from this, by far your best. I haven't seen anything this good in a while, no joke.

    PS: my only complaint is she isn't my fav character, but oh well~

  5. templa Mar 04, 2008

    Wow it's really amazing! A very well done wallpaper~ as expected of Hikari-chan~ ;)

  6. kashikosa Mar 04, 2008

    Meh KyoAni...
    You did a splendid job overall in the work. The vector is perfect in every way. The mountains painted really really good. I'm perfectly astonished by this work. Just a question... I'm a bit concerned with the left side of the wallie, in the bg, just below the mountains... what is that black thing...? If I interpret correctly we have mountains, then a lake and the this black thing... what exactly is it?
    Really nice work with the sunbeams, I like this sweet touch.
    Fantastic job!

  7. Kairi-Hearts Mar 04, 2008

    i honestly don't know what to say! I knew you were going to vector this scan of Nagisa but I never thought the result would be this stuning! omone-san will surely love this :nya:
    everything is just so perfect and no, your painting does not suck. it looks great! flawless vector, the lightning effects are great, great use of textures as well....oh my >.< it's amazing. I really don't know what more to say!
    this is so going to my desktop now XD

  8. weian Mar 04, 2008

    I also vectoring this scan :(
    but it look beautiful :)

  9. xAnime4Lifex Mar 04, 2008

    Unbelievable! The mountains and clouds are just phenomenal! Of course the vector itself is fantastic too! :) I was looking forward to seeing your next wallpaper and it was worth the wait, truely great work. :D

  10. darksoul223 Mar 04, 2008

    Gorgeous wallpaper as always! =D
    Please continue to do an awesome job!

  11. MoonFangs90 Mar 04, 2008

    It's so wonderful that cant be described with words, one question...I did you made grass? if that's not secret >3>

  12. Yamionpu Mar 04, 2008

    this si beautifull!

  13. Daheji Mar 04, 2008

    Wow, love it! Really love it!
    I love the lightings!

    +fav :D

  14. YoruAngel866 Mar 04, 2008

    wow grass is totally awesome! vector is great too!
    mountans perfect, and clouds are great too!

  15. temarigenius Mar 04, 2008

    The full View is amazing!
    I really love the background <333
    Especially the grass >_< How did you make such amazing grass!?
    Anyways, this wallpaper + vector is amazing~ =D Immediate Fav~ ^^
    Omone will love it for sure~ XD

  16. Kaisuke90 Mar 04, 2008

    >_< what to say?! Agree with the other XD Love the background, the whole bunch! wahaha >3

  17. LystikinenaXP Mar 04, 2008

    It's beautiful and you know it ^_^. I also liked that scan, and you just walled it so it's even better now :). I love all your vectors ASH-chan :D
    Very nice work :)


  18. ganstamonica Mar 05, 2008

    Beautiful wall; love thee vector! :D

  19. DarthTofu Mar 05, 2008

    The grass looks great. xD
    Though the mountains are kinda weird where they meet the water (?) it's really flat. (unless it's just the perspective?) They're also rather uniformly shaped, though it does look a lot better than First Snow, lots of improvement!

    The grass is a bit too realistic for the style of the picture, though it looks very beautiful.

    Love the calm, cheerful openness, very liberating. Great stuff!

  20. Aiira Mar 05, 2008

    wow..pretty pretty wallpaper..
    another mastrepice from ash-chan ^_^
    I really love your works..
    keep up the good work..


  21. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 05, 2008

    Hmmm wish it was my size wallie...I would
    have loved to put it on my desktop :\

    Anyways Gorgeous work and you've kicked
    my ass in grass/fields....geez can't let me have one thing can you?

    I really love the atmosphere of the wall and
    it's just so refreshing to stare at. Great job <3

  22. chubbykitty Mar 05, 2008

    Aw, Nagisa! I recently was suggested to watch this series and I've only seen the first couple of episodes, but the big dango family song has touched my heart *o* Anyway, the wallpaper looks great. The colors are nice and vibrant and the vector of Nagisa is nicely done. Great work!

  23. Sinever Mar 05, 2008

    Im speechless........your wall is simply awesome & gorgeous XD
    its perfect in every way XD
    well done & its an *excellent* highlight :)

  24. Lariel Mar 05, 2008

    Uwaa~ It's beautiful! Flawless, with perfection! Awesome job! <3 for Clannad. XD

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