Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: Code Geass R2

Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch Lamperouge, Anya Alstreim, Xingke Li, Suzaku Kururugi Wallpaper
Lelouch of the Rebellion Series Lelouch Lamperouge Character Anya Alstreim Character Xingke Li Character Suzaku Kururugi Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Dedicated to yoruangel866 eevaleena dianas sinever christabel92


About vector:
my opinion: This was challenge, big one...actually I can't believe that I vectored it.For vectoring this it would took me 3 days if I had them, but I didn't have that much time to vector it in 3 days because of school.
I gave my best with outlines, changed Rollo's opened mouth, recontructed C.C's hair, Chinese's hand and hair, same as Nunnally's hair behind the blondie one(lol)...
I thought that coloring would be much easier but believe me its really hard to color them all with 3 different colors on almost every part of everyone of them. But it sure was fun!
Scan here !

Layers :1900
time: Around 1week
funiest part:Coloring
hardest part: Chloting
easiest part: eyes ^_^
program: Photoshop cs2
vector-wallers vectory colorfull-wallies celestial-luminesse dream-wallies free--wallers timeless--rain code-geass-knights wings-lovers

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Browse Lelouch of the Rebellion Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. EevaLeena Feb 24, 2008

    Ehhh? It's done already? Wow... you're sure fast! Here I am still struggling my #9 project! *cries*

    Anyways, lovely job on this one! Love the outlines, and the colors is perfect too! You sure had patient vectoring so many character's. If it were me, I'd give up right away! But you didn't vector Kallen, right? Oh well! Must a fav! Since it's a dedication for me too ;) Thanks a lot!

  2. christabel92 Feb 24, 2008

    konacno je gotovo!yay!
    izgleda stvarno fantasticno.....toliko detalja...wow!

  3. MissyG Feb 24, 2008

    Amazing *-*
    *nosebleed* Yeah you must indeed be patient with vectoring all those characters. >__< Lines and colors look so great! I don't know what else to say, so ... yeah.


  4. temarigenius Feb 24, 2008

    OMG! I was just wondering if anyone would vector this scan~ And you did! *_*
    What great patience you've got! >_< Wish I had it too >.<
    Anyways! Great vectoring~ =D Looks perfect~ ^^
    If only it has the size of my desktop, it would have be on my desktop right away~ >.<

  5. chrisp Feb 24, 2008

    you did a gorgeous job!
    perfect vector!
    i love it!
    thanks for your work!

  6. abul Feb 24, 2008

    its just a big WOW! :o
    you did such a great job!
    all the lines are thin and straight
    colouring is neat
    though the only flaw i think is that the colours need saturation/contrast :)

  7. bioboy505 Feb 24, 2008

    Wow. You did an absolutely great job!

  8. dianas Feb 24, 2008

    really nice and so many details o.O this would had been impossible for me
    because I don`t have enough patience to vector images
    omg and my avatar appear in the description XD wow + fav from me

    Lulu-fan *~* yum yum

  9. YoruAngel866 Feb 24, 2008

    omg sis this is awesome! Ilocve their eyes!

  10. milla-chan Feb 24, 2008

    WOW, i really like that scan, im so glad someone vectored it :)
    thank you very much for sharing it ^_^

  11. Milis Feb 24, 2008

    It's really good and interesting wall^^

  12. eternalmemory Feb 24, 2008

    omg you did a great job!
    code geass wallpaper :D the vector is awesome
    thnx for sharing
    +fav XD

  13. puraimu Feb 25, 2008

    OMG you really did a great job.

  14. X-kai Feb 25, 2008

    OMG! XD
    *Faints* Thank-You sooooo much! :) :D I really love this scan, thank you for sharing it! ;)

  15. dizzy-me Feb 25, 2008

    *GASPED* this is awesome! A really wonderful wallie you've just made for the fans of Code GEASS! This is simply amazing, good JOB and thanks for creating such beautiful wallie for the GEASS fans (like me) XD

  16. Sinever Feb 25, 2008

    OMG XD
    thanks alot for the dedication XD
    the vector is simply awesome :D the lines are very neat :)
    well done & thanks again :)

  17. KaoruMikagami Feb 25, 2008

    great wall.i like it

  18. KiyanaIkebana Feb 25, 2008

    This wall is so awesome! I love it so much! :)
    Must +fav!

    merged: 02-25-2008 ~ 10:03pm
    This wall is so awesome! I love it so much! :)
    Must +fav!

  19. Rayzi Feb 25, 2008

    I've never seen some of these characters before, is this for the second season? Wait, OMG IS IT OUT ALREADY?! Lol. I've been waiting......... and I'm still waiting..... ^_^' Love your work!

  20. Radonelaj Feb 26, 2008


  21. carl123abc Feb 26, 2008

    Its a really ncie wall, also a good glance at some of the new characters ncie job and thank u ^ ^

  22. kenshin86 Feb 26, 2008

    Wow, lot of new characters, really nice with Nunally at the top. Can't wait for season 2!

  23. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Feb 26, 2008

    MARVELOUS work! Superb! XD
    So happy! I really love it.
    I'll make it into my desktop wallpaper. :)
    +fav. Arigatou Gozaimasu! :D :D
    Looking foward to your next amazing work... XD

  24. zaira Feb 26, 2008

    *copy paste from AP*

    saw this in AP and faved it there!
    this one is one of your best wall and vector!
    the original scan is uberly filled with text
    but you made it into a vector and i like how you did it!
    the outlines are thin + the dark colorings are sharp though
    your background is a bit dark which makes the characters
    look much darker but overall great vector!
    +fav! ;)

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