Fate/stay night Wallpaper: Hakanai Yume

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hmmm... I guess I have to do a Saber wallpaper eventually, being my most favourite character and all. Anyway I've always liked the scene (for those who've watched FSN hopefully they'd remember this part), so I thought maybe I should try to make a wallpaper out of it and here's the result. Vectoring Saber is probably the easier part, as you can see there isn't too much to vector anyway. But making the background is tough, prolly also because it's my first time in making a real background for a wallpaper (1st wallpaper doesn't really have a "real" bg).

Original screencap:
Click here

Did the mountains for about 5 times, tried vectoring initially, but of course that failed miserably, and I ended up just painting it... It's not good I know, I suck at drawing stuff with hands >_<.

As for the clouds, I again tried making it myself, but that failed too hard so I had to use a brush for it. And then I coloured it from red to blue... Did some scaling, adjustments here and there. I hope they don't look too bad...

The last part is mostly blending the vector and all the background, which took several days of listening to various advices/comments. They are all credited below.

Hopefully the wall is alright... Comment and critiques (go as harsh as you can!) are welcomed.

-Gabychan for giving me valuable comments on everything.
-asa01 for giving detailed comments on Session Zero.
-My friends Kenneth, Min and Chen Siang for giving me various suggestions during the wallpaper making process.
-Clouds brushes: SS Clouds (www.brushes.ObsidianDawn.com)

(copied from animepaper)

More resolutions
5:4 ratio, 1280x1024

4:3 ratio, 1600x1200

Even more resolutions at-

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Browse Fate/stay night Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. mistergua Feb 20, 2008

    How could I ever forget that part? It was good-bye, and Saber looked the most gorgeous there with her hair down, flowing in the wind.

    This'll definitely go to my favorites.

    Thank you very much.

  2. mystvearn Feb 20, 2008

    Nice background, looks like a screen shot from an anime. The background does lack depth, that is one thing I would like to say. I think shadows are needed, shadow lines pointing upwards to the clouds as the sun is hidden behind the hills would make it better.

  3. YoruAngel866 Feb 20, 2008

    this is pretty! U vectored screenshot perfectly! it's amazing. i especially love how you did the background, even if it's from screenshot,cause i find it very hard vectoring backgrounds from screenshots. I must say this is amazing

  4. Kairi-Hearts Feb 20, 2008

    there's no way I would forget that scene! And I'm so glad someone vectored it!
    The vector is pretty good. I know how hard it is to vector from screenshots! And the bg is gorgeous too. You did great^^ It's lovely

  5. depthchargex Feb 21, 2008

    Anyway more alternate versions as requested-

    WS 1920x1200 no txt
    WS 1920x1200 english txt

    4:3 1600x1200 no txt
    4:3 1600x1200 english txt

    5:4 1280x1024 no txt
    5:4 1280x1024 english txt

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 21, 2008

    Very beautiful vector, It's weird seeing her
    with her hair all loose like that.
    Great job making the bg so calming
    and I love how the colors are simple but
    do alot for it all together.
    Great job.

  7. Sinever Feb 22, 2008

    your vector is gorgeous & the background is very well done :)
    keep it up ;)

  8. chrisp Feb 23, 2008

    really great job!
    keep it up!

  9. Termino1983 Oct 23, 2008

    My fave scene

  10. bogoshipa Nov 23, 2008

    this is 1 of the best Saber wallapapers ive seen
    the last scene is just so classic
    very nice done, love it =]

  11. Taja Apr 10, 2009

    thank you so so so much XD

  12. j-valium Jul 07, 2009

    in the anime, this is the moment that i really cryed i.i I loved your wall... the vector is very pretty, kissus

  13. ake2000 Sep 15, 2009

    beautiful! I like this scan very much! Thanks for sharing!

  14. fatalattacker09 Nov 04, 2009

    you know she is much more beautiful with her hair untied

  15. tymju Jan 25, 2010

    very cool picture its my favorite

  16. shak-aure Feb 16, 2010

    wow saber ^^
    very nice wallpaper, thanks for sharing

  17. MirokuSangoLove Feb 28, 2010

    Yup... Thanks any way for the scans and comments... :p

  18. leijin Mar 05, 2010

    Saber is awesome, that's a very good scene :)

  19. Demetrio200 Apr 12, 2010

    Wow, the wallpaper is very cool, saber looks very pretty

  20. gis Jun 17, 2010

    Fate Stay Night "Thank you"

  21. deathalien Aug 10, 2010

    Thank you very much For sharing.


  22. sonicks Aug 29, 2010

    hermosa y divina como siempre O.O ella siempre esta tan maravillosa

  23. Kengou12 Nov 30, 2010

    Thanks for the share!
    Its pretty awsome

  24. CrazyMialuvsAnime Dec 22, 2010

    this moment in the series always makes me cry and i love the pix

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