Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Tsukiakari

Hisashi Hirai, Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

*Highlighted in gundamseed-angels


Happy birthday Moon-chan! Well, belated birthday I guess :) Only belated because Photoshop is a very cruel and heartless program. (I lost 8 hours of work on this wall the night before Moon-chan's birthday.) But I don't want you to feel bad about it at all Moon-chan. You're worth it ;) I know Lacus is kind of a typical subject when it comes to gifts for you, but I chose to do GSD because I think we may have become friends in the first place because we both did a lot of Lacus and GSD vectors :)

I guess this is a kind of depressing wall for what's supposed to be a happy occasion. But I guess it's alright. I wanted to try and portray the slightly darker, sadder side of our songstress. Even the Pink Princess can get depressed; it happens to everyone and we all learn to deal with it in our own way. We can't let take over our lives.

Tsukiakari means Moonlight.

The original scan had text and bad colour so of course I vectored it. After that, I had to design the background. Basic scenario: Lacus is lying backwards on her bed, late at night, moonlight streaming through her window. I guess designing her room was fun. At first I just made the window, but the walls looked way too empty, so I gave them some colour, pattern, and paneling. Then I added a photo of Kira and Lacus on the wall. Then the Haro clock. Gotta love the Haro clock! Although it wouldn't really work :P I added a painting of sorts to the left of the wall, and added Kira and Lacus in the painting.

Everything in this wall is made from scratch, except for the painting (stock), and the moon/clouds (brush). Therefore I'm sure the perspective is kind of off lol XD Ah well.

I guess that's about it! I hope you like it Moon-chan, sorry for the lateness and I hope you had a memorable birthday ^_^

Lacus: 14.5 hrs
Bed: 2 hrs
Background: 4.5 hrs
Total: 21 hrs

Lacus: 21
Bed: 3
Background: 20 (after merging)
Total: 44

Original Size: 4000x2775
Original Scan: Actually I can't find it right now ^^
Texture Version: Click Me

vectory vector-wallers gundamseed-angels celestial-luminesse mikos-moon-flower sakura--cb songstress-reverie

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  1. abul Feb 19, 2008

    photoshop is a program and any prgram cant have a heart :D
    but anyway, the vector is just sooooooooooooo gorgeous that i cant even describe how much i love it!
    the room design is just so cool and the window and the shading...... everythings just soooooooo beautiful/perfect!
    +fave of course

  2. Sinever Feb 19, 2008

    its a beautiful wall :D
    the vector is neat & the room looks nice :D
    love the pictures & the watch too :)
    well done ;)

  3. strikefreedom1004 Feb 19, 2008

    Beautiful wall, Lacus looks really pretty in bed. God job :)

  4. Kaisuke90 Feb 19, 2008

    This is soo good ^^ I love the pictures on the wall too ;P

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 19, 2008

    I love the vector, best one I've seen of her.
    The room is nice, well made and I love the homey
    touches you added to make it her own.

    I think the brushes you used to make the moon/sky
    actually messes up the wallie, I think it would have been better
    had you just made it yourself :3

    Overall very nice wallie and great job
    on the vector, + highlighted in the group.

  6. YoruAngel866 Feb 19, 2008

    absolutely goregous! Moonlight is really perfect, reflection on her body too, and pics of them are so cute hanging on the walls, and ofcourse most important is: vector is just to beautiful,lines are perfect, all the same size, and lol 44 layers for all? i would have 500+!
    fantastic job!

  7. x-lawss Feb 19, 2008

    Wow, the sky the moon and the moonlight looks great XD
    Lacus look so beauiful in bad....... Don't get me wrong ^_^'
    You are cool :D thanks for sharing!

  8. Milis Feb 19, 2008

    Really beautiful^^ Lacus and moonlight=)

  9. xAnime4Lifex Feb 19, 2008

    Great work! :) I love the streaks of moonlight shining down and the window shadow on Lacus.

    Another great wallpaper, as expected >_<

  10. Aiira Feb 19, 2008

    wow! this is so pretty..I like the way you positioned Lacus in the bed :) Really great work..


  11. KriisEH Feb 19, 2008

    Lacus looks soo cute :D
    Well done, and maan, the room looks soo real, like as if it were her main bedroom and she was singing Fields of Hope or any other song of hers, lool. But honestly, it's so pretty that I could just stare at it for hours, haha. xD

    Thumbs up! :)
    + Add to Fave <33

  12. sailorchiron Feb 20, 2008

    VERY dramatic. Love it.

  13. Omone Feb 20, 2008

    wow. i really like how you've done the room. with the pictures you've added. looks realistic!
    and the vector is well done as usual XD very neat and clean.
    but i think it would look nicer if you have done the sky by yourself =D

  14. zaira Feb 20, 2008

    saw this in AP.
    same as my comment in AP.
    and not one of your best works.
    but i'm sure you can do much better working in perspective bgs next time ;)

  15. Kairi-Hearts Feb 20, 2008

    OMG! No wonder you are so busy! With gorgeous works like this *__*
    like you said, the perspective looks a bit off but the whole rest makes up for it.
    gorgeous vector and great idea. That moonlight is really pretty and greatly done.
    The room is just so cool!
    Your works are getting better and better! <33

  16. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 20, 2008

    My favorite part of this wall is the lighting. It's so awesome!
    The vectoring is neatly done and it's nice to see a rather different look at GSD. Not all happy-yay-for-friends, you know?
    Anywho, great job!

  17. pamkips Feb 20, 2008

    Holy Snap, that lightning is fan-tastic, lovely vectoring and I definitely love the dark mood, makes the wall more appealing :3

  18. devngel Feb 20, 2008

    well cooly pic

  19. Saulofein Feb 20, 2008

    A very nice wall (never saw that pic of Lacus, it's very nice ^^ )

  20. xKai Feb 21, 2008

    i luv the lighting you used but there's some mistake on her left index finger =x
    (imho) from that position i don't think we could see the moon could we? and the stars looks weird, somehow they are separated in a slightly unnatural way(too even)

    overall nice wall =D +fav

  21. LeoTravis80 Feb 21, 2008

    The bedroom is very well done, and Lacus is a beauty in bed indeed. The moonlight also goes well with her milky skin as well. I guess she's in deep thought... Very good wall!

  22. belencat193746825 Restricted Member Feb 21, 2008

    Woo it's nice and cute *3*
    +fav :3
    byes n-n

  23. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Feb 22, 2008

    Like the others, I think that this is excellent work :D First time I've seen a wallpaper like this so you get props for creativity :D

    One thing I have to say is that the window shadow is kinda... straight. I think it should actually bend and slip into the folds of her clothes and around her arms, because at the moment it makes it 2D.

    Perspective is really good and so are the details <3

  24. BlueZeroStrike Feb 22, 2008

    This is beautiful wallpaper^^ Everything is well done and I like the lighting effect. I also like how Lacus appears. She seems to a little lost in thought and for once she's not in generic looking pose, which makes this wallpaper standout even more. A very sexy piece of art^^

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