Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko Wallpaper: A thousand miles // Starship Girl Yamomoto Yohko

Takashi Shouji, Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko, Elizabeth Hakuhouin Ayano Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Its been a long ass time since i saw this series a while back when i was in Phillipines and Singapore watching this in AXN the best anime network in whole asia today! So i was searching around then found a site and took it, I give soul gratitude to Red who actually couldnt make the wall but managed to cg it and post it! So yeah had to re-outline here because some parts arent with an outline as you know..So took me a while and its been a while since i got back to my roots...Try to make it a nebula cloudy-ish, grid work background and yeah made this up..Wa sgoing for a planet and starry wall look but i find it to common in walls today...So yeah this has 67 layers and 5 hours of work after i came back from school....

I so do like her( though i forgot her name) because she becomes a bad guy after the bisexual girl was defeated.
And i hope you like her to ^_^

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  1. Cloudnine Apr 06, 2004

    You layer whore~ XD =D

    Awesome work, love the color scheme and BG design~ =3

  2. Osiris Retired Moderator Apr 06, 2004

    love the bg :)

    look at all that techyness XD

  3. Mizuki-Chan Apr 06, 2004

    great pretty colours! ;) I love it! XD

  4. X-Setsuna-X Apr 06, 2004

    very nice wall

  5. xentron Apr 06, 2004

    OMG, thats some layering work :P
    Wish i could make wallpapers that well :P
    Good job!

  6. GundamZZ Retired Moderator Apr 06, 2004

    nice colours....and i love how u blended grunge and tech into the bg....superb oracle :D

  7. Zaccheus Apr 06, 2004

    nice backgrouns, so much depth, and the colors work perefectly. Excellent job!!

  8. DJOriental Banned Member Apr 06, 2004

    everything is nice, i dont like the girl though

  9. Sir-Boingal0t Apr 06, 2004

    I think the line graphs ending just like that in the bottom left of teh wall is kinda....uhh iduno....weird? @.@.......I think it should fade out

    and also teh font type.....well......I think it'll look better with another font XP

    anywayz .....pretty cool man XD

    I think tis one of yer best walls XD

  10. Itachi Apr 06, 2004

    Yeah, the bg sure is impressive >_<

  11. mooling89 Apr 06, 2004

    I love the colors! super job

  12. Omicron-15 Apr 06, 2004

    i like this wall

  13. ippikiookami Apr 07, 2004

    Nice wall there, kewl effects :)

  14. I-c-y Apr 08, 2004

    i applad thee, very layer-rific

  15. Latios Apr 08, 2004

    I like it, love the effects and the bg. keep up the good work

  16. lyly223 Apr 09, 2004

    yup v ery nice the background make her look more beaty

  17. xrated Apr 09, 2004

    WoW!, this is very stuning. I bet u put in a good bit of time into this peice of work.

  18. Natsu May 17, 2004

    nice bg and the pic is cool

  19. Sh0rT0nE Jun 19, 2004

    OoO...very cute ^_^

  20. xxxholic2 Jun 30, 2004

    i <3 this very much!! really nice!!!!! +fav

  21. Septillion Jul 06, 2004

    whoa that is pretty awesome. the colours looks great and the background is magnificent.

  22. Saint-Rygar Jul 29, 2004

    Some awesome job Oracle!! l really like it!
    Another obligated download =D

  23. TEKKAMANII Aug 04, 2004


  24. tyohn Aug 07, 2004

    good job

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