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It began from this headline........
Breaking news: Anime Existed 1700 Years Ago?
Latest Discovery Baffled Archaeologists
Rome, February 15, 2008:- A team of archaeologists recently discovered what would be a twist to anime's history; a small section of wall with mosaic featuring an anime character girl in the ruins of old Byzantine-era building.

Measured about the size of A4 paper, while covered partially by rough marble arch; the Greek words across the arch reads "TASTY MERONPANS", and the partially-seen ribbon above reads "SHANA"; while a monogram on the upper right of girl's head reads (in Greek) as "SN". The girl was depicted eating a bun with her left hand holding a bag full of buns.
On her left is a spiraling tulip with a blue ribbon wrapping around it, possibly to form a shape of "S" alphabet. Below the mosaics is a typical Greek pattern wooden plank. Like other Byzantine-era mosaics, the girl's background consists of gold-layered mosaics, arranged in flower petal shape. The same goes to Byzantine-style angel, which is on the top of the arch.

The artifact has been excavated from the wall due to its crumbling & instable structure, and now framed securely in glass board. Flakes of crimson bricks are included together too to 'support' the cracked arch at the lower left. It is currently in display in Roman Empire Museum, which draw a huge number of visitors from all walk of life since the announcement of its discovery.

News Spread into Anime communities
Not long after archaeologists revealed this unearthed piece in the press conference, news started to spread like wildfire among anime fans. More surprisingly, a staff in Daily International News received a call from an anonymous caller, claiming that that girl in the mosaic is Shana from the anime series Shakugan-no-Shana. A short investigation was made to confirm this claim, and precisely, found to be true; although soon after, numerous anime community forums in internet insisted the same claim made by the caller previously.

Anime Existed 1700 Years Ago?
Nevertheless, this mosaic artifact raises questions of bewilderment from various societies, especially anime fans from Japan, How could a 20th-century thing existed in 12th-century era?
In the streets of Akihabara, Japan, Yoshiko Takeda, 31, who's a fan of this anime series (Shakugan-No-Shana), also questions its authenticity that it is absolutely fake."Moreover, Shakugan-No-Shana was first published as manga (Japanese comics) in February 1st, 2005, and into TV anime in October 1st, 2005,"
"Plus, the 1st anime in the world began in 1907. Judging from the art of anime itself too, no technology in ancient times can produced such thing (like this mosaic artifact)," she added.
Aside, this artifact also raises controversy between archaeologists and anime fans across the world when these mosaic pieces were proven to be thousand-year old in the radiocarbon-dating test.

Theory By Theory- (see next page)

ATTENTION! XD Full view to examine this 'artifact'

For a record, this design was inspired from my recent vacation tour in Turkey on December 2007, where I was amazed by the beauty of the historical Byzantine mosaic art. XD It prompted me to dwell into the life of this ancient era by 'becoming one of them', that is, through working on mosaics :)
However, as I don't have any tiles, so papers are my substitute :) ^_^' Plus, it's also because of my devotion for Shana that motivated me to create this, hence presto!~ The Mosaic Meronpan :D

Frankly speaking, this is my 1st time doing mosaic art. You can say this is just my amateur piece.Nevertheless, I managed to gain some important skills during this process, from drawing the 'tiles', to cutting them appropriately (so that it leaves some tiny gaps that make the 'tiles' look mosaic :) )

In The Process: To ensure the copy's accuracy (at least near 96% from the original scan) when these 'tiles' are assembled, I made a duplicate of the scan, and then "embossed" it so that only the lines existed. Then, I printed out both embossed and original copies, one as 'mosaic platform', & another as 'mosaic tiles'.
You can view the process here:
Design proposal | Embossed copy | Gold background | In the making... | Early assemblages | Near completion

Also, the background, like its 'ancestor's (Byzantine) one, has a nice effect; and since I can't demonstrate its beauty live in here, I'll provide its photo HERE, and HERE. Not to forget, some shots from different angles in bright environment: CLICK HERE & HERE.
Plus, for your info, the materials used in creating this are chosen carefully, as I want it to be more than just 2-dimension. Therefore, the 'arch' is made of a kind of rough cardboard which gives a "wall" texture; and layered inside with some 'bricks' (colored papers), as you can see on the left of its pillar :)

The scariest thing was prior to completion of the eyes' part. Somehow I felt a little freaked out to see an eyeless Shana, O.o o_0 as seen HERE

Time Consumed: One week of research, and about a month for completion. However, it's not at all times I would be spending the whole day cut-and-paste it, because it would get me yawning ^_^' 3 hours is fine ;)

Some research pictures where I got some ideas from:
http://www.thejoyofshards.co.uk/history/byzantine_4516.jpg (from The joy of shards Mosaics Resource)
http://www.e-turkey.net/turkeyguide/d/3269-6/istanbul-kariye-museum-chora-church-00044.jpg (from Turkey Guide with Photos)
http://rolfgross.dreamhosters.com/2003Sicily/PalermoPalatina-Dome.jpg (from http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showflat.php?Number=973497 where i got the idea of having the words across the arch)
http://www.impactfolios.com/voyajolu/4365/4365-50645-large.jpg (from www.sacredikons.com/ )
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Semper_Augustus_Tulip_17th_century.jpg (wikipedia; Tulip mania)

Main inspiration from: Hagia Sophia

Important Note: Although it may have some religious elements, I must stress here that my doujinshi here is mainly secularly artistic and no means to make fun of any related religions. As Byzantine era lived around Medieval times where Christian arts flourished, its aesthetic development was channeled into beautifying religious centers, and there weren't other genres for it to be devoted for. Nevertheless, this alone had resulted into a unique style which captivated my inspiration to create such "contemporary classic" piece :)
Meanwhile, the "breaking news" above is just intended as a "background story" behind this 'artifact'. All names mentioned there are fictitious (And plus, any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental X-P ) Oh, my crappy head......... ^_^' My apologize if it pains your eyes to read all these ^_^' @_@

Source scan: Melon Bread Feast by HanaKyouyama
Ribbon design inspired from: Saint Joan by Marissa
Last but not least, grateful thanks to Toya999 & her Greek friend (what's her name already? ^_^' ) for their help in Greek words ^_________^

Perhaps soon, I hope to design a modern mosaic anime art piece :D
On the other hand, comments are greatly welcomed, as I'm still in the process of honing this newly inspired skill ;) Hope you'll like it :)

Before I end my presentation, here's the continued part of the news "Theory By Theory" :)

Theory By Theory
Chaotic as it seems, various opinions and theories sprout out from numerous levels of society, with some far from historical facts, and yet some are laced with superstitious. One student who's keeping abreast with this issue, jokingly guessed that it could be "someone who went to that era with time-machine like Back To The Future movie.' "Furthermore, those Greek words and that mosaic girl looks & sound like an advertisement. Or maybe that person went to the past to sell those melon buns as depicted in that mosaic....."
-by Raymond Nightingale; D.I.N.

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  1. Clover Feb 15, 2008

    great idea^^ the text is very long but i'm fine with it.
    It really looks like an Mosaic and it has a much better quality than a real one^^
    I think you had a lot of work with the text too. I like the beginning of the text "Anime Existed 1700 Years Ago?"
    Yeah it looks like it existed in this time too thanks to you^^

  2. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 15, 2008

    wow, that's such a neat idea! :) You have so much patience to cut the pieces out and stick them on one by one >__< . Nice design for the frame btw, I like the gold background ^^ How long did this project take you?

  3. zaira Feb 15, 2008

    LOL man! can't stop laughing while ready your description! XD
    at first i thought its was a vector or some kind of wallie or blah blah
    but its not! XD man! this one is totally a ground breaking news XD LOL
    just love how you did on everything! the bricks(?) or whatchamacallit thing
    + the texture is totally ancient! XD
    nice one kokuyu dood! XD

    added to sword-shana-lily group gallery!

  4. Lariel Feb 15, 2008

    O_O Hora, your work is crazed. It must have taken you one hell of a time to slowly cut and paste the pieces out to form... this. Texture, like zaira-san said, is TOTALLY ANCIENT. :D

  5. royaldarkness Feb 15, 2008

    Omg, wow. That is really impressive XD Nice 'artifact' Koko-chan!
    And I must say...that is one heck of a description lol!
    And oh God, one month for completion? I'm full of admiration for your devotion!
    Very very impressive ;)

  6. ASH-Hikari Feb 15, 2008

    So creative! :D

  7. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Feb 16, 2008

    Amazing! (And definitely a description to go down in the books as one of the most entertaining! :D) You can really tell how much time and effort went into this piece... and it definitely paid off! Great job on getting the shading/textures done... and I especially like the angel mural on the wall! Keep up the great work! :D

  8. shinshinovi Feb 16, 2008


  9. moonelf313 Feb 17, 2008

    Wow~ I love it, its so original! :) +Favs...it looks real!

  10. enchantressinthedark Mar 31, 2008


    Proves how big of a Shana fan you are ;) I really have to say, the mosaic idea is brilliant, and you executed it amazingly too! That image of Shana eating meronpan is soooo cute XD Your article should be posted in the OtakuZone XD

  11. Yu-huang Dec 16, 2008

    Wow! I'm seriously surprise at how good you got in your art. I can only imagine how meticulous and tedious a task it must have been. The gold provides a very nice touch and acts perfectly as the background, the borders and the characters add a sense of authenticity of an antique Byzantine mosaic. I can't wait to see what you'll come up next!

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