The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Wallpaper: J'oublierai Tout...

Noizi Ito, Kyoto Animation, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Haruhi Suzumiya Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Browse The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. norine07 Feb 07, 2008

    omg!~~~~ thanks abul-kun!~~~~~~~~~~~~ XD so sweet of you! XD it's haruhi!~~~~~~ hee hee!~ lovely effects on the water!~ and the sunrise as well!~ omg!~ nicely done!~ and the vector is well done as always!~~~~~ =] thanks much! =] *hugs* XD

  2. erikamirou Feb 07, 2008

    oh noes! I wanted to vector that pic of haruhi! T_T XD
    the vector looks great and the background is just lovely!
    oh, in the mood of simple backgrounds, hein? XD
    wonderful job lil'bro ;)

  3. IcyBlade Feb 07, 2008

    nice! simple but love it!

  4. Kairi-Hearts Feb 07, 2008

    love the colors <33
    the vector is nicely done as always and the bg is so pretty!
    great job on this one! keep it up

  5. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 07, 2008

    Hmm ok well the vector is good,
    I think you need to start blurring when you
    make something in the distance so that it looks
    more realistic.
    Like the line in the back where the sea is, you can
    try to blur it to show that it's far away, the same for the boat.
    I think it should be blurred, not too much just enough to show distance.

  6. YoruAngel866 Feb 07, 2008

    I agree with kitten
    but it's goood

  7. kashikosa Feb 07, 2008

    Quote by abultittle absolutely not related, just the tittle of one song by my current fave singer Vitaa

    Aaawwww... and I was just gonna ask you what was it you were going to forget :P
    Okay back to the wall XD
    At first I was going to complain about the bg being you know, not realistic and stuff, but primo: I'm no good at making bgs so I have no right to be picky and secundo: when I downloaded it I decided that I don't care, 'cause the Haruhi in the main plan totally draws my attention away from the bg.
    The vector itself gives me a really fuzzy feeling inside - nice outlines (as always) but there is something here, I don't know how to call it, something in the atmosphere perhaps, that makes this work really nice to look at... (even though I simply loathe SuzumiyaHaruhiNoYuutsu)

  8. ASH-Hikari Feb 07, 2008

    Always with the French titles, huh? I never understand the titles of your walls anymore XD
    Looks good! I like the sunset atmosphere you gave it. The light on the water looks great. There's something about where the water meets the sky that looks off, but...I can't put my finger on it.
    Oh, and I don't like the boat, but that's because boats freak me out XD
    Overall nicely done! Scenic walls are my fave :)

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Feb 07, 2008

    The vector is neatly done, but like other have pointed out, the sea line could use a little blurring. It's too sharp.

  10. Sinever Feb 08, 2008

    WOW XD
    awesome wall XD
    I love this scan of Haruhi :D
    & the bg is very nice :)
    well done little one :D its a fav ;)

  11. gaara-no-shukaku Feb 08, 2008

    The vector is, of course looking nice and neat. But the sky looks empty and I think at least you should add a few little clouds or mist to make it a lil complete. It's good to have the background vectored, and I couldn't agree more with the blurring part others have mentioned. Slightly needs some blending on the sea that meets the sky, it looks too abrupt. I'd suggest use the smudge tool to make it blends with the sky, and even try adding simple clouds to cover the abrupt change. Otherwise, the colours are nice and very sunset-y. Good choices.

  12. eonir Feb 08, 2008


    Nice composition! Very good idea! The vector is nice, although the background needs some work. First of all, the sea looks like a polished table. It should be more like a sea.
    Oh, and the horizon should be less flat. The World is round(as you probably know from TV).

    Anyway, quite a good work ^^

  13. temarigenius Feb 12, 2008

    <3 the color very much~
    Sunset wallpapers are always awesome~ =3
    The vector is perfect... as usual~ And the bg is cool~ =D

  14. Omone Feb 19, 2008

    the vector itselfs looks really good.. the background, well, i really like the idea, but the sea looks a bit strange.. don't know how to explain it. but all in all it looks nice.

  15. jorpanoterracombr Mar 13, 2008

    harui -chan is really more beautiful .The word appreciate all over exist

  16. moncada Jan 26, 2009

    she looks beautiful

    merged: 01-26-2009 ~ 06:51am
    she looks beautiful

    merged: 01-26-2009 ~ 06:52am
    she looks beautiful

  17. Renso21 Feb 05, 2009

    Beautiful character. the back of the bottom is very good

  18. cuanalokratos Feb 05, 2009

    very nice pic!

  19. Yopi21 Nov 27, 2009

    ?????? ????????))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  20. Apocalypse Mar 17, 2010

    Good Very Good Wallpapers! Thanks! ????? ???????????!

  21. erickmarlon28 Mar 22, 2010

    muchas gracias por el aporte ...xD!

  22. PHOEBEKAWAII Jun 19, 2010


  23. Tuyukunka Sep 13, 2010

    No esta mal buen aporte.............

  24. mimiru214 Sep 25, 2010

    nice picture~thank for share

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