Saiunkoku Monogatari Wallpaper: One Lonely Emperor

Madhouse, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Ryuuki Shi Wallpaper
Madhouse Studio Saiunkoku Monogatari Series Ryuuki Shi Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I gave up! I've been trying to work on this wallpaper for almost a week now. The first two background... was rejected completely. Then I re-watched SaiMono 1-8, to see if there's anything I can used for a background. At first I want to use the outside scenery (with lake, sakura trees etc..), but somehow looking at Ryuuki wearing such a thin clothes, that idea was rejected completely (AGAIN!). So.. the only thing left is inside a room & night scenery. I vector this background from one of the episode.. but when I put Ryuuki, it look kinda strange, so I cut everything else and left only the windows. Honestly, I'm not really happy (yet) with this... but I gave up completely. So, this is the final version. I might re-do it when I feel much better.

Ahh.. onto Ryuuki vector, it took me only 6 hours to finished it. I love how it turn out too. And I managed to made it a bit darker! (but somehow, on the wall he look a little bright... ne? Oh! well!) The hardest part is Ryuuki hair (why did a guy had such a complicated hair!) and those beads on his bracelet (oh god! I almost gave up on that! >_<). Well... and of course I had fun vectoring Ryuuki. He's my baby after all! Love him so much! OX

Oh yeah, about that title.. Ryuuki kinda look lonely (despite surrounding with other's in original image!), so I named this ONE LONELY EMPEROR. *sobs* Poor Ryuuki. Don't worry! I'm here! I can hug you anytime you want! :nya:


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  1. Sakura-Dust Feb 04, 2008

    It's beautiful! =_=*
    The only thing I don't like are the trees. They look messy in contrast with the rest of the beautifully vectored wallpaper. I think a day background, maybe with a sakura tree would fit better. Why? Because the guy is pretty girly and it would just suit him better.
    Nonetheless, I love it.

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Feb 04, 2008

    The vector looks too good for the bg to me :\
    I think Sakura is right, a day bg would suit him
    much more better.

  3. milla-chan Feb 04, 2008

    It's beautiful ^_^
    i've just finished the first season of Saiunkoku, and i think its such sweet and beautiful story. And Ryuuki is defently one of my favorites, he is so sweet ^-^
    thanks for sharing :)

  4. temarigenius Feb 04, 2008

    Noo!~ He's mine too >_<
    <33 him too~ He's so hot here *_*
    I kinda like the background, it makes him look more lonely though... T_T
    The weird thing is that... I don't know why though... Ryuuki looks a little blur... and he has no shadow on the wall >.< Maybe I'm wrong though~ ^_^'
    Anyways, <3 this~ Bishie Ryuuki~ The vector is awesome! :)

  5. YoruAngel866 Feb 04, 2008

    AWESOME vecor and wallie
    love it all!

  6. IcyBlade Feb 05, 2008

    nearly perfect-level wall though and I like it...

    Awesome vector level and nice background

    (maybe because you hardly searched for the best background)

    Anyways, its 8.5/10

    Good job!

  7. Erdbeermilch Feb 08, 2008

    First of all I think your vector of the character looks really great, it's so clean and smooth.
    Actualy I can understand your problems of making a background you find satisfying, I always struggle with the same stuff whenever I have to create a background all on my own. I like the setting with the window and the moon on the nightsky, however I believe that a blue or purple sky would've looked better in combination with the vector. The red sky and the dark trees seem like the total opposite of your calm and peaceful foreground, so I agree with Sakura-Dust's suggestion, maybe a sakura tree would've been better.

    A good work still and don't let them evil backgrounds annoy you too much.

  8. christabel92 Feb 18, 2008

    wow,I like it very much...the windows look really great...so much details...just awesome...and the background looks nice to me ;)

  9. Nightrane Mar 10, 2008

    It's nice... but the trees look so bare and lonely. I think cherry blossoms would go better with Ryuuki's character, but it's utimately up to you. ^^ Great job!

  10. dipendot Jun 05, 2008

    love it! nice title! thanks for sharing.

  11. Ryouko Nov 08, 2008

    very sexy image of Ryuki here. Thanks so much for sharing. Keep up the good work, please. :)

  12. yutakafair Dec 19, 2008

    grandioso wallpaper. muchas gracias por el

  13. lady-karen-84 Mar 01, 2009

    *drools* Ryuuki = love. XD I love this background, so much details and great atmosphere. Tnx for sharing.

  14. uffy-chan Mar 24, 2009

    I like the bg too and the choice of the chara is good too ^^ really nice work! Windows are lovely

  15. CinnamonToast Sep 10, 2009

    What a great wallpaper! Thanks for putting so much work into it ^,^

  16. Seadna Sep 23, 2009


  17. beastgoh Oct 30, 2009

    i love him, tro canon Ryuuki, c rare pour un Empereur XD =D

  18. Sokkyosama Feb 21, 2010

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful picture!

  19. Edalright Jul 08, 2010

    OH!he always looks very beautiful,my imperator!))))

  20. blackgaea01 Sep 03, 2010

    nice... love it... ^_^...

  21. MidoriXJade Mar 06, 2011

    May look effeminate, but you have to see it in action.

  22. NikPerez814 Jan 16, 2015

    Hi @EevaLeena! After almost a decade, here I am, still a hopelessly loyal and madly in love fan of Saiunkoku!♥♥♥

    "Oh yeah, about that title.. Ryuuki kinda look lonely (despite surrounding with other's in original image!), so I named this ONE LONELY EMPEROR. *sobs* Poor Ryuuki. Don't worry! I'm here! I can hug you anytime you want! :nya:"

    That is exactly how I feel for Ryuuki! I WANT TO SHOWER HIM WITH THOUSANDS OF PANDA BEAR HUGS AND KISSES!♥♥♥ Kyah~ @_@ I WANT TO LET HIM KNOW THAT I'M HERE TO SHOWER HIM WITH LOVE AND ATTENTION! I even want to name my future baby boy after him.... LOL I also feel and I am also well-aware of the story and how sad, terribly sad, Poor Baby Ryuuki life is and will turn out to be till the very end..... That's why I pity him so much... I sympathize to the MEGA, ULTRA level... I LOVE POOR BABY RYUUKI SOOOOO MUCH.... He has experienced so much trauma from his tragic childhood and still the final blow until the very end, when he lost his beloveds.... Why Yukino SEnsei, why does the story has to end like that, so tragic like that....♥♥♥

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