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I posted this in the Sandbox first and I should think it's been sufficiently edited to submit now. Below is what I posted.

Quote by aozoraskiesWell, I posted a thread for a Trinity Blood wallpaper some time ago (actually about a month ago, I think) but it turned out quite bad. So I looked up some tutorials, experimented a bit more and this is the product. I don't think it looks that great yet but it is better than the previous one...I think.


Following melymay's advice (am I spelling the name right?), I tried to re-outline my sketch but somehow, no matter what I did, it didn't quite come out how I wanted it to look...so I drew them all over again in Artrage. Problem is I only have the starter's version, meaning no layer option so I had to extract n erase them sketches out. I drew the characters separately; Esther and Abel were not drawn on the same page. Esther was easy enough once I got the hand of sketching simply with the mouse. Abel, however, was nearly a nightmare and I felt like excluding him a lot of the time.

I did the night sky using a reverse grunge technique I found on Bittbox. Then I added in stars with brushes from Tama-neko's site, da! desktop anime. Used a few layers for this. Then after I had the characters coloured, I made a copy with merged layers n duplicated them onto the sky n positioned them. Actually intended for a cold, icy, Artic scene, but it looked too dull n I decided I wasn't qualified to paint ice breaking up with the water movement and all....the icebergs blocked out too much of the sky for my liking anyway...

Learnt how to paint moonlight from Maplerose's tutorial in paint-o-rama. I also followed the starfield tutorial from artofgregmartin but it didnt quite suit the scene so I stuck to my original. Well, I made the effort to look for tutorials and all that through the Sandbox and searching through other forums and websites so....hope all that work helped! Looking forward to criteria from all of you (....even though one bit of advice I received on my former wall so stung me I could hear it ringing in my ears almost the whole day...I needed it though to get myself to try again)

time taken : off and on for about a month, usually working in the wee hours cos it's quieter n I dont get distracted by anyone nagging me to go work on my real watercolour skills or smthg.

Layers : lemme see...44

Used artrage and Photoshop 7. Oh...I got kinda stuck with Abel's wings so advice especially needed about that.

Thank you! this is only my second try.

Well here's a bit of difference now.

Time: Extended from one month by around 4 hours. Yeah, I'm a slow worker...=_=""

Fixed the wings after advice from darheartknight who kindly dropped a few tips about painting wings.

Quote by darkheartknighti like the concept ^.^ About the wings, you can try using a hard round brush and set it to fade with low opacity (maybe flow i havent done the wing thing for a while so my memory is sketchy) and keep stroking the feathers out, you can make the top edge of the wings by using the pen tool then blur it. Might be a good idea though to lay out how your gonna make the wings

For an example > > http://xox1melly1xox.deviantart.com/art/AIR-painted-wallpaper-61671977 or this http://xox1melly1xox.deviantart.com/art/Angel-in-the-Sky-Young-Train-61902860

I hope this helps @.@ sorry for bad explanation

It wasn't that bad an explaination though i couldn't use the pen tool and - well the following quote should do.

Quote by aozoraskiesmerged: 01-26-2008 ~ 04:06am
argh...it's practically early morning here! thank goodness i only have to wake up before eight...if i had to get up at five or six like most of the time i would be in so much trouble...x_x

okay...lamentation aside. i stayed up to reedit my wallpaper cos i slowly began to realize after some time that i may not have another chance to even touch it as my computer seems to be slowing a bit and i have less time...so anyway, here it is!


i didnt have time to paint the sky otherwise i assure you, i would have attempted to. but i did use a smart blur and despeckle on it. what do you think? is this better or should i try to make space in my schedule to paint it all over again?

i tried the advice on the wings but didn't use the pen tool. darkheartknight, am i right to assume when u said stroke you meant lightly smudge? because that's what i ended up having to do... I wanted to do my original idea and make the wings reflect the night. But then i couldnt! everything looked too dark! so instead i used the pattern overlay and set it to linear dodge so the wings would be tinged blue.

All in all, i hope you find that it has improved...sigh.

I have to encourage myself...'cuse me as i quote Winston Churchill...I will "keep buggering on!" (he really did say that, believe me)

Tips, advice, tutorials and criteria are always always welcomed.

And changed the font shine after xAnime4Lifex 's comment.

Thanks to melymay for her patience to spare it a look and give encouragement after my disastrous first attempt months ago (not in the quoted thread)

And it was miumilee90210 who replied first and brought out of my self-inflicted delusion that everyone was ignoring my thread...thank you.

I hope you like it! I had to put a lot effort into it so i certainly hope that it is not taken of for poor effort..

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  1. aozoraskies Feb 01, 2008

    oh dear...i put too many quotes in the description...ah well...please comment!

  2. xAnime4Lifex Feb 01, 2008

    You submitted it! It must feel good to finally be finished with it. ^_^ Great work, keep it up!

  3. melymay Feb 01, 2008

    And here it is ^_^ A great improvement compared to with what you started with :) Nice job.

  4. Kyelor Feb 02, 2008

    Great job with the wings! Super smooth ^_^ Hmmm. . . your extraction is noticeably jagged around the edges though, so if you manage to smooth it out, then use a subtle blur on the edges, you might get a better blend. Still, I love the concept and hope to see more of your works in the future!

  5. aozoraskies Feb 08, 2008

    Hey I just noticed..my wall type has changed from Anime wall to Doujinshi...why is that?

  6. selemental Banned Member Feb 13, 2008

    hmm.. well if you didn't add anything with photoshop or an image manager of some sort OR you didn't make it wallpaper size then it will most likely be moved to doujinshi. But mostly they do this to keep people from ripping off your work. Because many have had that problem. You can try asking saikusa. or was that sakusa.. no it was saikusa? she'll probably tell you the same thing maybe.

    just make sure that if you used photoshop, in the description you say that you did. because the admins and mods can only go by what you say and how the pic looks nyan

    but nonetheless, this is very pretty and cute! i like it very much!
    thanks for sharing it with us! ^_^


  7. priincess Mar 05, 2009

    beautiful :)
    but..i dont know, the hand maybe

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