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excellent highlight in vector-wallers and featured in vectory and wings-lovers

after going back and looking at all my unfinished vectors, and deciding i really didnt want to do them at the moment i decided to challenge myself instead XD

i thought maybe i could make up my own character instead of vectoring an existing one :D

after planning to do this for a long while [ever since the beginning of last year] i decided to go ahead and just vector it XD

so i present to you a an orignal character i made up :)

as with all characters, each one has a name so i thought she also deserves a name of her own :D

i decided to name her Malena, the name originating from the Scandinavian origin/culture and the meaning of her name is a woman from Magdala and is also a variant of Madeleine [or originating as a swedish name it also means from the tower]

this is what the outlines look like before i tweaked and cleaned them on the left and after the tweaking and cleaning on the right :D

i changed her head accessory, her arm positioning, her hair, added her collarbone lines and erased all the unnecessary lines, etc from the original outline i did XD

the finished outlines [the one on the right] is what you see in the wall :)

for her hair i used many colours and shades, on the left is the original size and on the right is enlarged at 300% [this was before all the touch ups that you can see in the wall]

sample hair

this is just a small sample of some of the colours i used in her hair [not all of the colours are there since all her hair colours i used would be about three times as many shown in that small sample] :D

sample colour pallette

the hair took about ten hours and i was getting tired of doing the hair by the ninth hour ^_^'

if i have to do another ruffle, it would be too soon ^_^' the ruffles in this took far too long about ten hours to get it how i wanted them to look >.<

sample colouring

personally to me the easiest thing to do would have been painting the moon :D the hardest thing i think would have been the composition of this wall; trying to place all the elements in spots that didnt seem too strange [i hope ^_^'] and doing the colouring ^_^'

there are about 230+ layers altogether and this wall took about 80+ hours as i kept going back and changing things, tweaking it a bit here and there XD

never before has my wall had so much meaning as this was a wall i thought long and hard about XD

the background i thought i would try a different style and approach so i did it this way :) since i didnt want to have the usual normal average background XD

i didnt want to stick with the usual style of having everything facing the one direction; or having the same perspective since that is what i would usually have done however i wanted to do something completely different from what i would normally do, hence the arrangement and perspectives of all the elements XD

her accessories are to signify humanity's materialistic nature XD

the ribbon she is letting go of is to symobolise how humans try to let go and forget their problems :)

the clouds near the middle of the wall are to signify how everything is under the one sky as everything is living under and share the same sky which is the reason i designed this wallpaper this way :D the reason the clouds are in front of the bridge is to add a misty like effect and to symbolise how as humans we cannot not see whats ahead [eg. future] such as when one is in a fog everything is unclear and it becomes harder to see everything clearly XD

because the moon is being covered by the clouds and the structure, this symbolises secrets, as humans we try to hide what we dont want discovered which is portrayed by how the moon is partially covered :)

a bridge for crossing as paths of many are joined signified how a bridge has two ends and joins one end to the other XD i decided to make it seem as though the bridge is suspended over water [not too sure if the water turned out okay ^_^'] because continents are separated by water however alliances are still formed with various countries :D the water contains mostly dark shadows rather than light shades to symbolise the ambiguity of our world XD

the field is to symbolise nature, the birds and butterflies are to signify wildlife and creatures that roam our world and the structure is to symbolise civilisation as us humans have built structures upon this world :)

the reason the structure is upside down is because of how our planet earth is spherical and there is a north and south end of the planet, and if your at one end the opposite end seems to be upside down yet everything is held in place due to the force of gravity :D

because of the way the structures are positioned you could flip the wall vertically and view it that way XD [youll notice if you do that the structure is the right way up and the words 'the realms' can be read the right way up and youll notice that the wall would then say the 'the realms in between' and the whole section with the structure, moon, clouds and the birds seem as though they are the right way up however if you view it normally its only the structures that isnt the right way up XD flip canvas/wall vertically not 180 degrees ^_^']

thanks for viewing ^^

note: i appologise for the inconvenience of my credits in this wallpaper however it has come to my attention that someone has ripped one of my previous wallpapers by uploading it on another site [not on mt; on another image site] without my prior knowledge and i only found out because i stumbled upon it accidentally when browsing the internet T_T this has not only happened to me as i soon discovered it has happened to various other artists artworks found on mt and its sad to find out something such as this has happened T_T

link to animepaper version ---> In Between The Realms at ap <---







hoteru-no-shiki ~*~Star Revolution~*~









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  1. mistergua Jan 24, 2008

    I like it very much.

  2. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2008

    Wowies you write alot O.o

    The bg is gorgeous and very well done,
    I love the way her dress was painted and
    the bg blends in wonderfully.

    I think maybe the character doesn't blend in much,
    she kinda looks out of place for me...maybe it's just me :\
    But I mean for an original you did an amazing job of
    bringing her to life.

    The clouds are beautiful, fluffy and make a
    nice touch. The text is in the way I think, I feel like
    it's just there and it's not really making much
    of an impact. Like I can't even read it (maybe just me again)
    but it's not a major thing.

    Awesome work <3

  3. bluciel Jan 24, 2008

    It's gorgeous. I love vector-ed backgrounds, and I especially love yours because it's not simplistic, which I feel is a mistake that many people do with characters and backgrounds when vectoring.

    Well done :)

  4. x-lawss Jan 24, 2008

    Long time :)
    This is something new, looks awesome XD great background! And what a sweet character you have here!
    So you name her Malena, good name i think ^_^'
    Good job XD

  5. Sinever Jan 24, 2008

    I dont know what to say..........the girl I mean Malena looks absolutely gorgeous XD
    you have created a beautiful character :D I like her :)
    the bg looks nice :D
    well done eternal-chan :)

  6. Daheji Jan 24, 2008


    Love it! I love the colors in the hair! :D

  7. Kaisuke90 Jan 24, 2008

    >< always appreciate your works! This is sooo gorgeous!

  8. norine07 Jan 24, 2008

    omg! love the character and the background is just lovely! good job!

  9. YoruAngel866 Jan 24, 2008

    wow dress is superior! Absolutely goregous Malena you have there(malena in my language means "little girl")

  10. Lariel Jan 24, 2008

    *full views* Somehow, I get the feeling that it was yours. XD
    Opinions: Character is simply awesome. I love the somewhat wavery-sensation in her dress , as well as the color of her hair. But the background looks somewhat in a contrast. Don't get me wrong- it looks generally amazing, but the clouds, and the bridge, and the temple/shrine- I've never seen a more complicated BG- but's a real beauty alright.

  11. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2008

    Wowies, this is amazing!
    I absolutely love the dress and the background, it's just gorgeous.
    But as Kitten, I also think the girl stands out too much, maybe it's because her color scheme.
    Overall, nice work

  12. XRW175P6MQ4 Jan 24, 2008

    mmm Malena. Sounds dangerous yet still edible. Can I have some, I'm hungry?

    Good character by the way.

  13. Angi Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2008

    nice dress
    but she looks kinda bright from the rest of the wall...
    the bg is cool, its different but guess chara and bg doesnt blend too well
    the design of everything looks nice, you did a pretty wall

  14. Hikari87 Jan 24, 2008

    Wow~~ very beautiful *___* The bg concept is very pretty too~~ just that its somehow a bit too bright for my eyes XD Ganbatte!

  15. abul Jan 24, 2008

    im just speechless...
    are u sure its ur original character? i mean malena is just too beautiful....
    esp her dress :o
    i just lurrrrrv the bg, everything's just perfect [maybe except for the clouds but who cares]
    i did read the describtion but its too late for me to understand everything XD
    its fantastic, amazing, awesome >.<
    faving it!

  16. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jan 24, 2008

    wow, nice design, her hair reminds me a bit of Chii XD Good job on design of the dress and shading of the folds as well. I can see you put a lot of time and effort in this ^^ One thing though, it looks a bit weird that the colouring on the girl looks slightly blurred and the flowers in front are sharper. I think it might look better if the folds are vectored to make her stand out more.

  17. anoli Jan 24, 2008

    Beautifu wall.
    I like background and cute girl also nice colours.
    Good work.

  18. Devilet Jan 24, 2008

    Geez, people just love to criticise... I really don't have much of problem with the "blending".
    It looks perfectly fine to me, but each to their own...
    I just feel really bad when people work so hard on something and get criticed so much for little things.
    Suppose we all need those comments though to improve~

    First of all! Awesome job on the girl, I was surprised to see "original" from you, but without a doubt didn't seem too surprised after thinking about it. I read all of your description (haha) Simply because I know most people won't, and I feel obligated to read the whole descriptions BEFORE commenting, in case something is already answered.

    Her hair is simply fantastic! I think it's my favourite part. I'm not a huge fan of the clouds... but I see the symbolism in there. This wall a strong mystical feel to it, makes me wonder what kind of person she is. I think the "blurriness" of this work makes it seem very dreamy and relaxed. I hope you make more original works, because I'm very impressed with this. A fav~

  19. Idril Jan 24, 2008

    wow, sweetie! It's amazing, on the first time I saw I though it was a Kaori Minakami or Adumi Tohru wallie XD! Your art look likes from they XD!

    + favs absolutely! *-*

  20. Rayzi Jan 24, 2008

    Wow, It's amazing. 230+ layers? My mind would go nuts, and then I would lose track, and then, well, I wouldn't end up with anything. XD Just as amazing is your description! Lol, I've never seen so many smilies in my life!

  21. Scampi Jan 24, 2008

    Wow! Fantasy wallpapers are the best! I love how you colored her dress. I could stare at it for hours cause it's that good! My coloring skill is not that great compared to yours. This sure got my fav. Hope to see more walls like this!

  22. sakuranb Jan 24, 2008

    nice character design, very lovely. her hair is very pretty, and the bg is unique. The shadow behind her head and neck is too dark though and stands out too much, should be lighter so that it blends more with the character. Youve got alot of nice things going on in the bg, but the styles(the way they were colored) have too much contrast. you have ur clouds which are kinda blurry up next to a building that is sharp looking, and i also feel like the building is a tad 3-D looking in some parts. @__@ The buildings windows are also kinda crooked, and i think that the dark windows should be a tad darker. The bridges railing are out of contrast in comparison to the bridges road. Also, i think that the painting is kinda blurry @__@ Hope im not being too harsh ^^'' i rly like ur char. design and its a unique bg.

  23. FireBlaster Jan 24, 2008


    Excelent character
    In few words, is perfect
    This wallpaper is one of the most beautifull images of
    fantasy that I see, every detail of accesories, hair color
    the name, even the moon, is trying to say something
    my sister think the same of your wallpaper


    "Life is Fight"

  24. ArtificialRaindrop Jan 25, 2008

    Well, I read through the other comments, and I'm not thinking of anything else to comment on. So I'll just tell you straight out how I feel about this piece.

    Wow... I LOVE this wallpaper! It's gorgeous, creative, what's not to love? Absolutely a favorite for me!

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