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When the End

So near, but so far away you'll forever be
locked within my heart, presence in the air the melody

So far but so close we stay we shall never be
lost within our hearts
the phantom star, we both will see

But when the end comes will it take it all away?
sweeping our memories, erasing time that we so much shared
when the end comes everything fade away
don't let it come undone within our hearts let it stay
even when...

In darkness we seek for light though it may never be
someday we might find the sky we long so much to see

Hopeless, we still can believe
tomorrow will find its way
to the key of life the flame withing us we believe

But when the end comes will it take it all away?
sweeping our memories, erasing time that we so much shared
when the end comes everything fade away
don't let it come undone within our hearts let it stay
even when...

Reach out, out towards the distant night
engrave the seed of life in our hearts
so deep that we dream of it

Fear not, the future awaits us
even if fate shall take our soul
we two shall unite as one

But when the end comes
hold you in my arms and I will take all of your pain away
hold on our memories, rebuilding time that we so much will share
the end comes
we'll find each other bound by our soul only our pain can fade away
don't let it come undone within our hearts let it stay
even when...

I can't believe I finished it!

so, Kayurachan, how do you like my uke XD? everyone know I LOVE Nitro+ artworks! so when I saw this gorgeous scan I though "lets commit suicide!".

to recreate missing part of scan I used this image from artbook (scanner sucks!)

saving .psd was horror. my 512 RAM couldn't handle 127 MB file so I have to split vector into 3 separate files. for outlines, coloring Konoe and coloring tree.
when I managed to finish outlines (they are colored!) the nightmare started.

first I planned to color all tree but after filling main part of tree I gave up and started Konoe. I was "jumping" from one part to another. coat was hardcore and skin made me confused. so weird way of shading!

only background was easy, took me 1,5h (it was middle of night and I was exhausted).

enjoy samples of outlines and colored Konoe/tree

I'm very grateful for Madoshi-chan support. she know I'm vectoring it (I up dated her with progress) and cheered with compliments. Big Hug to Kashikosa-kun for encouraging. sometimes I was close to abandoning project. coloring tree was nightmare. I don't have tablet so every shading effects were achieved with mouse.

the title is from Lamento wonderful ending song by gifted Itou Kanako and Watanabe Kazuhiro. you can listen to it here.

original dimension: 3335 x 4741
Konoe outlines: 24 (gradient used on 4)
tree outline: 7
Konoe color layers: about 230 (40% gradient)
tree color layers: about 140 (80% gradient)
moon background layers: 8
total: 387
fun part: moon, sword/sheath, tail
horror part: hair, skin, coat, shirt, tree
time: 21.12.2007 - 20.01.2008 midnight (really!)

announcement! I'm taking looong vacation from vectors. my exams started plus this one thrilled me enough for some time.


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  1. kashikosa Jan 20, 2008

    O_o this looks better than I thought... Seriously this is... major...
    Told you, you would do an awesome job!

  2. Sakura-Dust Jan 20, 2008

    oooh the smex <3
    Awesome bishie!
    I love the vector, clean and nice ^____^

  3. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2008

    You know I love your vector! *.* It's looks sooooo good! The shading looks superb! Great work!

  4. YoruAngel866 Jan 20, 2008

    omg so fantastic!i love the tree,and the guy of course!

  5. Lady-Lotus Jan 20, 2008

    Oh, this one is just so gorgeous! I really like background, it's almost nouveau like. the coloring is great. very amazing work. love it!

  6. kayurachan Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2008

    ...so THAT was your uke! XD
    Amazing vector, nothing to add. And don't worry about the tree, it's perfect! You won't believe me but it's the first part I noticed (love the gradients!). Yay for cute uke and the hardcore coat ;)
    Bad news you won't be vectoring for a while... Now I'll go enjoy my full version PSD!
    +fav of course!

  7. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2008

    Gorgeous vector!
    It looks fantastic, the coloring is wonderful and the outlines are beautiful!
    You are really improving with every single vector you do ^^
    I love it <3

  8. entity1660 Jan 21, 2008

    So smooth, it sends my heart a-flutter! And the colors are soooo pretty tooo~ ><

  9. melymay Jan 21, 2008

    Nice job :D It's a bit too soft looking to me, but other than that it looks great :)

  10. Sinever Jan 21, 2008

    awesome XD
    so soft XD
    its well done :)
    keep it up ;)

  11. Danielly Jan 21, 2008

    though it was a pain you must be really happy with the results
    it's marvelous!
    you sure make me feel honored to see how you've been improving so long ^^
    congratulations my dear friend!
    i hope your vectors to become even better and invencible!

  12. DarthTofu Jan 21, 2008

    Awesome vector. =]
    haha, my computer only has 128 mb ram. xD you're lucky.

  13. abul Jan 21, 2008

    lol i must be so lucky to be able to save 120 mb psd file ^_^' sorry
    though my pc always sais : not enough virual memory or smth... but i dont care XD
    the vector is simply awesome, i love the colours, and i love the shading
    outlines are very sharp and neat ^^

  14. soujiokita Jan 21, 2008

    Wow, 127 mb file. Must have been hell.
    Great vectoring as always! ^^ +fav

  15. moonlight-shawdow Jan 23, 2008

    Wow that is one big file but weve all had that happen to us atleast once with our images-.-
    I simply love this vector and since it's nitro+i luv it more:><:

  16. Kairi-Hearts Jan 26, 2008

    oh you had the same problem I always have! I have 512 RAM too and it's horrible to work on PS 'cause of it. >.<
    anyway, I've started to play Lamento recently so it's great to come across a vector of it XD
    I mean, you did an amazing job. It's beautiful!

  17. KOKUJINDESU Feb 15, 2008

    AWESOME WORK! I love the composition! FAV!

  18. SelenaRT Oct 30, 2008

    Gorgeous! Everything looks spot on in this vector, colors are lovely and the details are amazing, I wish I could do this but can't so thanks for sharing your hard work.

  19. kikyou Jul 14, 2009

    sooo hot! thanks for sharing!

  20. VampireFMA Dec 11, 2010

    This is so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! <3

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