Vampire Knight Wallpaper: Unbreakable Bonds

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Kaname Kuran, Yuuki Cross Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Kaname Kuran Character Yuuki Cross Character

2048x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Birthday gift for sinever
I submited it earlier cause i could wait for her to see it(it's on february 11th,but still i had to show this to her!Happy Birthday!We started talking about vk and i noticed she likes that manga so much so i decided to make her vk wall..
I made also gifts for pandemonuim-chan and Abul-san but they will have to wait next week.Hope you dont mind

my first vexel(only hairs,but it was worth doing it)i thought i was going to die
Also one of my best vectors

I'm under big influence of Vampire Knight! It's my fave manga!Cant wait for anime to come up..I hate Kaname but now i dont hate him soooo yay! He looks so cute with Yuki

Spoiler (show)

who would said that he was her brother,but he isnt real one...confused x_x He was iritating me cause i thought he will fall in love with her,but i want Zero to be with Yuki!


About wall: Big chalenge for me! My first vexel!I wanted to make contrast when coloring their clothes.I made some construction changes cause i couldnt see everything because of the big fonts on scan!AAAAAAAAA
So dont say anything if it looks a bit wierd...I find their hairs very hard,especially yuki's so this is how it turned out...yuki's looks superior.hehe
i wanted to make floor and this is how it turned out to be. I like it...Also dont say anything about colors of the skin..It was like that..
Time: 3 days(dunno how many hours)
program:photoshop cs2
layers: 1425
characters: Kaname Kuran+Yuki Cross
scan url:vk-yuki-kaname-chapter 35 manga


Hope you like it guys! Comment's appriciated!

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  1. EevaLeena Jan 17, 2008

    Pretty! and quite a nice result for a first try. I love it! Though, honestly I kinda dislike all three VK main character (Zero, Yuki & Kaname).. Don't ask why, I just did! *ran away & dodge tomatoes from VK fans*

  2. reirei777 Jan 17, 2008

    wow its amazing how well you cleaned up that scan and made such a nice wallpaper out of it. well done.

  3. abul Jan 17, 2008

    oh i liked that image ^^
    though i must say the contrast between sharp outlines and blurry shading is driving me crazy >.<
    the hair looks quite weird but its okay ;)
    oh and the red eyes are just wow :o
    good jb anyway ^^

    PS oh urmaking a present for me? :o thats so sweet :) thank you ^^

  4. epsilon86 Jan 17, 2008

    The vector is nice but if you can make some colour adjustment it will look better to me. I really like the background that you did!

  5. zaira Jan 17, 2008

    love that pose :D your vector is nice if it is in thumbnail but once you DL is still nice though you can see some parts which are rigid most of in the edges or outlines, as for abul dood said the blurry and sharp doesn't fit together, it would be much nicer if you make the whole vector sharp :) but overall nice scan used + the mosaic background and i think this is not one of great works but i'm sure you can do better next time ;) + fav!

  6. Mitsuki24 Jan 18, 2008

    Ooh pretty :D
    I love how you do Kaname and Yuki's hair XD

  7. erisia Jan 18, 2008

    i prefer yuuki with zero...

  8. eternallegend Jan 18, 2008

    the way she seems to be lying there within his arms makes the wall seem peaceful :) the blood on his finger helps add a bit of mystery to the character and to the wall :D the title of the wall suits well with the atmosphere :)

    the shape of the tiling is really goo and i like how the shapes of the tiles flow nicely :D the ground the two are lying on seems a bit odd due to the fact there isnt much shading in the tiling ^_^' around near the edges of the tiles on specific spots should be a few light coloured [perhaps white or off white] lines for highlights in the tiles and a few dark coloured lines for shadow :) the colouring on the tile you can see these random lines [gradient lines? blurred lines?] the contrast between the blurriness of the shading and the crispness of the vexelled hair is a bit odd as it doesnt seem to flow very well ^_^'

    i like how the vibrant colours of his eyes stand out and seem to draw attention :) the colours are well chosen however there is this one strand of hair on his head that is like maroon coloured which looks awkward compared with the rest of the colouring ^_^'

    a lot of the vectored lines in your wall a jagged and there is a bit of white spillage where the guys vest meets his pants since the white colouring from his vest has overlapped his belt and you can see a bit of the white spillage on the tile next to him ^_^' the line for his tie that is conjoined to his collar has overlapped a bit ^_^' there is a bit of white spillage where his shirt meets his white vest near the buttons ^_^' the hair in all honesty is awkward to look at since there should be a lot more detail in the hair as parts of the hair there is a fair bit of detail however on another spot on the hair there is next to no or not as much detail which cause the composition of the hair to be off putting ^_^' the colouring on his shoulder is a bit odd ^_^' the lines on her legs that create the shadow and the bending of her socks seem a bit awkward as maybe they should also be blurred since they seem to crisp in comparison to the rest of her outfit ^_^' i noticed that he also seems a bit button less on the front his vest ^_^' the buttons you did vector could use a bit more shading and highlights :D the eyes are done nicely :D

    the simple look of the background is nice and the colour choices suit well :D you did a nice job considering the scan image you decided to use :)

    extra stuff:
    when i first saw the word vexel i thought hey a vexelled wallie XD before i read the rest of it and noticed it was only the hair XD lol :D this is all just personal opinion ^_^' i hope i havent offended you due to my comment ^_^' nice wall ^^

  9. Sinever Jan 18, 2008

    thanks alot yoru-chan XD
    I love it XD
    there are few jagged lines & small mistakes here & there but that doesnt matter do you know why because you finished it in three day :D to tell you the truth I dont think I can finish it in 3 days ^_^'
    thanks again & Im working on a VK wall too & I hope to finish it soon :)

  10. Korixxkairi Jan 18, 2008

    Finally someone vector my beloved couple >[]<'
    Kaname & Yuki Banzai~~ Thank for vector them YoruAngel~sama

  11. MoonFangs90 Jan 18, 2008

    i'm in love with this wall sis.

  12. christabel92 Jan 18, 2008

    hm..the hair of the black haired gut looks a little strange in some parts...but it looks really cool overall
    Nice job^^

  13. temarigenius Jan 18, 2008

    Love the why you did the hair~ It's just cool!~ *_*

  14. lacus21 Jan 19, 2008

    One Word: Amazing!

  15. thuyngoc Jan 20, 2008

    I love it ^^
    It's really beatiful >_<
    Thank for your hard work :D

  16. ennostiel Jan 20, 2008


  17. Idril Jan 20, 2008

    wow! I luv Vampire Knight but.. I prefer Yuuki & Zero not Kaname-sama -_-"

    Anyway, your work as beautiful as usually, sweetie! ^^


  18. naidel Jan 21, 2008

    i like it i put in my favs! ^.^ sublime! anyway i would like watch the anime, it seems splendid.

  19. soujiokita Jan 21, 2008

    It's not the best, but I still think you did a good job on the vectoring! Keep up the great work! :D

  20. ReBeKiCHii Jan 22, 2008

    yay! another vampire knight wallpaper! :D
    a very nice vector, done beautifully :D
    but i reckon the blood on kaname's finger could have been a bit more brighter red, like his eyes and a more smoothing background
    nevertheless! a great wallpaper, great work on vectoring the hair and making kaname's red eyes stand out :D

  21. selemental Banned Member Jan 24, 2008

    I know that avy! It's sinever-san's!

    Happy Birthday sinever-san! I didn't know it was! :0 *hugs* And you certainly got a nice present too! woulda been better if it were Zero though! lol

    *adds to favs*

  22. Ecthelion Jan 24, 2008

    I agree. Zero would have been cute with Yuki. But since I'm a huge Kaname fan I really can't complain about seeing him in a wall. Feelings of jealousy for Yuki are overcome by sheer joy at seeing Kaname's gorgeousness... >_< ~sighs~
    But anyway, it's a great wall. Thanks for sharing! ^_^

  23. Faqir Jan 25, 2008

    shouldn't it be UNbreakable?

    anyway, very nice vector. Though I'm more a YuukixZero fan. :p

    on another note, why can't matsuri make up her mind?! sheesh.

  24. Hikari87 Jan 26, 2008

    Wow~~~ very beautiful! *___* Thanks for sharing~~

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