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Omg, I actually made this in a resolution not featured on MT, thank goodness I checked before I submitted this. So sad I had to crop it :hmpf:, obviously I've got a rather weird resolution (1280x800) and made the wallpaper in 1600x1000 accordingly. Well it's just 100 pixels less and yes, it's officially widescreen.
So here's the other version:

I've lately come to think that my walls show little creativity, I just vector the scans, switch colours and add patterns but it's nothing creative I'm doing. It's rather unsatisfying to think my old walls showed more creativity, thus I've decided to wall an idea that I actually came up with some time ago. The inspiration for this one is the song "The Singing Sea" from Cowboy Beobop OST "No Disc". I love Cowboy Bebop OST, Yoko Kanno's a real genius, other favorites are "Flying Teapot", "You Make Me Cool", "Want it all back", "Mushroom Hunting", "Adieu".... and many more.

I tried to go for a vexel in this one but in the end I couldn't really resist blurring, so it's not a vexel after all. I'm not really the type for those I think, they're so ...clean? bold? Whatever it is I couldn't stand the way it looked in my wall.
The part of face you see is actually mine and of course it looks prettier than it really is (go see for yourselfes), the checkered cat was vectored off a font I found on Dafont.Com(all used fonts were taken from Dafont as well), and the reference for the bird is from here.
I actually tried to make the cat look less flat and cartoonlike in the beginning (I used a photo for the first vector) but it looked off somehow, so I went for flat an cartoony pets instead (checkered cats aren't realistic anyways).

Texture was taken from DA! (again X-O)
Patterns were taken from Ming-Ling Patterns, Squidfingers and Hybrid Genesis.

Hope you enjoy. :pacman:

vector-wallers theunderappreciated

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  1. entity1660 Jan 07, 2008

    I love your vexels even though you don't think this one is. :) Keep going with these please! <3

  2. chubbykitty Jan 07, 2008

    Kanno is a musical genius so it's not surprising how much her music inspires people. It's also great to see some of your original work that has a little piece of you (literally). XD However, I understand the title, " The singing sea" with your face and the water flow, but I don't understand how the cat and bird are related :O I am glad to see original work from you though! Great work!

  3. alterlier Jan 07, 2008

    I totally understand when you say you couldnt stop yourself from making it dirtier, it's soo much better not get to be soo clean, although her lips are a little too sharped compared with the rest but bleh, love the shading on her skin and the flying cat, dunno about the text or at least the font you chose but that I think it's just a taste matter or something, in any case, is lovely, as usual.

  4. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jan 07, 2008

    ooh funky ^^ I like the textures, and the kitty :)

    Nice vexel, I like it actually, the gradation for the skin is nice, but I agree with alterlier that the lips are a bit too sharp and bold compared with the rest.

  5. DarthTofu Jan 07, 2008

    The lips are so... round. o_0 nvm the sharpness of them.
    But it's a beautiful wall. =]
    I've seen many monitors at 1280x800, actually...

  6. Sinever Jan 07, 2008

    gorgeous XD
    this wall is going to be my desktop background XD
    well done, its a very creative wall :D
    keep it up :)

  7. Erdbeermilch Jan 07, 2008

    Well this is an exception as there's no editing possible at the moment. Maybe those who criticised the lips sharpness had something like this in mind? Thanks for all the feedback so far, it makes me try to improve as you see :D

  8. gaara-no-shukaku Jan 10, 2008

    Thanx for the awesome updated version! I really love the glossy lips, and those swirlies <3 are just neat. Maybe if the mouth is abit open, so it will slightly blend more with the concept. But nonetheless, great work! (Did I say "I love the cat"? Oh, I just said lol)

  9. nightrainboww Jun 18, 2009

    nice idea and awesome wallpaper :) thanks!

  10. Odysseus Nov 10, 2009

    Excellent wallpaper! I absolutely love that song and this imagery is very much a fitting illustration for it. Great work!

  11. gespinozar Feb 08, 2010

    que excelente wallpaper...descargandolo para mi colecci

  12. Kotomiii May 01, 2010

    Great job! I never see somthing like this :) Thanks

  13. pureblood98 Mar 04, 2011

    this is cute! i love it! :D

  14. hachinobou Mar 06, 2011

    whoa. this will be desktopp for a long while. ilove! i love both the general idea as well as the render. surreal.

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