Lelouch of the Rebellion Wallpaper: Artificial Road

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oringinally this was planned for halloween however once i saw this i couldnt resist but make it into a bright wintery-ish one instead of the dark and dreary one i was originally planning XD i hope it fits the theme ^_^'

generally this is suppose to be a kind of made up place so its not suppose to make sense XDonce i saw the scan from atseiS i decided i wanted to do a candy wall with everything made of candy, well almost everything XD

i had to fix up some parts and recreate others since she was covered a bit such as fixing up her fingers and redoing her hair and i decided to not have her tongue sticking out :) i didnt like the original position of her only leg that you can see so i changed it because it looked too weird all the way out where it was, well in my opinion anyway XD i redid her ribbon and changed it slightly since it looked a bit weird ^_^' i had to recreate parts of her outfit so i reconstructed the bottom of her dress and the sleeves :D

i thought i'd try something completely different from what i would normally do so i decided to kind of do this vexel like in a way :D its a new way for me so i hope this turned out okay :) the hair details took a long time [about 10 hours just for the hair colouring] and my colour pallet i used for it is huge XD since the scan didnt have all that much detail i thought i'd spice it up a bit with my own details so i went a bit crazy with it XD

sample hair

for the bottom part of her outfit, i wanted it to represent like a swirl of colours, kind of like when one twirls a board of colours where the colours would seem random yet you can see lines of colours XD i decided to do the dress that way so it would also fit with the theme of the background so that her dress seems like a swirly lolly like dress XD

sample dress

the sleeves and her accessories i wanted to keep simple so i added a few more highlights and shadows on a few parts of her outfit :)

sample sleeve

for the background i wanted it to look simpler than the vector of cc so i decided to have less detail in the background in comparison to her yet still have enough detail to not make her seem too out of place :D

sample candy cane

sample stair

i thought to incorporate the colour blue into the wall since its usually associated with the 'cold' colours

for the necklace shes holding i was inspired by those three charm necklaces [faith, charity and hope i think ^_^'] so i thought i'd make my own using a chocolate bar, a jellybean and a round lolly :D

300+ layers since i ended up lossing count of how many layers there are altogether after that ^_^'

this wall took about 60+ hours over a few weeks :)


the candy canes are "street posts"
marshmallows are falling "snow" and "clouds"
round candy/lollipop without the stick is the "moon"
candy wrappers that are flowing in the breeze are "petals"
round shaped lollipops are "streets lamps" or "telegraph poles"
jellybeans are a small "charm" on a necklace and small "stones" or "pebbles" on the ground
candy in wrappers are "stars" and "decorations"
chocolate bar is a small "charm" on a necklace
round candy is a small "charm" on a necklace

thanks for viewing ^^

link to animepaper version ---> Artificial Road on ap <---







hoteru-no-shiki ~*~Star Revolution~*~









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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 06, 2008

    The vectoring is just awesome, probably some of your best. I love the background and though it's suppose to be a winter wallie, it still retains some of it's Halloween-y-ness XD I really love C.C., she'd vectored so well!
    Great job!

  2. Fran Retired Moderator Jan 06, 2008

    It looks wonderful!
    I how it turned it out, the vectoring it's just...wow!
    The only weird thing are her legs...they look awkward
    Overall, Excellent job!

  3. lianppoper Jan 06, 2008

    'tis beautiful! ^^ loligoth? teehee~ x3

  4. gaara-no-shukaku Jan 06, 2008

    Truly magnificent use of layers. Love every details you've put, it's just as pure as vexel should be. Though like Naomi said, her legs look abit odd.

    Good luck with the contest! It seems that you put both candy canes and marshmallow, and that's good. :)

  5. Scampi Jan 06, 2008

    This is a very creative wallpaper you made. I love how you vectored her dress, looks very realistic.

  6. zaira Jan 06, 2008

    damn! this one is one of the best vector you ever created! XD
    why?! well just love the pastel colors + the painty looks XD XD
    men! just love C.C. with her candy lollipop! XD everything is all candy! XD
    love it very much! +fav! ;)

  7. norine07 Jan 06, 2008

    omg!~ beautiful piece of artwork!~ love the sweets!~~~~~~ gah!~~~ i'm hungry!
    the colours and all are great!~ love the colourfulness!~ XD

  8. eonir Jan 06, 2008

    Amazing! These surreal sweets kinda freaky, and it looks like one of the candy canes sticks out of her head...but the overall looks awesome :D

    It really is a wonderland, but these faces are frightening, and I also doubt that a stairway made from chocolate would endure a person standing on it :nya:

    I hope to see more freakishly creative work!

  9. Sinever Jan 06, 2008

    Im speechless............well your vexel is awesome & I love the concept XD
    her legs look a little bit odd to me but it dosent matter XD
    I wish I could be in her place XD
    well done & good luck with the contest :)

  10. Hanahanoiday Jan 06, 2008

    Wow this is so sweet!
    Really beautiful wallpaper!

  11. x-lawss Jan 06, 2008

    Sweets haha this is nice XD
    Indeed very beautiful wallpaper :)

  12. JCzala Jan 06, 2008

    Amazing. You had the skill and the patience to do this. I admire the colors-- all are attractive. And looking at the candies makes me want to eat them. C.C. is definitely like Alice in Wonderland there. She's beautiful. As a matter of fact, this whole wallpaper is beautiful.

  13. YoruAngel866 Jan 06, 2008

    this is beyond fantastic! I love it, i cant live without it.How could you vector something like that?amazing!

  14. KiyanaIkebana Jan 06, 2008

    OMG! I love it! This wallpaper is ecxellent! C.C is so sweet! Very good job! XD

  15. BlackSponge Jan 06, 2008

    A C.C. wall will always attract my attention.
    This one's no different.
    An excellent work of art this is.
    Vectored to perfection, C.C. looks great in this pic.
    Great job.
    A Fav.

  16. Kairi-Hearts Jan 06, 2008

    oh this is fantastic.
    A very creative wall^^ your vexel is awesome!

  17. ASH-Hikari Jan 06, 2008

    Genius and amazing 0_0 Wonderful work!

  18. Idril Jan 06, 2008

    Awesome job, sweetie!
    The vector looks well done, as usually and the background theme reminds me Alice in Wonderland XD!
    +favs for you, as usually too XD

  19. Saulofein Jan 06, 2008

    Great vector of CC and here pose and the background are great too *___*
    Thx for sahring ^^

  20. andrewong1980 Jan 06, 2008

    Oh, my gosh...looking at the original scan, anyone can see that you had to reconstruct C.C. almost entirely! Adding all those details to her hair and outfit is simply outrageous and I applaud your ambition. I think the candy-themed background is probably the best representation of the effort you put into this rather than the C.C. vector. I don't know how but you took a ludicrous concept and managed to not only make it look not stupid, but actually quite interesting to look at. OX

    Now the not-so-good news. Just one real nitpick which others have already mentioned. You didn't do too good a job on her legs, more specifically the left leg. The right leg is fine but the left leg is actually narrowing as it goes up her thigh to her waist. Either that or her knee is too high and her thighs are virtually non-existant. Either way it really looks just wrong and ruins an otherwise perfect picture. :(

    Again, I am in awe of the scope of your ambition and the precision at which you've managed to pull it off. But despite how much I love your work in this, that left leg is really bugging me and I can't bring myself to fav this. I wouldn't go as far as saying you need lessons in anatomy and/or perspective but...in future if you have to totally reconstruct a character's form and posture it might help to get an opinion or two from others. Everyone makes mistakes after all, especially the more grandious the undertaking. Hope to see more of your walls here in future. Until then, take care! ;)

  21. abul Jan 07, 2008

    oh its so detailed....
    but honestly its just to much x_x
    esp the hair and the dress...
    the dress shading doesnt even look like shading, but like a dress in stripes :\
    though the bg is nice ;)

  22. Kukuru Jan 07, 2008

    Pretty! I love the scenery and the details you've put into it! Great great work :D

    Good luck in the competition :)

  23. dizzy-me Jan 07, 2008

    This is just......too wonderful. The innocent-looking smile on C.C.'s face is just too kawaiiiiii. Exactly like a little girl who had herself a sweet candy :nya: The background is also great with the candy-house-like appearance ( similar to the fairytale XD) Overall, this is very awesome! Good job! ;)

  24. Erdbeermilch Jan 07, 2008

    After looking at this full view, I'm now craving for sweets T_T

    It looks really good, I can't believe how much shading you put into this, makes her dress seem all shiny. I admire your imagination for this one, but the orange lolipops kinda freak me out, the way they look at her (maybe it's just paranoia) and they make it seem like a halloween wall after all.
    I have to agree with others on her legs, they look kinda off compared to the position of her hips. Maybe you can't stand that particular criticism any more so I'll conclude with:
    Great wallie.

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