D Gray-Man: Celebration

Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee
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Artist Comment

Took longer then originaly expected but I guess it was well worth it :D

The sketch was old (made now 1 and 1/2 months ago in art class) but I never had the time to scan and color it but now I wish to end my holidays with one of, and I dare say it, best works yet :)

I wanted to make more Zone fanart but I also wished to put Lenalee in it so, here we are. I didn't make Robin's scar becasue I wanted her to be human in this (those who read Zone know what I am talking about).
I took a fancy in drawing Yosshii (the cartoon bunny that pops around on random ocasions) and there is a little reason why I made his eyes green (other then the fact that I hadn't got the time nor resorces - net fell down - to find a image reference for the colors :P
Tim is there becasue I like drawing him :D

Do not ask what this is exactely supose to be, use your imagination, try a guess and maybe you'll get inside my head :P

About the work: It sure doesn't look it, but this was a real chalange. The baloons are a good example at how I had to use the opacity at certain places where it usualy gets transparent and at Lenalee's cape (?) I used kind of the same tehnique, only a bit diferent - got a firt layer for the back/inner paartof it and another to top that, both of 'em set at semi-transparenty to make it look like real material (I shark the image a litle so I don't know if you can realy see it)
The stars and ribbons are clearly vectores but the rest of the shades were made using the brush tool (I need practice) and except for that, I don't know wha else is there to say.


sketch took about 1 hour, inking took 5 and the coloring took 5 days
tools used: regular HB pencil, inking pen as well as gel pen, photoshop and tablet

characters (c) Katsura Hoshino
brushes (background and border) (c) seishido & sanami276
art (c) kykyopj

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  1. kykyopj Jan 03, 2008

    oh, nos ... I forgot the edit button dissapeared. I wanted to add my groups as well, well, might as well leve them here:

    carnelian-sworld colorfull-wallies celestial-luminesse crescent-love-castle dgrayman-black-fighters doujinshi-support-club feathers-of-eternity fairies fullmetal-alchemist-fans full-metal-dreamer hoteru-no-shiki mikos-moon-flower sakura--cb rockers romanianmembers-united the-dior vectory vector-wallers wings-lovers

    oh, and FULL VIEW! The tumblaid dose not do it justace >.<

  2. priincess Jan 04, 2008

    wut celebration?
    lol, the stars r unique as always
    nice colours u choose ^^
    that red line's too big i think

  3. temarigenius Jan 05, 2008

    Great art as always Jessi~ ^^
    It's so cute!~ Love the coloring so much~ ><
    Oh yea, I just realized that you like drawing stars~ XD Is it because of HOSHIno-sensei? X3

  4. shinshinovi Jan 05, 2008

    You should have given it more time. It'll really look like an official art. ^__^

  5. Odeena Jan 07, 2008

    Nice and festive, just what I needed to get my mood up <3 Thanks for sharing!

  6. Mydilemma92 Aug 02, 2008

    This is really good! Keep up the good work ^^

  7. Anjhurin Sep 21, 2008

    Nice piece here, the mood is really joyous. The red and gold theme fits the mood well, though it is a bit heavy ; and i'm not too sure about the random flower patterns in the bg.
    But coloring and shading are great, especially that light line-shading you use.

    Thumbs up :D

  8. distillme Jun 17, 2010

    teehee this is so cute. i love it :) great job!

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