Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Wallpaper: Unleash the Fire

Carnelian, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Hazuki Azuma Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Series,Visual Novel Hazuki Azuma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

i guess i wanted to say something with this wallpaper, like to never give up, give it you best shot at everytime even though it seems impossible, as said to "Unleash the Fire" burning in your heart. the fire that keeps you going, the fire that let's you live the way you want. i'm not sure if i really could implement these feelings i had in this wallpaper.

nonetheless i hope some ppl can enjoy this as much as i do...this is rather a personal wallpaper... ^^

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  1. Cloudnine Aug 05, 2004

    crazy effects :D The BG looks great ^^

    The scan looks great as well, but the orange and yellow is a bit too strong and drowns too much of her color. so it looks a bit odd. Other than that it looks wicked cool XD

  2. Susi-chan Aug 05, 2004

    I can only agree with Cloudnine! Wicked cool wallpaper XD
    The glow effect really seems a little too strong hon,
    otherwise I totally love it!! ^O^

  3. xsidez Aug 05, 2004

    Great wall...just love it.... :D +fav

  4. azndude88 Aug 05, 2004

    cool all shiny and glowing great job

  5. Bamb0o-Stick Aug 05, 2004

    Wow I really like that glow effect on your character

  6. hidekeitaro Aug 05, 2004

    Very nice XD

  7. Zuri-chan Aug 05, 2004

    Nice effects...I have to agree with the orangey glow though..its a bit hard on the eyes...>_< But it is still a great wall...^^

  8. weary_samurai Aug 05, 2004

    awesome work. yami to boushi - fastest way to my heart lol, usually. everyone has that kind of innrer fire, and if anyone has watched yami to boushi to hon no tabibito, they know that you did a good job in trying to express what you wanted to.

    art comes from within, if you didn't have it, you couldn't express it.

  9. Rex Aug 05, 2004

    love da bg~
    but da fire is too fiery...amazing job nevertheless!

  10. sammo Retired Moderator Aug 05, 2004


  11. Magi606 Aug 05, 2004

    Very nice job, the effects are great

  12. halcyonTwilight Aug 05, 2004

    Love the wall ^^ I agree with the others that the fire seems a tad too bright, but other than that i love this wall :D Sweet wall :) !!

  13. biriwilg Retired Moderator Aug 05, 2004

    Wow, awesome! I always love walls with a theme. ^_^ I agree tho, the fire is a little overwhelming. ^^;

  14. irix Aug 06, 2004

    ^^' ...mmm ...more crazy than my wall's!!! XD ...i like it!!! :)

  15. Angelette Aug 06, 2004

    I think you went overboard on the yellow, but the wall is very nice...~ I don't think the repetition of the platform works, though =/

  16. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2004

    ... goood GOOD gooooooooddd!!!

    >_____________< kyaaa .. saki will listen to your advice and never give up!!
    even when the going gets tough .. saki will never give uppp~~~~

    FIRE!! burning HOT firee!!!

  17. euna Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2004

    very interesting effects... looks cool!

  18. sword Aug 06, 2004

    lookn good but the girl somehow doesn't fit in =\ shes too yellow

  19. shirahana Aug 06, 2004

    It's pretty intense ^_^ The girl looks a tad 2d compared to the really awesome background ^^;

  20. Nuriko Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2004

    Great wall!

  21. chunli61 Aug 08, 2004

    that effects looks so cool. at first i thought ahh its to bright, but when i viewed the full size of the wal... omg it looks so cool!!!XD

  22. 4444 Aug 10, 2004

    Great wall,just love it

  23. Akemi-chan Aug 15, 2004

    nice effects =O

  24. Natsu Aug 15, 2004


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