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Here's my final piece of my college portfolio. Glad I can finally relax a bit knowing that this is all completed. I feel so rushed having to make so many different arts .__. Anyway, heres the sketch if anyone is interested. Click?

Here are some pieces that are included in my portfolio. Some are not matted yet, such as this one and my zoo vector. I hate matting >_>

http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/1591/onionsmu1.jpg (not matted yet)
http://ashley425.deviantart.com/art/A-Day-at-the-Zoo-72350542 (not matted yet)

I also have web designs, sketches, thumbnails included in my sketchbook but I'm too lazy to get it all up here D:

Oh! And I also completed my mural o_o *artwork overload?* Click to see!

Alright. I believe that's it. I plan to take a nice lil' 4 day break till school starts up again. Hope everyone has a great new year :)

simple-ism vectory vector-wallers the-planning-board


Chosen by MapleRose and EternalParadox

The devil is in the details, and chubbykitty certainly has an eye for it. The lines and colors flow around each other, bursting out of the cup. This latest piece from her recent series of works offer a fresh look at her original style. Excellent!

Proposed by MapleRose and highlighted by EternalParadox.

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  1. kayurachan Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2007

    Cup of Art, yeah! How delicious cup... I'm always impressed with your taste for details. This is definitely one of your best works. Keep up your genius Ashley!

  2. dslassey Dec 29, 2007

    This is full of Amazing! I really love the colors you used. It fits the style and design of the whole piece quite nicely. ^^

  3. ASH-Hikari Dec 29, 2007

    Cool concept, and I love the colours. Congrats on finishing your portfolio. And you did a mural? That's amazing, I love the fishys~ Great work, enjoy your break and happy new year!

  4. GaiJiN Dec 29, 2007

    Hum weird in an interesting way :D . Like a mix of Kandinsky, pop-art and organic simplicity. Personally not so fond of the cup itself, but really like the other shapes and composition of colours. Concerning your portfolio, I do like your digital stuff a lot more ( even though I'm all for traditionnal stuff usually ), as I feel more style and personality in it. Have a nice break,but I hope to see more :)

  5. DarthTofu Dec 29, 2007

    ...The tentacles... the tentacles! D:
    Awesome concept, though.

  6. animanga Dec 30, 2007

    Love the colours and textures you used. :D

  7. euna Retired Moderator Dec 30, 2007

    I really have no idea where you get all your fantastic ideas from. I love the idea. Lovely use of simple colours and textures. It's great and I love it! Great work!

  8. gaara-no-shukaku Dec 30, 2007

    Fruity colours.. Mmm, I love them.

  9. melymay Dec 30, 2007

    Quote by eunasahng
    I really have no idea where you get all your fantastic ideas from. I love the idea. Lovely use of simple colours and textures. It's great and I love it! Great work!


    Nice choice of colours as well ^^

  10. sailorchiron Dec 30, 2007

    Wonderful. This vector is awesome and your portfolio looks great!

  11. Fran Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2007

    I almost miss this! Oh noes.
    Dude, I gotta agree with euna...I don't where you get those ideas!
    Excellent as always C:

  12. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2007

    The neatness of the line art is fab and I love the title! Great work as always =D

    merged: 12-31-2007 ~ 01:00pm
    and holy shnit, your portfolio is brilliant 0_0

  13. Kukuru Dec 31, 2007

    What an awesome concept!
    So original and yet I totally see where you are coming from :D

    Thanks so much for sharing :D

  14. MapleRose Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2007

    Lol, I knew this was yours from the thumb ^^

    I like the concept, it's kinda like how I feel right now, full of art ideas oozing out ^^ (I'm just too lazy XD)

    Yup, I like the yummy splashes of colour, though the cup looks rather plain XD

    Nice portfolio btw, I like the hands one esp, reminds me of Escher (I love his stuff)

    merged: 12-31-2007 ~ 03:01pm
    oh yeah, nice mural, how big is it? I love murals, they're so fun to do :D

  15. acid-awakening Jan 01, 2008

    If that's not fantastic then I don't know what is! Good colours and composition. That inspires me ^^ Thanks

  16. cuteninja Jan 03, 2008

    beautiful. i was going through your portfolio pieces and they are excellent, loved your work very inspiring

  17. Iare Jan 03, 2008

    Wow, beautiful concept and an amazing result. The elements are just wonderful and the use of colors are very good.

    Great work!.

  18. CosmoStar Jan 07, 2008

    This cup of art looks delicious! ^^ If I drink it will I be more talented and skilled? ^^

    This work looks so cool and so original! I liked it alot!
    You have a great drawing technique! ^^

  19. ealpha-scorpio Jan 07, 2008

    This work is simply very beautiful and delicately done. The lines, even the thinnest ones, are incredibly neat and gracefully curved. The slight and thin touch of texture in depth of work is also very beautiful. Couldn't keep my eyes away from it for moments. ^_^' I traced each curve and line with my eyes! (I looked ridiculous! x_x almost amazed) The colors as well suite this work beautifully.

    K e e p u p t h e G R E A T w o r k! :)

  20. Nubes Jan 07, 2008

    I really need to say that your art is beautiful... with this kind of vector art i see blossom in this part on MT space.

    i really enjoy this piece.

    thnx for sharin it.

  21. beyondmeasure Jan 11, 2008

    The vector gardener.



  22. IzumiChan Jan 13, 2008

    Woah, you have a portfolio. O__O
    And such a cool one! The images there are just impressive, so so cool!~ O_O
    Are you applying for some art college? I bet they'll accept you without thinking twice~ xDDD
    This piece itself is uber cool~ the movement, it's so cute~ >u<
    Really nice, congrats! And woah, you have a devart account? Can I add you there? >u<''

  23. pamkips Jan 13, 2008

    Jesus, don't tell me you're in Studio Art AP? Or something like that.
    I love love love you and your amazing-ness.

  24. mystvearn Jan 30, 2008

    a very nice vector art there. You have good talent in drawing.

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