Ryuya Wallpaper: The Court of Miracles

Ryuya Wallpaper
Ryuya Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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*Colapses on the desk*
If I had to describe my unique experience with this wall in one sentence it would go like:
"Oh my gosh, SCALES!"
for sure.
I must be a nutcase for vectoring this
scan, which doesn't mean I'm not pleased with the outcome, I love it. *hugs desktop*

I left the dragon on his clothing out, there were already enough little details to vector, besides it's like an overkill here. So instead I put one of my favorite patterns from
Ming-Ling.net on him and a texture from Aethereality.net, all the other textures and patterns are taken from Hybrid-Genesis.net. The curtains where vectored of another Ryuya scan (this one), everything else I did on my own.
Can you actually believe I did this in 2 days (I was very dedicated I guess), I'm really a nutcase. No idea how many layers this one had in the end, because I had to merge them, but my smart little programm tells me that I started 172 paths, lol.

Sometimes I feel like a minority waller, there are allmost no Ryuya walls out there and sometimes I wish I'd own a vectoring ape o_O

Enjoy and pretty please full view and comment (because this one was such a lot of vectoring).

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  1. Daheji Dec 15, 2007

    You vectored all the scales? :o
    In 2 days... It's pretty awesome!

    I lack of courage when I saw so many things to vector...

    And I love the colors and the patterns. :D


  2. chubbykitty Dec 15, 2007

    I think the clothing looks nice but I wish the dragon were still on the clothing D: Even though there's now a pattern on the clothes, it sorta looks empty compared to the rest of piece. I know what it's like to vector little details (ex; vectoring Shunpei, Kasai) and it feels much more accomplishing when all details are completed. Remember, there shouldn't be a need to finish your work in a hurry. (Unless there are deadlines XD) Nonetheless, it's still a great feast for the eyes. Great job :)

  3. Sinever Dec 16, 2007

    awesome :D
    I love your vector & the textures added a nice touch :)
    well done :)
    well I would like to invite you to my group http://images.minitokyo.net:8001/groups/vector-wallers.gif
    hope to see you there :)

  4. icyrain Dec 16, 2007

    A very cool vector. I can see how it would have taken a really long time to do. Congrats on all the hard work.

  5. DREAM Dec 16, 2007

    Quote by ErdbeermilchSometimes I feel like a minority waller, there are allmost no Ryuya walls out there and sometimes I wish I'd own a vectoring ape o_O

    yes, it sad to see there are a total of 3 Ryuya walls including this one. perhaps it is because of the challenging content? i can relate to the young "masters" position. excellent work on the ladies face- as the viewer cannot see her eyes she is very mysterious and pseudo animal-like.

    Quote by chubbykittyI think the clothing looks nice but I wish the dragon were still on the clothing D: Even though there's now a pattern on the clothes, it sorta looks empty compared to the rest of piece.

    an understandable criticism; but actually i feel it's fine since, although i adore the original piece - i felt it was a tad busy.

    a beautiful wallpaper Lady Erdbeermilch- i have no criticisms. :)

  6. Kukuru Dec 16, 2007

    This is pretty! I think you've done a wonderful job - time well spent :D

    Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Dec 16, 2007

    Quote: I wish I'd own a vectoring ape o_O

    Lol! I wish I had one of those as well, if they exist that is XD

    You're crazy to vector all those details >__< ... esp those scales (the edges of each scale look darker than their middle, did you use a pattern/texture or something?). and for the shading, did you use a brush?

    looking at the thumbnail, I kinda agree with chubbykitty that the clothes look a bit empty compared to the rest, but upon full-view, I discovered the patterns on the clothes, and I think they look rather nice like that :)

  8. markjo Dec 16, 2007

    My, my, my - you've been busy! Excellent wallpaper and all those details should give you a sense of accomplishment as the outlook was definitely worth the effort.

  9. bromithia Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2007

    You certainly are crazy for vectoring that. It's a great vector, though, so you're allowed to be crazy. :P

  10. beyondmeasure Dec 17, 2007

    A phrase came. Prometheus Unbound.

  11. Hanahanoiday Dec 17, 2007

    Ohhh myy god this is amazing!Really beautiful!This wallpaper is so wonderful,as though i can't go on!Totally graceful art!I like it!^?^

  12. clarings Dec 18, 2007

    ohh nice.. pretty cool use of textures and patterns..
    very good work... my only complain would be about the arms of the character at the bottom... they look a bit like pasted instead of coming from below the clothes... maybe more shading could make it look better..
    anyway nice piece u have in here ;)

  13. eternallegend Dec 20, 2007

    the colours are lovely and soft :D the details are done really well and the vectoring has been done nicely :) i like the simple looking design of the background contrasting with the details of the scales XD nice wall ^^

  14. Piccolobear Dec 25, 2007

    Good work - I love the colours and textures. I think you are mad to vector this - but it paid off. Looks great ^_^

  15. ImmortalRose Jan 07, 2008

    This is a really great picture!^ ^

  16. melymay Jan 07, 2008

    I'm loving this wallpaper :D This is some crazy vectoring which was done very well. Great work :) +fave

  17. nolove Feb 19, 2008

    gosh this is awesome
    your vector is as beautiful as always xD
    i really love this one, it's so beautiful
    nice job

  18. Anjhurin Sep 21, 2008

    Whoa, it's like the magic lamp, except it's a magic book that calls out dragons and phoenix ! Awesome work on the scan, and the texture on the robe is nice (though maybe too 'flowery' ^_^').
    Anyway, great bg here, it totally fits the scan.

    Thumbs up and fav :D

  19. lovelylayla Sep 23, 2008

    wow, so much work!

  20. Alcyndore Oct 07, 2008

    The details are absolutely wonderful! Keep up the great work! Congratulations and thanks for sharing with us!

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