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Renga Wallpaper
Renga Mangaka

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I give up on this one, I really do. I can't figure out what else to do with it. Argh, such frustration XD Originally I was going to paint the background - got too lazy for that x.X; So I used stock photos for the background. So much evil in this thing XD

I really don't like the quality of this for some reason - it came out really weird XD It's not nearly as smooth as I'd like it to be.

The important thing to notice is: he's slightly transparent ^.^ So pretty much, the person is dead and is just somehow wandering around and now he's being taken up x.X; That made so little sense - but that was the orinigal idea behind the wallpaper. But I suck at execution.

This has taken me so long with paiting and then scrapping everything and the lack of motivation x.x; But yes, I finally have another wallpaper up ^^; I just stopped trying for this one because I actually have a semi-idea for my next wallpaper - only watch it not work x.X;

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  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2004

    Oooooo! ooooooo! O.O
    Stardusted! My goodness I really like this! The character is the only thing I would change a bit, thats only because it seems a bit fuzzy, but its soooo beautiful! I love this! Oh my goodness this is my favorite for the day! ^^ Probably the rest of the week ^.~

  2. celluz Aug 04, 2004

    I like it :D and welcome back

  3. halcyonTwilight Aug 04, 2004

    Really nice work....I love the angel wings ^^ Don't worry, i've had a lot of walls that i couldn't get to look right no matter what i do...and all of them look ten times worse than this XD Keep up the supurb work :D

  4. Cloudnine Aug 04, 2004

    those wings look awesome =O and the effects are nicely done :D The photo BG looks a bit out of place with the rain effect and scan lighting, other than that it looks simply delicious ^

  5. katz291 Aug 04, 2004

    Wow!!! That's a cool wall!!! I love the wings! Good job!

  6. Azraeldio Aug 04, 2004

    Fantastic..How did you drew the wings?? Oh.~~It couldnt be better...^^

  7. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2004

    the wings are just ... fantastic!

    the whole scene matches the characters' expression ...


  8. Electrastar Aug 04, 2004

    Ohhh pretty wings. I don't see the why you say you gave up on it, I think it looks great.

  9. pinkdoremi Aug 04, 2004

    i really like it ^^ especially the wings~ they're pretty ^.^ only thing is dat the boy doesn't really match with da bg.. but other than that it looks great :D great job~ ^-^

  10. ashura001 Aug 04, 2004

    Wow...That's really impressive. Like everyone else, I really like the wings. ^_^

  11. Angelette Aug 04, 2004

    I like the photorealism... wow...

  12. h2dz Aug 04, 2004

    whoa! @_@.. crazy wallie XD
    awesome work... great job stardusted, the coolest person ever :)

  13. Septillion Aug 04, 2004

    love the rain effect and the wings ^_^ good work stardusted :)

  14. Asahi Aug 04, 2004

    oh dear..

    hey.. also you are frustrated its a very good work ! i am impressed .. because i cannt make such a great bg .__. ^^ i look up to you ..

  15. sammo Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2004

    awesome winigs :D

  16. roshinku Aug 04, 2004

    whoah indeed beautiful wings x_x.. Btw on thing is kinda wierd XD it's raining while it's sunny. but even then it's still perfect!

  17. irix Aug 05, 2004

    i'm like to do something like this!!! XD

  18. Ero-sennin8 Aug 16, 2004

    it i svery beautiful but the kid is a little fuzzy

  19. Chaox Oct 17, 2004

    Stardusted, your work is always magnificent to see. I really like this one. The angel wings look as if they are coming out of him, and turning him into an angelic being. Plus he looks like a phantom. Very nice ^_^.

  20. Asakura-Hao Jan 10, 2005

    Woah! Awesome wings you goth there!
    Love the character picture and the background is great.
    Good job. ^_^

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