Ghost Hound Wallpaper: Luminescence

Masamune Shirow, Production I.G, Ghost Hound, Miyako Komagusu Wallpaper
Masamune Shirow Mangaka Production I.G Studio Ghost Hound Series Miyako Komagusu Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

-copy pasta from animepaper-


wanted to take longer to make a better wallpaper for your bday {which was november 7th ppls], but ended up doing crap anyways >.<
well, long time no submit wall...sorry to come back with something so ugly. but oh well. too lazy to actually work anymore on it
took a while for the vector of the girl.
original scan and the vector i did is on AP.

i was planning on painting teh bg at first, to what the scan originally had, but laziness took over so i pleaded to my grandpa for help.
"here, some stuff for you to refer to..."
and like usual, my grandpa halped me.
but im letting him down, since i was originally meant to vector this all so it would look pretty...but i ended being..well, me-ish, and just cleaned it all up.

don't care if you don't fave, but some comments and criticism is appreciated :3
and yes my grandpa tried to persuade me to improve it...but i refused >_<

and my onii-chan is anifreak83 on MT btw. he's just more well known as otaku99...>_<

and the buttons for groups and what-not

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  1. Chizeru Nov 19, 2007

    Ah, this is from Ghost Hound! I adore that anime! Wonderful job on this wall. I like the background.

  2. Erdbeermilch Nov 19, 2007

    Your grandfather helps you out with your wallies? My gradnmother once asked me to explain to her what internet is exactly, lol.

    Well anyways I think you've done a good vector here, but I don't like how she seems to be just "floating" in front of the bakground, this impression seems to be accentuated furthermore by that glow you put around her. You've got a good vector so I see no need for that (after all she's not a ghost). I can understand that you didn't really feel like vectoring the bg though, that'd be one hell of work, even if it would have looked better.
    Anyways yay for first Ghost Hound wallpaper I've seen on MT.

  3. shadowxlink2 Nov 19, 2007

    although inever saw this anime, this wallpaper makes me want to watch it now haha, thanks for sharing

  4. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Nov 20, 2007

    Hmmm, nice high quality vector and good choice of background. I must agree with Erdbeermilch though, and I wanted to add that the lighting and the 3D perspective of the building is missing in the character.

    As in the character doesn't have to be 3D, but it lacks depth because it's very 2D. I think what could have helped was particular attention to the lighting of the character (her face and body should be dark, shadows around nose etc but the edges should be lighter). At the moment you've sort of got it the other way, and you've got an outer glow on the hair.

    In your description you also mentioned something about painting - I sort of wish that you did :P to keep the consistency of the background softness and make the character soft too (paint herr XD). Maybe the shadows and lighting would fall into place easier :P

    But either way, I think it's still a very lovely high quality vector job. Tremendous effort, too! :D

  5. davezzz Feb 07, 2010

    simple..but nice..thanks..ive found this anime..

  6. jimjimjim Feb 26, 2011

    This image is very good. Thanks a lot.

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