Zhi Yang Weng Wallpaper: - Ice Tea -

Zhi Yang Weng Wallpaper
Zhi Yang Weng Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

e ..laziness is a serious issue

but, life is fun and so you can find a tea in all the clouds around to remind you that it can be very nice too, and sometime, even if it takes a while, you'll discover the exact time to find yourself relax.

i think i said one day that I was going for the Z in the alphabet project in paint o rama, tofu went ahead of me....so if there's no room for a doble Z, i hope this can go into the W...just because..

thanks to Lady Lotus for the Scan....terrible thing to work with...hope you'll like the colors, they are kinda different from usual, yes they are

and remember kids, a coffee is always good but a cup tea it's way better...either way you just cant put ice on your coffee




Chosen by Chloe and Saikusa

Just how is it that you can look at a scan of a lady washing her hair, and see her standing as a tea-cup goddess? The abundance of imagination pours out from the thumbnail, and satisfies your thirst with the full download.

The colours are a strange combination, yet they blend gently blend together. The rich plums & red wines give warmth to the cooling aquamarines & fleshy pinks.

It is topsy turvy & so much fun, and never fails to bring a smile to your face. A fantastic wallpaper to brighten up all our desktops. Thank you!

Proposed by Chloe and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2007

    I love your works, so soft on the eyes.
    Makes me want to have tea now,
    awesome job as usual.

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2007

    LOVE the colors, the vectoring and the idea! It's so awesome! Great job!

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2007

    I knew this was yours.
    It's so beautiful...I really love how you used the scan.
    It's very inspiring.

  4. Angi Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2007

    me recuerda al
    mint tea...
    nice wall

  5. moonescape Nov 17, 2007

    wow interesting abstract and colours of choice here. :o

    This is really wonderful and one of your best works yet. ^^

  6. gaara-no-shukaku Nov 17, 2007

    Quote: Life is just nice with a glass of ice Tea

    I'm still having a hard time to agree with this statement. Well, I have to wait a year to understand it though.

    This is odd plus awesome plus lovable plus... I don't know what else to say!

  7. DarthTofu Nov 17, 2007

    ...hrm. I like ice in my coffee but not in my tea. o_0

  8. MapleRose Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2007

    Quote by DarthTofu...hrm. I like ice in my coffee but not in my tea. o_0

    ewww iced coffee >___< actually, just ewwww coffee!

    lol, is she brushing her hair into the tea O__o

    cool teacup design, did you use reference pictures? I think the pot needs a bottom rim thing to match the cups though and to make it look like it's standing on the flat table... nice painting job though, I like the watercolour-ness, did you use special brushes or something?

    oh cool, I just noticed the patterns in her robes, nice :D Though I'm not sure if the crinkly paper texture at the top does anything ^^;;

    refreshing colours.. not the colours I'd expect to go with tea though XD

    "ice tea", like this? if so, then I like it, esp lemon-flavoured.. though I don't drink it out of teacups XD

  9. abul Nov 18, 2007

    it is amazing!
    it really gives me a will to make a painty wallie!
    lol u know when i saw it i was like holly meat! cuz i wanted to paint that scan too when i saw it in PoR's page XD
    anyways, fave

  10. Piccolobear Nov 18, 2007

    Very creative (as always) and you do that painted, textured watercolour look so well. Nice job. ^_^
    I'm loving the colours, too.

  11. Erdbeermilch Nov 18, 2007

    OMG. You walled a scan I love (I thought about walling it myself) and it looks so great. I love the watercolour look and that you used really bright colours but it doesn't give into an overkill here, because it's mainly pink and blue. I'll fav this and if it's just because she's holding a tea pot with her hair XD. This looks really crazy in a positive way.

    btw: I also prefer tea, coffee tastes awkward unless I add huge amounts of sugar and milk.

  12. FallenAngelZoicyte Nov 18, 2007

    very weird and cool. love the patterns and colors.

  13. DREAM Nov 19, 2007

    ill take a screwdriver- lady alterlier. that is freshly squeezed orange juice + imported chilled vodka (French or Polish; preferably). yummy. :)

    iced coffee is nasty. :(

    lady lotus has some beautiful scans.

    i loved the original art it was so unique- i seriously wandered exactly what Zhi Yang Weng was thinking when it was drawn.

    where do you come up with these creative ideas? is it that coffee you are consuming? jk
    i only have one crit: the handle on the cup she occupies looks a little strange. i would have omitted it myself and perhaps the smaller cup as well.

    btw- those patterns in her dress are too die for. i love them.

  14. annakee Nov 21, 2007

    hot or ice coffee for me work better. mientras el te no haga lo mismo que la cafeina, es decir, que se haga pasar por adenosina y enganiar a mi cerebro, pos sigo con la cafeina.

  15. riokka Nov 22, 2007

    Very interesting work...:)

  16. beyondmeasure Dec 17, 2007


    Memento mori.



    The falling of time.


  17. Lady-Lotus Jan 02, 2008

    OMG! this one is very beautiful! I do like the color a lot, it blends very well. It's almost like water color which brings a soft touch to the pic. The texture is really nice as well. love your style. great work!

  18. DREAM Jan 05, 2008

    forgot to fav earlier. :(

  19. bilani Jan 31, 2008

    i had bought a picture draw by color water. Artist is Chinese.
    I love it.

    Now I see u draw a girl look like that picture.

    So kute


  20. Anjhurin Sep 19, 2008

    Beautiful scan, and nice textures in the bg. I love the colors very much, they're really soft and relaxing, makes me want to sip up a cup or too ^_^'.
    One thing though, the handle of the cup seems a bit weird (like 3D somehow, which doesn't match the rest of the piece).

    Anyway, thumbs up and fav :D

  21. Alcyndore Oct 09, 2008

    The colours and the shapes are wonderful. And the subject is sooo sweet.
    I love it! Thank you for sharing!

  22. albino1234 Feb 03, 2009

    Nice wallpaper, it has nice quality and is nicely vectored. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Djunan Oct 26, 2009

    Wow so cool I love it Thanks for the picture so great,I love all the details <3

  24. Lish-chan Nov 04, 2009

    so gorgeous... and somehow it looks so sad

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