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Frankly said I suck at redrawing, there's this one wallpaper in my gallery where I tried to redraw something and it looks so ugly. That's also why I didn't dare to use this scan for a while: I knew I would have to redraw that boy's leg, shoe and arm. So today I decided I'd just go ahead and try because I really wanted to do a Miggy wallpaper with a scan that had not been used and would be easy to vector (except for the redrawing parts). You can surely tell which parts are from the original image and which I drew, but oh well it didn't turn out as nasty as I thought it would.

Just like in most of my other Miggy walls I didn't change anything, just added some mountains, a different sky and moon and last but not least I went totally nuts throwing in patterns and textures like crazy. In the end this wallpaper looks a lot more toned down than the original scan, my colours aren't as bright and they're not as contrasting as in the scan. Well like I said it's just what I always do when one of those poor scans falls into my claws.
My ultimate goal of course is to wall every single Miggy scan DREAM adds to his gallery, I wonder how long that will take.

Time spend: One day
Layers: Way too many (couldn't even listen too music because the file was so huge and my laptop couldn't handle both)
Patterns taken from Hybrid Genesis
Scan from Minitokyo just like the scan I used for cloud references.

Hope you enjoy this and maybe it'll just turn you into a Miggy-holic (like those pretty scans did with me).

Edit (15.11.07): I agreed with what was said in the comments and because the wallie is too pretty to stay imperfect, I fixed the balustrade ( I looked that word up xD ). Now it has outlines and some shading.
I also noticed that I had mistaken a part of the boy's clothing for a part of his face, so that's fixed as well.

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  1. alterlier Nov 16, 2007

    you know I actually thought that the leg you had to redraw was his right one, was the one that looked odd to me, the one you did it's just normal.. in fact I dont think there's any proportions mistake or something...looks lovely, the colors and gradients are so soft and the whole wall so clean and smooth, the only thing that bothers me its that stupid face on the boy...haha it looks so weird

  2. MapleRose Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2007

    Lol, I couldn't tell which parts you re-drew and which part was from the original scan.. it looks so seamless that I didn't even know until I read your description XD And I agree with alterlier that for some reason, the foot you drew looks better than the one from the scan (I think it's 'cause the boot is too bulky and too big or something...)

    I love the colours and the vector style (like you've done on all your Miggy walls ^^ ) and the subtle textures, esp on her sleeves. though the flat colouring on those.. gate thingies in front of the moon looks a bit flat compared to the rest of the piece.. maybe use a gradient, or maybe make it darker it make it more silhouette-like?

  3. DarthTofu Nov 16, 2007

    Like alterlier and MapleRose above me, I too think that the leg you redrew looks better than the original one!
    It's okay to be addicted to Miggy. It's beautiful. ^_^

  4. gaara-no-shukaku Nov 16, 2007

    I actually think you just wall this from a single scan, lol. Really great job on combining two scans, and altering the background from the original, esp. the colours. Though I have to agree that the fence looks flat compared to other parts.

  5. Piccolobear Nov 16, 2007

    *Clicks on scan link* Wow. It's a totally different style from the original... And it looks good. ^_^
    I love the textures and your colouring style, esp. on his coat and her hands. Nice work on the redraw, plus rearranging the composition. And yay for less saturated colours. :)

  6. MapleRose Retired Moderator Nov 16, 2007

    ah it looks much better with the outline on the fences, 'cause now it fits with the rest of the picture ^__^

  7. drastikhate Nov 17, 2007

    It has the Nouveau feel. Great Wally! :D

  8. N9e1 Nov 18, 2007

    Awesome wallie! So lovely and cute! XD My first impression was Romeo and Juliet! (Well I know Romeo didn't jump onto her bacony and he didn't have wings but somehow this image just reminded me of Romeo and Juliet).
    I don't think his leg looks weird at all; in fact I can't really tell which part you drew~
    Great job! :D

  9. DREAM Nov 19, 2007

    ah you have outdone yourself lately, Lady Erdbeermilch. :) i have absolutely adore her expression. it is priceless. i am constantly amazed how you manage to catch the "essence" of Miggy's artwork. no idea what the previous version looked like but his right leg looks perfectly fine to me. actually my only complaint is that his shirt/jacket may have been better served as a continuous shade instead of 3. lastly i would have used a slight gradient on the brown fence.

    i look forward to to more Miggy-goodness and perhaps in a month or so ill upload more Miggy art. :)

    btw- love the avatar.

  10. selemental Banned Member Nov 19, 2007

    A young boy coming to save his girlfriend! XD What an excellent wallie! The bg matches perfectly! It's like wow but not crazy with the graphics. Relaxing. I don't mind putting this on my desktop! :3


  11. mystvearn Nov 19, 2007

    a very nice wallpaper

  12. markjo Nov 26, 2007

    Great job on redrawing the missing parts of the image.

  13. eternallegend Dec 08, 2007

    the redrawing has been done well and the slight textured and patterned looks lovely :D the colours have been chosen well and i like the way you did the background :) lovely wall ^^

  14. clarings Dec 18, 2007

    beautifull!... you have some really nice wallies on your gallery...
    i like this scene a lot...
    and the vector is very well done..
    i'm lazy to write more xD so favs xD

  15. aozoraskies Feb 07, 2008

    The style is simple yet pleasing to the eye. She sure is pretty...pretty enough to be rescued like that! Lucky girl... This is nice as you took an original scan then did it your own way, even correcting some errors without hurting the scan much. I do agree with Maplerose; the fencing could do with some shadows for more form. But I do so like the textures you used on everything else. And the wings look like cloth or perhaps white bat wings? I never seen this before so sorry if you find my deduction odd...and I like the wings so anyway! the moon seems to mean something to the story as I have seen it in your other wall for the wintery maigetsu as well...or is it just your style/habit of doing moons? Nice work!

  16. DiEs2882 Sep 26, 2010

    another one...:)...

    thanks for sharing it...

  17. pureblood98 Mar 04, 2011

    miggy is awesome.. and i just heard about Miggy!

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