Lelouch of the Rebellion: Sweet Dreams

Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, Nunnally Lamperouge, Vector Art


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  1. ASH-Hikari Nov 11, 2007

    This only took you 6 HOURS? Damn, I ned your amazing vectoring super speed. I'm pretty fast but not that fast.
    Of course I knew it was yours from the thumbnail. I didn't even wonder "maybe it's not his..." this time.
    Oh, and you submitted it 1 min 17 secs ago XD Guess I'm first :)
    Well what can I say besides it looks perfect and amazing, and I so want this girl's hair (is this Nunally?). Beautiful work from you as always.
    Hey....you do take a break to maybe eat once in a while...don't you?

  2. Arya3087 Nov 11, 2007

    waah! u're sooo fast!
    and it's such s good vector!

    oh! and black and pink Nunnally looks soooo cool! XD

    Quote: Hey....you do take a break to maybe eat once in a while...don't you?

    lool! seriously, do u? XD I wish I had your vectoring speed too! :)
    faving of course! ^^

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Nov 11, 2007

    Okay...you're a demon >_>
    I just can't believe how fast you vector D:
    I love the way the hair turn out! It's great.
    Excellent work as usual C:

  4. Omone Nov 11, 2007

    WOW, You submit a vector again. You really are fast. And like always you did a great job.

  5. SakuraShirayuki Nov 11, 2007

    OMG! the hair! are you crazy! i wouldn't even know where to start vectoring!
    it's awesome and her hair! gosh! breathtaking!

  6. Idril Nov 11, 2007

    Another excelent vector from you! *-*
    Good job!

  7. saki-xan Nov 11, 2007

    You are Fast! o.O + fav ^.^

  8. auel1124 Nov 11, 2007

    you sure are crazy, to have chosen this scan to vector... the hair would have driven me mad XD
    nice work!

  9. DarthTofu Nov 11, 2007

    Oh no, you do not know crazy vector until I'm done with mine. >:D Just you wait!
    I'm just a lot slower and lazier. >_>

  10. temarigenius Nov 11, 2007

    Just too unbelievable.. *_*
    How did you vector so fast!? Just too amazing!
    And I thought that this was actually a scan :nya:

  11. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2007

    LOVE the line art, it's very neatly done! Awesome work on the details as well ;)

  12. beyondmeasure Nov 12, 2007

    SIX hours? Godspeed, abul, godspeed.

    (This from a guy who knows not.)

  13. x-lawss Nov 12, 2007

    This is sweet~!
    Very nice XD vector you have here, thanks for sharing :)
    And have a sweet dreams every one!

  14. YoruAngel866 Nov 12, 2007

    omg she is so cute here!

  15. arien Nov 13, 2007

    You again ! why i cant make it like that, when i make a vectoring,trouble must in the "LINE" iT Can't look like yours

  16. animanga Nov 13, 2007

    Amazing! Her hair is gorgeous and the hues are very pretty, like a sunset. :)

  17. garnett Nov 13, 2007

    Wow I like this one alot. Its so cute. and the coloring is well done and the hair is gorgeous. The emo version is cute to, I'm not emo but emo's are damn sexy ;)

  18. norine07 Nov 13, 2007

    lovely job on vectoring it's just perfect~ XD good job~

  19. andrewong1980 Nov 15, 2007

    Oh, my gosh...the hair... o_0

    If I didn't know you better, I wouldn't believe you vectored the whole thing in six hours! The hair alone should have taken six hours! Your skills are awesome, man. Respect. ^_^'

    I also noticed how your outlines are thick in some areas and thin in others. That must come from lots of experience too, right? Anyway, the coloring is great too and Nunnally looks really cute. Great job and I look forward to your next vector/act of insanity. LOL! Until then, take care. Cheers! ;)

  20. drastikhate Nov 17, 2007

    Perfection XD

  21. moonescape Nov 17, 2007

    Ack, I can't believe I didn't noticed this. x_x **guilts**

    I really love how the outlines are so smooth and flowy at the same time. Yes, I agree that this was crazy and I can't believe you did it. :o The colors here are just perfect, they're bold and stand strong plus they look accurate. ^^

    Wonderful job abd to think its already your 28th vector. Wow, you've done so much already and it took me 1 year just to reach there. x_x

  22. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Nov 18, 2007

    Ah, I finally got to comment on this! I've downloaded it earlier, but now I comment :)
    What can I say? I've told you a lot of times you have a lot of patience! I can't believe how you can still be sane after vectoring all that hair! XD And in 6 hours and a half?! You're amazing, you're not human ^_^'
    Favorite from me, of course!

  23. Cheza1982 Nov 22, 2007

    6 hrs?!
    That's amazing. I needed 4 weeks for my first vector in PhotoShop.
    Damn, I'm so slow.

    Congrats for this wonderful vector art. I think the hair of Nunnaly would have driven me insane because it's so much. Coloring is always the funniest part by vectoring I think. Great job on the colors btw.
    Man, you're amazing. *please give me some of your awesome talent*

  24. enchantressinthedark Nov 23, 2007

    Wow, stunning piece of vector *__* Nunnaly really looks beautiful here <3 Her hair must be a killer x_x

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