Akihiro Yamada Wallpaper: Stand Tall

Akihiro Yamada, Vector Art Wallpaper
Akihiro Yamada Mangaka Vector Art Source

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

*SIGH* Finished at LAST. I started this wall before my Mushishi wall [which was finished almost 12 WEEKS ago... O_O] So frustrating.

I was sorting through my scan collection of one of my fav artists - Akihiro Yamada, when I noticed this pic [LINK]
I'd never noticed the girl in there before because she was so small but I instantly fell in love with her, strange dress sense and all.
Straight away I decided she was the perfect excuse to play with what was, then, my brand new tablet. So I enlarged it to ridiculous proportions and set to work vectoring and painting. That part came along fairly fast; I finished her in about a week of long, night-time photoshop sessions.

Then I hit a wall. I've never been very good at the creating and designing part of things, and I couldn't decide on how to turn it into a wallpaper. [I kept hearing a little Tim Gunn in my head saying, "Make it work." ^_^']

I thought of trying an art nouveau style bg a few times, because a lot of Akihiro Yamada's art seems to be somewhat influenced by Mucha, IMHO. Finally I decided to just go for it and put in a basic frame and then just started going crazy making what I hope are 'art nouveau-ish' shapes with the pen tool. [Finally, all my doodling comes in handy. :) ]

This wall was supposed to be kind of a twin with my other Akihiro wall 'Smile' which is why I snuck in the same pattern I'd used on it. [From a piece of stationary I bought and scanned.] There is another pattern used but I can't work out where I got it...

..and sorry about the title - I'm even worse at those than I am at design. T_T

*EDIT* Just realised photobucket resized the scan cause it was over 1 mb. She's small but not THAT small... ^_^' Link updated. [and my face is literally red after reading that highlight comment and the other comments.] Wow. *Is a little lost for words* Thank you!


Chosen by MapleRose and Saikusa

Piccolobear will now & forever be branded a thief, for she has stolen my heart.

The vector alone in beautiful and amazing. The fact that it started out so tiny, and you've successfully turned it into a wallpaper sized jewel. Your shading and attention to detail are unequalled. The colours are blended so gently that it could have been painted with watercolours.

Then there's the artistic additions. It is truly astounding to think that you saw that tiny image, and in your head you saw an Art Nouveau masterpiece. It is a stroke of truly inspired genius, and a perfectly executed work of art.

Proposed by MapleRose and highlighted by Saikusa.

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Browse Akihiro Yamada Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. MapleRose Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2007

    yay Art Nouveau!

    I love the pastel colours and the soft textures you've used, and the swirly designs :) But my favourite part is how you treated hair and painted her in general, how it's neat and clean but the outlines look almost penciled or inked (did you use tablet for the outlines or the pen tool?); it kinda reminds me of Alphonse Mucha ^__^

  2. abul Nov 08, 2007

    this is so awesome! *.*
    love the tezturing ;)
    and for the girl, the best part is her eyes ;)

  3. DarthTofu Nov 08, 2007

    Wow, it's beautiful.
    And it's my screen size too! *desktopped*

  4. Fran Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2007

    Awww...this is so beautiful!
    You did such an excellent job vectoring this! It's just gorgeous :3
    Keep it up C:

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2007

    I absolutely love the colors, the textures and the background! To think that you turned something so small into this is just fabulous. Excellent job!

  6. fawna-chan Nov 09, 2007

    Waa....it's so pretty! O_O
    As I'm not an art creator...what's it called? Art Nouveau! Yeah, that...
    The pale colors look really good and I like the bold bronze colors too. :D Very nice.

  7. gaara-no-shukaku Nov 09, 2007

    Nouveau ftw!

    Lovely use of soft colours. Her pose is so stylish and full of confidence. Nice job on the vector and painting, and the frames look good especially those swirls =3 (Did you sketch them first?)

  8. norine07 Nov 09, 2007

    omg! the details and everything is just magnificent! painting and vector is just superb~ lovely colours chosen and the concept is just lovely! nice one~ ^-^

  9. ArtificialRaindrop Nov 09, 2007

    This is truly beautiful. I think my favorite part would be the watercolor effect ^_^ The art nouveau shapes were a nice touch to the background as well. This definitely warrants a favorite!

  10. Phill Nov 10, 2007

    you know what? you are insane, this wall is insane, the image is so tiny, too small to be regconized , nothing else for me to say other than beautiful wall ><

  11. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2007

    great work

  12. enchantressinthedark Nov 11, 2007

    Awesome work, the patterns and textures are really amazing :)

  13. moonfire Nov 11, 2007

    The details and the nouveau look are fab. :D
    Great work on vectoring too.

  14. pamkips Nov 11, 2007

    I'm totally blown away by this, it's just awesome!
    And I just agree with what the peeps above me said :3

  15. DarkInnocence Nov 12, 2007

    Very beautiful.
    She seems very refined and elegant.

  16. CosmoStar Nov 12, 2007

    Such a lovely and smooth piece of art deco! I simply loved it, it's charming!
    You worked very well over the scan, so stunning! *__*

  17. bromithia Retired Moderator Nov 12, 2007

    I like the whole art nouveau take on it, looks great. Keep it up!

  18. nasastar Nov 14, 2007

    I'd consider this a classic! It's gorgeous with the mixture of soft colors. I mean, the expression from her seems reassuring that she's a confident women who stands strong and tall. =D

  19. eonir Nov 16, 2007

    Outstanding! :D
    I like this art nouveau style.

    It sure looks like a lot of effort. Impressing.

  20. candy-chan Retired Moderator Nov 17, 2007

    well hey you should post it to art-nouveau :D

  21. alterlier Nov 18, 2007

    dunno what to say to you since everybody already pointed out how magnificent it looks and I feel pretty small in that crowd, but indeed you have become a great, extraordinary waller, and this shows.

  22. Ionna Nov 19, 2007

    I love the design and the way when you make it into a wallie, it becomes so much more. It really feels like something you might have found in the early 1920-40s. I love it. Thank you.

  23. annakee Nov 20, 2007

    sorry for be late, but at the end of this long road called life, i arrived ^^'
    gorgeously done!

  24. libensoul Nov 21, 2007

    Awwwwww!.........magnificent control of colors!
    great work!

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