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Speedpaint of my character Fen, whose natural hair color is white. He dyed it because people keep telling him that white hair is for old people (technically it's true since he's some thousand years old, but no one believes him) The real reason is because he wanted to match his girlfriend, who has red hair. x3 He's my oldest surviving OC, been around since I was 11. And the main character to an unfinished story that's been in my head for 4 years... He's evolved much since then.

Fen's very chill, but also very morbid. He'll talk about eating your babies in a very nonchalant manner (and he probably will). At the same time, he's very lovable and cuddly. xD He revels in chaos and destruction, has great love of ice cream, and never stops smiling. Most of the time you'll find him with his girlfriend Midori. I'll talk more about them when the time comes since it's important to the story.

An important thing about Fen is that you never see his eyes, which is usually wrapped in a blindfold. His dad thought it would be funny if he blindfolded his kid until he was six. (what kind of parent is he? Yes, if you actually do that your child will be blind, obviously) But unbeknownst to his father the seemingly innocent cloth was possessed by a demon (currently unnamed) and gave his son immortality, psychic powers, wings, and the ability to see without eyes. (go figure) So he's not really blind. He just can't use his eyes... Yeah. I don't get it either (and I invented it!)

Actually, the demon has become manifest within his eyes, so he can't use his own eyes, but sees through the demon's. Fen still wears the blindfold, though, because he feels naked without it.

(as a side note, my other chara Coemon is of the same tribe as the demon that possesses Fen, but he's really young and not nearly as powerful. Fen and Coemon didn't get along at first because Coemon was angry that a "mere human" was favored or something. I didn't really develop that part of the story yet...)

In this pic he is without the blindfold but there is so much shadow you can't see them anyway. But that's okay. Let's just say anyone who has seen the eyes can't tell you what they look like. That's also why this pic is a lot darker than the usual cuddly Fen that I draw (er... that I haven't shown anyone yet)

...you're still reading? Jeez. Just give me the "TOO LONG TO READ" .gif or something...
Anyways, I tried a new coloring style involving an overlay layer above a (very messy) grayscale sketch. I like the results. There are some problems with the skull and facial structure, but don't feel like fixing.

Done with mouse. Idk, when I paint things with tablet, I feel like I'm losing more than I gain... something about the quality of pictures seems different. I'm nuts.

Title is because I was painting at 2 am... which seems to be my prime creative time... >_>


openCanvas 4.5+, 4 layers, 1 hour
paint-o-rama oringinal doujinshi-support-club

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  1. abul Nov 06, 2007


  2. shinshinovi Nov 08, 2007

    He looks like a zombie. o.o
    But your rough style matches a colleague of mine, and your paint dabs are really pristine. Although I see some blots, it's very good. :)

  3. TrigunPreacherGirl Nov 25, 2007

    Incredibly cool, and I'd love to read this character's story when you finish it. His hair style and color reminded me of Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, but I like the fact that he's his own self, and doesn't seem to really be derived from an already existing character. The shadows on his face give off an impression of face paint (no pun intended), and I especially like the way the shadows roll off of him. Great work, all in all!
    Take care,

  4. Anjhurin Sep 18, 2008

    Ahah, definitely a long description, but it's nice to have some background info on OCs ^_^. Anyway, i really like those speedpaints of yours, they're truly good. His hair is somewhat a mix between dreadlocks and spiky, it's amazing :). Otherwise, maybe the chin is a bit too prominent, and the lips' color too light, but that's just me ^_^'.

    Thumbs up !

  5. SamiKami Nov 14, 2009

    Ya know, I just noticed that he looks kind of like a hybrid of Ganondorf and Amarant from IX.

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