Bleach: Bleach 298 color spread

Kubo Tite, Bleach, Uryuu Ishida, Rukia Kuchiki, Orihime Inoue
Kubo Tite Mangaka Bleach Series Uryuu Ishida Character Rukia Kuchiki Character Orihime Inoue Character


Self-scanned from WSJ issue 49, Bleach chapter 298. Unedited besides putting it together.

Cellphones and Engrish <333

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  1. CosmoStar Nov 02, 2007

    They all look so nice posing with the phones! Very natural! ^^
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. nimiru Nov 03, 2007

    hehe they're talking on their phones... i wonder Ichigo is talking to..? Rukia maybe? hehe XD

    ANYwayz! thanks for sharing! :D
    gonna add this to my favs! ;)

  3. UchihaTaijiya Nov 04, 2007

    Awesome! I love this xD
    Rukia's hair looks so cute. And I love Ichigo and Orohime's expressions. ^-^
    Ishida's looking cool as usual <3
    Thanks for sharing

  4. sushi-sama Nov 08, 2007

    gwah! lovely... thanks for sharing

    merged: 11-08-2007 ~ 12:41pm
    to nimiru... i most probably think ichigo is talking to rukia. he only does that expression with her... i don't see him doing that to ori though... if he's talking to ishida (gwahahaha!) then ishida should hve that annoyed look too. And rukia's face looked like she's teasing someone... so i think it's ichigo. woot. don't flame me, individual opinion.

  5. cerealjoe Nov 10, 2007

    oh yes, that's the colour scan from the latest issue, isn't it? It looks awesome, thanks for sharing!

  6. Ryouko Jan 20, 2008

    hehe, very nice scan! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  7. chorvalina Feb 07, 2008

    very,very nice ;)

  8. THINGY Jun 11, 2008

    This is one of my favorites.... and on a personal note as well.. I also think that Ichigo Is talkin' to Rukia .... this is just so IchiRuki....*done Ranting* ^_^'

  9. ValkyriaDREAMS Jul 19, 2008

    Pretty Rukia!

  10. Nadiizz Nov 12, 2008

    Su-go-ii *---*
    I LOOOVE it soooo much! >w<
    ok, too excited 8dd
    I'm so grateful you share it :D
    It's awesome +w+
    *Ishida-san utsukushi! >w<*
    Definitely goes to favs :D
    Thank you! ^^

  11. dippindotty Jan 25, 2009

    HAHA! This is soo funny. I love ichigo's face.

  12. toimtoim Mar 10, 2009

    is it cell phone commercial of bleach? :)
    Nice scan anyway...

  13. LA1431995 Mar 25, 2009

    rukia's always kute !

  14. leemei Apr 02, 2009

    imagen de mi total agrado
    gracias a quien la subio

  15. givicake May 02, 2009

    Rukia looks very cute >////<

    Thank you so much

  16. Hono May 17, 2009

    The Engrish makes me laugh but other than that I love this colour spread.

  17. LamiaLoveless May 23, 2009

    Orihime in this scan looks like Mikuru ^^

  18. tina21 May 30, 2009

    They look soooo cute!

    thnx for sharing it

  19. yayahluvychiura Jun 09, 2009

    rukia look very girlish....their picture are great...

  20. RenjiXRukiaLUV Jul 14, 2009

    LOL Orihime looks as if she's reacting to a call from Ichigo! :D

  21. moondog108 Jul 15, 2009

    Rukia looks very cute here.

  22. abcd145 Jul 17, 2009

    Ichigo is hott no matter what he does lol

  23. Evercold Mute Member Aug 03, 2009

    Thanks for scan!)

  24. chorvalina Aug 05, 2009

    Quote by RenjiXRukiaLUVLOL Orihime looks as if she's reacting to a call from Ichigo! :D

    i think he isn't talking to orihime. it's more likely orihime is talking to ishida based from their facial expressions. and of course ichigo is talking to rukia cause rukia looks like teasing someone and ichigo is somewhat teased by someone :) just my opinion:)

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