D Gray-Man Wallpaper: Uninspiring Desire

Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Lenalee Lee Wallpaper
Katsura Hoshino Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio D Gray-Man Series Lenalee Lee Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

excellent highlight at vector-wallers

highlighted at sakura--cb

highlighted at carnelian-sworld

for anime alphabet contest at paint-o-rama
D is for D-Gray man

another vectored and painted wallie :D

a wallie to celebrate halloween XD

i vectored the carnelian fanart scan from gerad and i had to try to reconstruct her body and her hair since her head is the only thing in the scan image ^_^'

one of the hardest things to do would have been to try to get the proportions right ^_^'

the eyes i think would have to have been the hardest to do XD

there are more details in the outline then what you can see on the wall since the colour kind of covers it up a little ^_^'

i wanted to make the wall seem like a fantasy and kind of peaceful like place with a contrast of a dark and dreary place in the background XD

i was a bit stuck on what to do for the background so i spent a little while trying out different things ^_^'

vectored and painted the background/foreground so hopefully it doesnt look too bad ^_^'

i decided to add a texture to the pavement to help give it the slight grainy look :)

i blurred the background a bit and its darker to emphasise her as the focus as well as i made the foreground brighter to add focus :D

in the building i made the windows purposely different sizes to signify that we are not perfect and things are irregular in a way XD

for the butterflies it took 30-60 minutes just to do one ^_^'

i also added a bit of colour to the butterflies :)

i had to continuiously tweak the colours of the flowers to try and make it suit the background a bit better XD

overall there are about 160 layers altogether and took about 2 and a half weeks approximately 35 hours to finish this wall :D

thanks for viewing ^^

edit: updated the wall and added a more redish tinge to the flowers and lenalee :D thank you to moonescape and enchantment for pointing it out :)







hoteru-no-shiki ~*~Star Revolution~*~









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  1. hajimemizuki Nov 01, 2007

    Great looking wall but she seems kinda awkward.....bah...what am I saying.nice one.

  2. Angi Retired Moderator Nov 01, 2007

    nice how you did her completely! seem you worked hard in this wall
    like thepaint style and how everything is merged
    you did a nice wall!

  3. Sliwurm Nov 01, 2007

    Really good job :o
    Particulary starting with only the caracter's head ^^
    And I apreciate the contrast between night/bright flowers & Butterflies

  4. abul Nov 01, 2007

    oh my freakum god!
    another awesomeness from you! 8o
    its amazing how u reconstructed her body and all thos strokes are just o_O
    awesome! awesome!

  5. yui20 Nov 01, 2007

    That's pretty! You extended the scan right? ^^
    I really love it =D, and also .. Happy Halloween ! hehe

  6. Silvana11 Nov 01, 2007

    You did this and only had the characters head to begin with?! Unbelievable! But still I know you are the one to do the impossible :) It is looking really nice, especially the butterflies. I LOVE the butterflies! XD
    btw happy Halloween everyone! :D

  7. DarthTofu Nov 01, 2007

    Reconstruction is amazing!
    Great Job

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 01, 2007

    The background is fabulous and Lenalee looks great! Nicely done on the re-construction ;)

  9. moonescape Nov 02, 2007

    OMG, I didn't know Carnelian made a doujinshi of D. Gray-man. O.o Yays, I love her art anyways, but the more I see your backgrounds they're just lovely I mean. ^^ I really love the creativity and the butterfly was very lovely. :o

    I think the flower outlines should've been well a little more darker unless its because of the laptop I'm using is messing up the wallpaper so the colours looks enchanced, but it really isn't. -_-; I think now I know what seems quite odd. Its the fact that the flower and Lenalee are under a red moon so there's should be some indication of red highlights because it looks quite off from the background. ^_^' Well maybe I'm just picky, but iono it still does look nice. :)

    Love the title for this wallpaper, good for the celebration of Halloween and plus an **excellent** highlight. ;)

    This really deserves more faves than what it getting. >:O

  10. rika23 Nov 02, 2007

    the flower are making me to view this wall XD haha~
    Fav from me :3

  11. 23rl23 Nov 02, 2007

    Brilliant wallpaper! The colors are fantastic, background is awesome and the girl is really beautiful & mysterious!

  12. jasmint285 Nov 02, 2007

    Another brilliant piece of art... I really love your work... keep it up...
    gamabtte ne... ^_^

  13. enchantment Nov 02, 2007

    love the flowers :) the background looks really nice and the butterflies add a nice touch to your wall :D i agree with moonscape about the whole red tinge on lenalee XD anyway, nice wall~^^+fav

  14. norine07 Nov 02, 2007

    nice one~ the background looks great~ XD well done~

  15. Idril Nov 02, 2007

    Nice wallie sweetie! ^.^~
    The backgrouns looks really great and your vector is awesome! *-*~
    I luv Halloween walls! XD

    +favs, dear! ^.~

  16. anoli Nov 02, 2007

    I like flowers and butterflies.
    Also background is fine.
    Great job.

  17. Omone Nov 02, 2007

    WOW. I wouldn't have notice that you made her body by yourself. And the butterflies are just looking awesome.
    You really have some gorgeous painting skills. I am jealous. And I like how you blur the fore and background to add perpective. Very nice.

  18. x-lawss Nov 03, 2007

    I like your works, especially your night scene :) this wallpaper look great again XD
    Keep going! And i like you too :D

  19. insertprincreen3 Nov 07, 2007

    Great wall but somehow somethings wrong with the girls stance. Anyway, nice wall

  20. erikamirou Nov 07, 2007

    Lovely work! XD

  21. pamkips Nov 11, 2007

    Oh my your skills, yet again, blew me away :3

  22. BlackSponge Jan 29, 2008

    The head came out alright.
    The wall itself, need I say it again, excellent.
    I just keep browsing your earlier works and am stunned that I haven't noticed these splendors before.
    Again, Great job and a late happy halloween to you too.

  23. LauraLeia Feb 03, 2009

    Wow~ This is amazing! Keep it up! ^^

  24. emily55 May 06, 2009

    SEE YOU!

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