Clannad Wallpaper: Colours Of Fall

Kyoto Animation, Clannad, Nagisa Furukawa Wallpaper
Kyoto Animation Studio Clannad Series,Visual Novel Nagisa Furukawa Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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*Featured in sakura--cb
*"Good" Highlight in vector-wallers


My entry for wings-lovers's October contest. Theme: fall leaves.

*Warning* Will probably be a long description/rant.

Well just in time, here's my entry for the October contest. I already know who's going to win the contest (and it's not me) but I like to participate. Now, I guess I'll start with the vector...

I'm really obsessed with Clannad right now, so I had to do something for it. I chose this image of Nagisa because it's a lovely picture, plus the colours were suitable for a fall wall. The vector was fairly easy, I completed it in two nights. The hardest part was redrawing the part of her left arm that was covered by text in the original scan. (Don't look at that arm! That's an order!) The original scan was also very bright. I partially cropped the image for this wallpaper.

Original Scan

The wallpaper. Originally this wallpaper had a totally different concept. Nagisa was lying on a wooden bench, there were leaves on the ground, and she was letting a butterfly go free in the air, so the butterfly appeared to be flying towards the screen. However, that didn't work out. Since there still has to be wings in the wall, the butterfly has been demoted to a small place in the corner. Sorry, Butterfly-san.

The leaves were painted from scratch by me. I realise they look fake. Yes, I realise. The grass was done with brushes, and I wasn't sure how to make nice-looking dappled shadows so I just tried. Oh, and Butterfly-san is also vectored. I know this wall isn't the greatest. And it's definetely missing something. But I don't know what to do about it. I have a creative mind, and there are so many wonderful walls I wish I could make. Unfortunately I don't have creative hands; I just wasn't given that talent. I hate it, but I still like walling. So long as one person can look past this wall's imperfections and like it enough to use it, I'm happy.

For this wall...I give myself 2 points for effort, and 1 point for the vector. 3/10. Needs improvement...

A huge thanks to my friends at MT: abul, Omone, and moonescape, who gave me advice on this wall while I was making it. If it weren't for them this wall would have been totally different (in a bad way)! Thankies guys! *Hugs* A thanks also goes to the people in Session Zero at AP, who helped me out with their comments on this wall. Arigatou!

Vector Stats:
Time: 15 hrs
Layers: 32
Duration: Oct.24 - Oct.26
Original Size: 4697x3608
PSD Filesize: 60.2 MB

Wall Stats:
Time: 4 Nights
Layers: 20

Any support is appreciated! Suggestions are welcomed :) Now it's my bedtime. Ja'ne!

vectory vector-wallers celestial-luminesse timeless--rain wings-lovers mikos-moon-flower sakura--cb

P.S. Clannad should be added under the category "anime" now, not just "games".

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  1. Saikusa Retired Moderator Oct 31, 2007

    What a wonderful seasonal wallpaper! I particularly love the rich golden colours & the way you've blurred things in the foreground to add perspective.

  2. abul Oct 31, 2007

    yays! =D
    finally posted it ;)
    u know how much i love it so i think theres no need in a long comment =)
    wow :o u reamde her arm! its absolutely not noticeable! vector is amazing! wallie is beautiful! =D
    i wont add it to my faves cuz u didnt add my latest drawing to ur faves >=D

    Spoiler (show)


    oh and ur welcome ;)

  3. Kairi-Hearts Oct 31, 2007

    eheh I saw it at AP but I'd rather comment here XD
    You know I was looking forward to seeing this wall and you didn't disappoint me. I find it gorgeous.
    It really has that autumn feel which I really love <3
    the vector is great as always and I think the leaves are okay. I, at least, have no problems with it ^^
    like saikusa said, I also like how you blurred things to add perspective. It's really nice :D
    Oh, oyasumi nasai :P

  4. Cheza1982 Oct 31, 2007

    I've already commented on AP so I just copy my comment:

    Wonderful wallpaper.

    Your vector work is amazing like always.
    I really love the scenery of this wall. It's autumn here too but it's cold and grey outside. Your wallpaper is very colorful and gives a perfect impression of a "golden autumn" (don't know if this phrase is used outside of germany, sorry). It looks warm and very friendly. It's a pleasure to look at this wall and to escape the "real life" for some minutes.

    I like the leaves a lot but and I can't really understand that you think they look fake.
    I think they look really good and real. The butterfly is amazing and works perfect as a little detail and highlight of the wall.

    I resisted your order not to look at the arm (please be easy on me I pray for forgivness) and I think you did a nice job. The original scan isn't so nice but you made a fabulous wallpaper with it. I need to fav this ^.^

  5. Scampi Oct 31, 2007

    Excellent vector wallie! The colors are very vibrant and leaves are well done and Nagisa has lovely eyes. One butterfly seems out of place, perhaps a couple of more butterflies? +Fav!

  6. Omone Oct 31, 2007

    I didn't know that you remade her arm. Looks really good.
    I already told you what I think about this wallpaper so jus one last word:

    WOW =D

  7. aqiaqua Oct 31, 2007

    Wow, amazing~ I love Clannad! The autumn leaves look awesome, and the scan must've been hard to work with >_> +fave :D

  8. clarings Elite Member Nov 01, 2007

    very nice...
    i love the image u choose.. and the colors are so alive..
    also the shadows are pretty well made..
    nice work ;]

  9. entity1660 Nov 01, 2007

    OMG Clannad! Yayyy! I love this anime. I love the leaves and Nigisa is so cute! <3 (Did I spell her name right? O.o)

  10. marchewek Nov 01, 2007

    Oh wow, it's really gorgeous :D If you haven't mentioned that it's a vector, I wouldn't have guessed, it's so well done!

  11. erikamirou Nov 01, 2007

    Sorry for not writing a comment when I added it to my favs but when I added it, I didn't had time to comment it... eheh... halloween party and stuff! lol
    Really nice wall! I love it!
    The vector is fantastic! Love the background!
    I already add it to my favs so, keep the lovely work and have a nice day! :)

  12. norine07 Nov 01, 2007

    really wonderful wall ash-chan,
    the colours are great and the vectoring is just excellent!
    really wonderfully done autumn wall paper~ ^-^
    well done~ keep it up~

  13. moonescape Nov 02, 2007

    lols, I'm glad to help and it turned out better than the what you gave me the link at the first time I saw this wallpaper. :o

    I'd say it wasa nice try and improvement definately. ^_^' Not much to say as you already known what I said so tty. Must go back to work. -_-; I now feel smarter in school, but that doesn't mean the grades are going to go up. :sweat:

  14. Shia-chan01 Nov 02, 2007

    great job! X3 i love it!

  15. mystvearn Nov 03, 2007

    very nice wallpaper

  16. nebby Nov 05, 2007

    wow thats an amazing wallpaper and great quality.

  17. pooolj Nov 05, 2007

    wonderful i really like it =D is very beautiful and i like the leaves falling =D, exelent job

  18. enchantressinthedark Nov 11, 2007

    A stunning piece of art, your vector is really impressive, and the leaves look really nice! I love everything about this wall ^^ Keep it up! ;)

  19. Lariel Nov 12, 2007

    Clannad, clannad! We definitely need more of those. As enchant says- impressive indeed! But I find the BG of green a bit weird though. Gomen. >.<

  20. PrairieDogGuy2006 Nov 23, 2007

    Wot a nice way to remember the fall season around us :-) Love the theme and the lassie, too **** kawaii :-) Thanxs for the share :-)

  21. YoruAngel866 Dec 18, 2007

    wow i love it ashy! Great job with the lives and vectored girl

  22. nguyenhuy0906 Dec 25, 2007

    Ohh! Nagisa-chan! I love the way you vector her, it

  23. templa Dec 30, 2007

    As expected, a beautiful vector of Hikari-chan~


    Congratulations, your image has been added to our CLANNAD-Fans group gallery!

  24. yamamotoyohko Jan 18, 2008

    beautiful. keep it up! :)

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