Noizi Ito Wallpaper: 19th South Street Cafe

Noizi Ito Wallpaper
Noizi Ito Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

" As I opened the wooden door adorned with flowers of springtime, the sight that greeted me was that of home,
the soft smell of wood and lavender covered my senses in relaxation, a distant smell of coffee and wheat bread can be found in the air,
mixed with the soft hum of the air conditioning set at the right temperature. I am right, this is just the way home should be.

A lady, young and nubile with a body women will die for and men would desire endlessly over, dressed in a flowery dress that showcased her neck line aplentily, came close to me, in her hand is a pipe
that resembled the one my grandmother used to puff on, and the sweet aroma of cherries from her pipe wafted to my nose, her eyes were a dazzling
ruby red, so clear and so wonderful to look at. It was almost rude, but I could not stop looking at her before she greeted me.

"A table for one?" her silky voice asked, and I was snapped back to reality, still not knowing what to say.
"Yes..." was all I could mutter from my starstruck mood, and she lead me, in her feminine movements, like a dancer to the table near the window. Her hair sashayed in her movements as she guided me, her steps so soft you could almost believe she floats over the wooden floorings.
She laid her hands suddenly, onto mine, and I had almost felt her pulse before I looked up to her eyes, enchanting as it is to see.

"You must be new here... welcome to Trabania Ravine, we don't usually get travellers in these parts."
I could barely say a word, still in awe at her beauty, before the words came blurted out.
"Do all the women in this wonderful town came as beautiful as you are?"

Before I could raise my hands and try to say sorry for saying such a daring thing to a woman I just met, she held my hands and said,
"Such a sweet-talker you are, Stranger, but no worries, welcome home." "

The stroy above is a cut out from one of the short stories I written some time ago, most likely you won't be able to read the whole thing, but compared with many others, I would say this is more like a short story with no ending... Trabania Ravine is actually my home district, not by the same name of course, but you can find the restaurant 19th South Street back in 2002 on one of the small corners. The description of the restaurant is as the way I mentioned it, it was my favorite place to dine.

Of course, the woman was added, in the original short story, there was a young man instead, who is eternal in being, and offers advice if you order cake from him, he will offer you the tea of life, a special drink that will ensure you shall never die, but the price is of course, no other than the gift itself.

Wallpaper took several hours, did not needed any clean up, plus, it is my favorite scan from Noiji Itoh, stocks used are from Heart 464. special thanks to her.

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  1. Devildude Oct 30, 2007



    With text and widescreen


  2. Akarix Oct 30, 2007

    A very sweet and nice refreshing wallie desu xD
    good job~ :3

  3. drastikhate Oct 30, 2007

    Nice Story to go with a nice wallpaper :D ~

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 30, 2007

    Love the bright colors and the scan blends in well with the background. Great job!

  5. Bontakunlee Oct 30, 2007

    very nicely done

  6. Sabbathiel Nov 19, 2007

    Brilliant! as always!
    I like your ideas ^^

  7. enchantressinthedark Dec 24, 2007

    Oooh I really like this one, especially the vibrant colours <3

  8. DD869 Nov 03, 2010

    very well done ......nice colours.keep it up

  9. Chikaru-chan Feb 27, 2014

    Nice done, nice colors. Everything so nice :3 Good job!

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