D Gray-Man: Time After Time

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Artist Comment

I'm back! back! back! back! back! BACK!

Finaly, the worst week of the mont (and probably YEAR) is over! :nya: Time to boogy!

Well, to get back to what our sheeps, this is my latest little drawing. I saw a inked drawing on deviantART [link] and I liked the stile so I tried it as well.

Once again we have Robin as a model and that is why I moved it in the DGM gallery. And you must admit that we do not have enough ZONE fan works around. Still, I don't know if Robin-chan realy looks like Robin-chan in this one.

Belive it ore not, this is in fact my art class' homewhork rpojects from now 3 weeks ago (we have fashon and modeles) and this is what got out. The sketch took about 2h and the inking took me about ... 3h in the evening and nother two in the morning plus ... 7h ^_^' It wasn't easy at all specialy since all those tiny dots were hand made (yes, all done with the tip of the pen) and all the decoes on the trousrs and all - were all hand made. No intervention of the outlines was ever made in photoshop. The only digital thing done was the color (duh) wich took me ... well, hard to keep count. Robin took me about 3 ore 4h done in diferent days and the bg and such thing took me about 5 or 6h. Done yesterday evening and a bit this morning.

Choosing the colors was hard. I had to think realy hard in order to make this, but I think it was worth it. I realy like the result of it all and I don't think I would ever change something. It wa fun trying out this stile and I have just fallen in love with drawing in thick outlines. I kind of merged most of the kleyers in betwene the fazes so I an't ell how many they were, but I think (judging by the number of colores I used) that I have long pased 60. Well, all I can say is that it was fun and that I would gladely do it agian and again.

Now I'll have to start dooing my halloween work since I am clearly falling behind. But I will do it!
And when I think that now about two years ago I was afraid of coloring in phothosop ... now I love dooing it.

Paters used can be located here: [link]

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Chosen by Saikusa and fireflywishes

Full view this one if you haven't done so already. It is well worth the credits.

This is a great example of old world charm coupled with new world techniques. kykyopj has really outdone herself with this piece. The detail work is exquisite and the colors and shading are nearly flawless.

Definitely an artist to add to your watchlist!

Proposed by Saikusa and highlighted by fireflywishes.

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Browse D Gray-Man Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. abul Oct 27, 2007

    cindy lauper?.... :o lol
    i mean theres an old song of cindy lauper thats called time after time XD

    back to the doujin:
    really nice drawing, nice detailsbut u know id make the colours on the girl a little.... um brighter/darker cuz her clothes are like the same colour with the bg so shes kinda not noticeable
    other than than i really love it so u get my fave ;)

  2. EldaLacus92 Oct 27, 2007

    O.o Wow, so many details. How did you survive that one? :D I can only imagine what kind of work you've done for this masterpice :)

  3. temarigenius Oct 27, 2007

    Nice! Really awesome! I love the moon~ It looks like the ones on pics of bed time stories and fortune telling stuffs~ XD

  4. shinshinovi Oct 27, 2007

    Whoa. You also did basic colors on paper before using photoshop, or all colors are on photoshop? Whatever it is, this one's a great one! Hats off:)

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2007

    A shining golden pallete. Slight touches of detail that are reminiscent of an olde English cartoon. Fantasy setting. Mysterious pose. A style that feels steeped in tradition along with a refreshing modern twist.

    What's not to love!

  6. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2007

    This is so beautiful!
    I love the colors! and the details! <3
    Keep it up

  7. DarthTofu Oct 27, 2007

    This one is really beautiful. ^^
    I love the details. Effort really paid off.

  8. peniko Oct 28, 2007

    really cool!
    i love that color.
    oh my! it almost halloween xD
    congrats btw

  9. norine07 Oct 28, 2007

    lovely work! really well done! it's just superb~ wonderful job done~

  10. shinshinovi Oct 28, 2007

    Come to think of it, I have seen D-Grayman artworks, and he really got it good. Whoa.
    Dude, go out in the open. It is time.

    (my time has yet to come lol XD)

  11. MapleRose Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2007

    wow, awesome details! You're really patient O__o...

    I love the warm colours, and the way you did the shading ^___^ Nice work!

  12. yui20 Oct 28, 2007

    This looks really nice =D!
    And the doujin is really creative too ^^ ! Great job, no wonder your doujin is in Hightlighted section xD

  13. AngelKate Oct 29, 2007

    wow, that's really cool! I love the style and your coloring is amazing! Congrats on the highlight, you deserve it! :)

  14. moonescape Oct 29, 2007

    wow, I must agree very well about this. I mean she drew, vector, and shaded it all by herself. Especailyl the idea was so simple, but you can deinfately tell its difficult with all the work here. :o

    This is definately well done and I must agree with MapleRose about the warn colours here. Love the outcome of the texture and keep it up Jessica! ^^

  15. marchewek Nov 01, 2007

    I love color scheme of this wallpaper... everything goes so well together :3

  16. farhana Nov 01, 2007

    It DESERVED to be highlighted!

    How can I missed to comment on this one?! It's awesome. Very detail and nice colouring.
    Fav ^^

  17. clarings Elite Member Nov 01, 2007

    nice... i like how u colored it.. and the shadows are well made too..
    the texture fits great..
    to be honest it's not the style i would like.. but this is nicely done to catch ppls attention =)

  18. rachtsume Nov 02, 2007

    this is a very groovy artwork, it all works together really well, its in my favs!

  19. enchantment Nov 02, 2007

    wow, this is amazing :) i love how you drew and coloured it :D love the moon and the clouds :) the colour scheme is really nice and the overall finished product is lovely :) nice work~^^

  20. eternallegend Nov 02, 2007

    the colouring is done wonderfully and i like how all the colours suit well with a warm coloured theme XD i like how you did the interesting design and the way everything is composed is lovely :D the drawing is wonderfully done :) lovely work ^^

  21. Schatten Nov 03, 2007

    oh yes i love doujinshis..and this art is so amazing..i love the colours and the details on this pic.
    add to fav, great job :-)

  22. Aurore Nov 03, 2007

    Kawaii! Overall is great, I love the colors too, +FAV

  23. selemental Banned Member Nov 03, 2007

    It's nice and playful! I like wallies like these! And I favor the bg!

    Most of all, I like wallies that remind me of vid games and Disney, nya!

    Thanks for sharing, yeah!


  24. StopSignal Nov 06, 2007

    Looks nice and bright :-D A very good combo

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