Piece of Cake Wallpaper: WAKiNG HOUR: Daughter

Asakura George, Piece of Cake, Vector Art Wallpaper
Asakura George Mangaka Piece of Cake Series Vector Art Source

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well it's you and it's me
me with a drink in my hand
the ice is tinkling like a wind chime
and late afternoon settles over the land
and you're talking about things
interesting just slightly
and things that matter too much
to say any way but lightly

did you know you're so beautiful
on the edge of summer
that years from now
I'll cry to remember
how very close you were
knowing this will I reach for you
knowing this will I reach for you
the way you want me to

well it's time to be wise
wise in the ways of the heart
to come out from under the covers
this voluntary state of apart
from the faces, oasis
in this Sahara of sorrow
these graces that hold me
it's from you that I borrow

did you know you're so beautiful
on the edge of summer
that years from now
I'll cry to remember
how very close you were
knowing this will I reach for you
knowing this will I reach for you
the way you want me to

Daugther Sung By Vienna Teng

Getting back to my themes here. so this a continuation piece of the Waking Hour Collection. the song is based on the past and acknowledging the present, which i have a hard time doing anyway. X-P hahaha. anyways....

this manga series, Piece of Cake, is not really a typical shoujo manga. from what i was informed, it's a type of josei, which is sort of like the shoujo genre, but with a sense of maturity in its tone. the only set back from josei-like manga is that the art is not something i've been accustomed to.. :\ but the cover of this manga really attracted me. :)

so i did some simple vectoring of shino and edited the piece where she was like walking along a path. what kind of path? i'll leave that to your imagination. ^_^'

all and all, it's a simple wall for a simple feeling of reflection, which i believe we need once in a while.

][music][ mainly Vienna Teng's Daughter, but the actual music was a continuing playlist of randomness.. currently listening to Wilco's At Least That's What You Said
][layers:][ about 20 layers visible
][timing:][ a couple of hours

enjoy that simple feeling. :)

edit: fixed resolution, i didnt realize that i had it in 1024 x 768 hahaha
edit2: took out text and filled the texture a bit darker.

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2007

    How cute and light, I love yellow
    so it's a plus for me.
    Very nice vector and very cute designs.
    Great job <3

  2. Chingers Oct 20, 2007

    It is refreshingly thoughtful work. Higher rez please?

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 21, 2007

    Nice use of bright colors, the vectoring is neatly done and the idea is cool! Great job!

  4. gaara-no-shukaku Oct 21, 2007

    I love the flowi-ness of the abstract things. I'm not sure if I like those text on the background, but overall, looks nice.

  5. alterlier Oct 28, 2007

    I think the yellow looks really good, it gives such a energetic and vivid feeling, love the way you worked with the outlines of her vector, it's strong but the whole evrything else makes it look so soft, I've never been fan of those swirly dot lines and im trying to debate if they look good in here and then out of nowhere I see this horrible text, I am cruel when it comes to signs, yours it's totally damaging the wall itself, make it smaller, a lot more smaller.
    overall I think you did a very nice job.

  6. CosmoStar Feb 04, 2008

    I love wallpapers with this feel... They are minimalistic and with good solid colors!
    The designs are delicate and interesting and do not overload the desktop, better than that, it adorns it!
    Congrats! It's lovely and artistic! +Fav!

  7. nonamesgmanik Oct 25, 2008

    good idea

  8. SALLY1993 Dec 08, 2008

    this wallpaper is cool!

  9. seventhsequence Jan 16, 2009

    This wallie is so calming.. I like the creamyness of the beige and olive green~ actually, this is one of my fave color combinations. Kudos for the awesome job~ ^_^

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