Lelouch of the Rebellion: lulu and mirei

Takahiro Kimura, RICCA, Sunrise (Studio), Lelouch of the Rebellion, Lelouch Lamperouge


though i don't love this couple.beacuse i love lulu x c.c. but lulu is so cool

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  1. dizzy-me Oct 20, 2007

    Haha...it seems that we both share the same opinion XD I 200% on Ruru X C.C. and there's nothing in the world can change my mind. Anyway, good job on the scan and thanks for sharing ;)

  2. Rai1e Oct 20, 2007

    I think this pic features them both only as relatives... not a couple, so there's nothing to worry about :)

    After all, a pic of a boy and a girl doesn't always mean they're couples, right? ;)

    Thanks for sharing anyway ^^

  3. misslucifer Oct 20, 2007

    thank you so much for sharing! i was looking for it all over *__*!

  4. Athyra Oct 21, 2007

    ......um, well, Millay is Lelouch's cousin...

  5. milla-chan Oct 21, 2007

    I really love this picture :)
    that dress looks so good on Milly, and Lelouch is quite handsome too ;)
    thank you for sharing it ^_^

  6. kucing Oct 21, 2007

    i'm totally with you, i'm more into lulu and cc, but lulu looks good in this pic

  7. SangoHiwatari28 Oct 28, 2007

    Lulu looks so cute o3o...
    don't like the couple, but i think it means the relative relation |: ...
    thanks for tha sharing o.o

  8. JCzala Nov 09, 2007

    Mirei-san is beautiful and I like her dress here. She and Lelouch are relatives. Thanks for the scan.

  9. Shinnkuu Nov 10, 2007

    This couple looks like Shinn and Stellar, character of Gundam Seed Destiny ...

  10. pinkharo93 Nov 12, 2007

    lol! I thought it was from gundam too! but when I enlarged it it was somethin else >.<!

    really nice picture though ^^

  11. Libitina Jan 26, 2008

    itsnt lulu and mirei half siblings?
    i like this pic, thanx~

  12. yont010 Mar 19, 2008

    the girl is the president right?

  13. Xiting Mar 24, 2008

    i like this kind of pictures, it has a nice surroundment. thanks for sharing

  14. Romulo1991 Apr 11, 2008

    kawaii >_<

  15. Detah Apr 23, 2008

    I gotta say MillayXLulu has a certain charm around it, and its one of these pairings I would do anything to become canon. They just...fit so well together :3

  16. kira-chan Aug 29, 2008

    I think this is a beautiful picture.

  17. JTJ3382 Sep 30, 2008

    dont get mistaken for Astran and Kagari ^^,
    this pic look alot like the couple from GSD

  18. quills Oct 19, 2008

    That's really cute- thank you for sharing :)

  19. angelicstar618 Nov 08, 2008

    oh mileyxlulu isn't really a bad couple

  20. Give Nov 16, 2008

    Not sure you could consider Miley x Lulu a possible option cause well they never really had too much going in the series but still its a nice scan not a lot of Miley and Lulu scans out there.

  21. xXRoyalxRayneXx Nov 19, 2008

    ooh lovely scan!
    thanks for sharing!

  22. Shkira Nov 23, 2008

    Yea, you hardly ever see these two together! It's a nice looking 'friendship' type of pic.

  23. freedomm Nov 23, 2008

    VERY beautiful...

  24. AnimeRoxz Dec 15, 2008

    O_O must be blind....cause I'venot seen this scan before XD

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