Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Never leave me alone

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Fay D. Flourite, Sakura Kinomoto Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Fay D. Flourite Character Sakura Kinomoto Character

2048x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I finally finished this vector
I'm so happy!but I say this is not the best one I made,but it's still good
About vector:I had an trouble because of the crown and some lines. Also I colored Sakura's dress as you can see. Her hair killed god in me! x_x
Also I made some little changes but I like how it looks like.:D
I think I corrected 4 times Fai's hair,as you can see.I'll try to make more lines or something.And I think that Sakura and Fai are good couple so I dedicate this wallpaper to all who likes sakura and Fai couple!
About backround: I was inspired by chess part in manga. Those who have read it, know about Chess,so I decided to make chess board in backround.
I hade more ideas but they werent good as this one, so I left it like this.

vector done in:4 and half of a day all together
anime:Tsubasa Chronicle
characters:Sakura and Fai
program used:adobe photoshop cs2
picture from: manga chapter 138
layers: 782
done for:
vector-wallers wings-lovers vectory clamp-a-holic clampfans colorfull-wallies tsubasa fye-fans celestial-lumenesse

If there is any place that needs to be corrected please say!

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  1. mystvearn Oct 15, 2007

    Funny no one commented on this fine piece of work

  2. filo05 Oct 15, 2007

    wow! excelent work at the strong vector and the colours, I love it!XD

  3. zaira Oct 16, 2007

    woah! nice scan! i just love the scan! XD nice dress and crown! :D
    i should say you vector is nice though there are some parts which are sleazy + the outlines need more details OX and also some parts are a bit grainy, be sure to save your file to maximum so that it will have a nice effect overall colors is nice + the scan used. I know you can do better next time! try hard and do your best ;)

  4. moonescape Oct 16, 2007

    Wow, it's really nice with the details, but there's some slight problem. I think the outlines are too bolded for Sakura's hair. I see some white pixels between Fae's hair and Sakura's clothes. The vector is kind of blurry and I see some grain on this wallpaper.

    Pretty much I love how the colors bolded are yellow, white, red, and black. Well done and keep it up, you're improving. ;)

  5. aneres Oct 17, 2007

    I love the usage of the colours, very vivid and contrasting. Loved the scan, so I'm really glad someone choose to make a wallpaper with it! XD

  6. kyouk Oct 17, 2007

    Fai in Sakura's arms...? This is interesting
    You did an awesome job. I like the red and black tunes. :D

  7. Alden Oct 17, 2007

    It's all red and gloomy. I would have to say you did a wonderful job. I really like the emotion that comes out of this vector/wall. Keep up the good work!

  8. KiyanaIkebana Oct 17, 2007

    Wow! IS so cool and wonderful! I love it! Excellent work and job!

  9. temarigenius Oct 17, 2007

    Nice wallpaper~ I've always loved this scan~ It's from volume 19 right?
    It has nice colors and all, but I think that some lines are too thick, but still, awesome vector~

  10. Melodyfpf Oct 18, 2007

    its excellent! and i like it alot, good job!

  11. Hanahanoiday Oct 18, 2007

    This wallpaper is so lovely!
    I like when Sakura have impassible look she's so cool!
    Really successful wallpaper!And vector is too very handsome!

  12. EldaLacus92 Oct 18, 2007

    It's lovely. They look so sad together. I almost cried when Fye stabbed Sakura.

  13. inukag4eva Oct 18, 2007

    this is such an AWESOME wallpaper of tsubasa!
    both sakura and fye looked great!
    dang, i couldn't read the manga...
    its on out in singapore yet...T-T

  14. nimiru Oct 19, 2007

    wow! great job, yoru-chan! i just lovvvvve the colors you used in this wallie! it really complements the characters that you vectored!

    like always! keep up the good work! ;)


  15. ngualun Oct 19, 2007

    You did a great work!

  16. smallworld Oct 19, 2007

    Love the colours there.
    Nice dress and crown there! :D
    Great vector and keep it up! ^.^

  17. xsilvertwilightstarx Oct 19, 2007

    it's so pretty! xD good job! keep up the good work! =D

  18. soujiokita Oct 20, 2007

    I think it looks kind of weird how the lines are of different thickness. You should try to keep all the lines the same thickness, it looks neater and better that way. Other than that, I think you did a pretty good job on this, I like the idea of your background. :)

  19. ASH-Hikari Oct 21, 2007

    Nice wall, you've definetely improved! The lines still need some work, but with time you'll imrpove :) Nice image of Sakura and Fai you used, there are a lot of details there, and the background is suitable. Keep it up!

  20. Kaghome Oct 21, 2007

    Nicely done, thank you for your hard work ^^

  21. SAKURAZERO Nov 06, 2007

    Great wall~!

    I like this couple too.^-^ They're very cute.>//w//< hehe

    Hope to see your nice work of them soon~>w<

    Thanks for sharing

  22. windwhisper Banned Member Jan 20, 2008

    No one could comment on this fine piece of work.Well done!

  23. nomwhan221 Mar 24, 2008

    Big nice.

  24. Amymahaly Apr 27, 2008

    I looove this couple! both of them r so cute..

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