Kiddy Grade Wallpaper: All of the Angels

Keiji Gotoh, Gonzo, Kiddy Grade, Éclair, Lumière Wallpaper
Keiji Gotoh Mangaka Gonzo Studio Kiddy Grade Series Éclair Character Lumière Character

2560x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Song Illustration Number 6: Kiddy Grade - All of the angels (by Tears for Fears)
Please full view to see the details!

My first dual screen wallpaper! I hope dual screen users who like Kiddy Grade (and not only) will enjoy this! :) I seem to have taken a liking to stained glass-type walls... Not that I think of it as a bad thing! I've had my eyes on this picture for quite some time now, I loved how Lumiere and Eclair look. So I decided to vector it, since it was a very, very small and low quality picture. You can see it here. See? X-P Unfortunately, my computer crashed, I had to format the drive I had PS installed on and I lost the original file, so I had to start all over again. I'm not upset, though, that was only the outline part and this version is much better, in my opinion :)

In the beginning, it looked as if it was going to be just another boring vector, with nothing special to it. But then, out of experiments, I discovered the great opportunities I had to make a beautiful vector, using the Gaussian Blur filter. Because that's the only filter I used in this wallpaper. And the textures are from the default pack of PS CS2. I actually painted the background a bit, it isn't all made of textures.

First I drew the outlines -this time I made them different colors, not all black. Then came the eyes, the basic colors for the hair, the hair shadows and the skin. At first I had a completely different idea for a background, I wanted to use the Sun (Eclair) and the Moon (Lumiere) again as a subject, but I didn't like it >_> All of a sudden, I remembered one of my older Sailor Moon walls (not submitted here), in which I used vector lines to create "windows". I added the textures in different parts to create the impression of a mozaic. By the way, there are no textures on the lighter parts, those are the "pure" vectors.

Easiest part: the outlines
Most pleasant part: the eyes and playing with the Gaussian Blur filter <3
Most unpleasant part: the background (it wasn't quite unpleasant, but I spent a lot of time thinking of it!)
What I like about this: how ghostly Lumiere turned out XD and Eclair's lips! <3
Wallpaper inspired by Solwyvern's The Avernus Cathedral
Other versions: 1280 x 1024 Lumiere version | 1280 x 1024 Eclair version

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  1. abul Oct 14, 2007

    i love it, even though the outlines are rounds in the ends again :)

  2. moonescape Oct 14, 2007

    The outlines are nice, but the eyes were kind of too soft I thought and the black outlines were too bold. x_x

    Well I still think this was a nice idea and the outlines for the whole body + hair was very thin and smooth. :o Though the problem was the shading was quite odd since it looks kind of flat. :/

  3. peniko Oct 14, 2007

    nice compotition :3 really cool

  4. gaara-no-shukaku Oct 15, 2007

    Nice vector, although their eyelashes look weird with thick black lines. Love the use of frames and textures, kinda give a nouveau feel. Though I'm not a big fan for the abrupt change of colour on the background.. It's a nice dual screen wall btw. So, good job!

  5. Hanahanoiday Oct 15, 2007

    Wow very original wallpaper!
    Really so beuatiful vector Lumiere and Eclair!
    They look very cool!Pretty desing!

  6. KiyanaIkebana Oct 17, 2007

    Excellent work! I love Eclair and Lumiere! I like it!

  7. drastikhate Oct 18, 2007

    You had the patience to re-vector this x_x Thats awesome!

  8. IzumiChan Oct 19, 2007

    Aww, so pretty~ the syle is similar to your latest one too~ :D
    I liked Lumiere a lot, she's indeed ghost-looking~ >w<
    But, on the 1280 versions, Lumiere's has a lot of Eclair's hair over it... it's kind of destructing the mood~ >w<
    Really cool work, congrast! ^.^

  9. 12kawaiigirls Banned Member Jan 11, 2009

    Very good picture <3
    Lumi and Eclair :) :D

  10. n1cht Jan 09, 2010

    great pix

    thx for sharing it!

    :) :)

  11. gustaph Jan 18, 2010

    nice pic una de las mas fregonas poses de esta serie bien rara xD pero curada

  12. HaroHaro Dec 07, 2010

    I like the design very much, thanks for sharing

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