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I wonder if anyone listens to <<Elysion>> by Sound Horizon.
It's not an official band but their songs are awesome! XD
I worked about 2 days on this piece with the tool "Sai". It's a Japanese tool..pretty handy if you have a digital pad.
Anyway, if you don't recognize the characters, it's ok. Just treat it as a normal art.


Chosen by MapleRose and Chloe

One look at this breathtaking doujinshi and you'll think it's professional work!
The super-soft and cheery colors blend and work so well with each other, and the details are just fabulous!
Excellent job, coralstone! And please, keep up the great work!

Proposed by MapleRose and highlighted by Chloe.

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 12, 2007

    The colors are so soft, it's perfect ^^

  2. moonlightNeko Oct 12, 2007

    wow it really looks wonderful
    i agree, the colours are so soft i realy lve it, it looks awsome when you full veiw it <3

  3. MapleRose Retired Moderator Oct 13, 2007

    wow, this is beautiful. I love the soft colouring, and lovely details. It looks so professional ^^

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 13, 2007

    Holy shnit!
    I thought this was a wallpaper at first. The soft colors are fabulous and like Maple said, the details are awesome! Great job!

  5. melymay Oct 13, 2007

    Wow, now this is pro :O Lovely job :nya: Keep it up! +fave

  6. beyondmeasure Oct 13, 2007



    What did you use to create this?

  7. vatican92 Oct 13, 2007

    Man! How in the world do you color doujinshis? TT__TT
    I must say that this is fabulous

  8. Morphee Oct 13, 2007

    love the soft pastel colors! wonderful job!

  9. gaara-no-shukaku Oct 13, 2007

    Creamy colours which I think a delicious meal for my desktop. Very professional-looking drawing, and the painting is absolutely beautiful. Lol, at first, I didn't notice the purple girl, until I took a few minutes.

  10. annakee Oct 13, 2007

    extraordinario ^.^ and fit very well as background.
    the program that u said is really cool.

  11. DarthTofu Oct 14, 2007

    Woah. soft colors and stuff. Shading is fantastic. ^^v
    ooh, and never heard of Sai before so I took the time to research it. Looks pretty cool. I might have to check it out. xD

  12. znr Oct 14, 2007

    WOw...This wallpaper is Beautiful! :)
    Good Job and very wall! ;)
    Thanks and byebye! -_-

  13. norine07 Oct 14, 2007

    omg! really wonderful work, the colours are just like wow~ soft and very nicely done! excellcent details and really just wonderful~

  14. rika23 Oct 14, 2007

    omg! i thought it's wallie but it's actually doujinshi O.O wow..awesome :O

  15. abul Oct 14, 2007

    this is just amazing! :o
    i only have one question: did u use photoshop/illustrator/painter? or therers another prog :o
    course im faving this

  16. eternallegend Oct 15, 2007

    the soft pastel colours look lovely and i like the composition of the nice background scene :D everything is arranged nicely and the art is done really well :) the details look wonderful and i like the nice theme :D lovely work ^^

  17. Devilet Oct 15, 2007

    Truly beautiful!
    I'm in awe with this work you've done, hope you'll post more.
    The colours are easy to look at, and the details are perfectly fitted, great scene!

  18. moonescape Oct 15, 2007

    Wow, I must agree that even I'd be surprised by something like this. :o I mean the background is very lovely and the colors were just well done. Not just that, but you have mad painting skills. (O_o) This must've took forever and I'm gladly to fave this. :)

    O, you used one of those Japanese Tools. What's it called? :o

  19. rythem Oct 15, 2007

    *gape* this is so gorgeous . I absolutely adore the colours and your painting style . your blend everything sooooo perfect <3 <3 all the characters and details are well done too . I love everything in this D;

  20. sui Oct 15, 2007

    wow... I really don't want to imagine how much work you put in it =)
    great work x3

  21. Yzza18 Oct 18, 2007

    so cute!

  22. chibicuzanimekaze Oct 19, 2007

    that is so cool!

  23. fidiou Oct 20, 2007

    That mastery!

  24. ayane-heine Oct 21, 2007

    Omg!~i tht it's a wallie.. I didnt expect it to be a doujinshi!~ O_O"" *claps*
    Nice blending of soft pastel colours~ I can see you can draw pretty nice characters.. Nice work on that!~ :D
    Thank for sharing!~

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